Penn State at Indiana, updates with haste

That’s it for the first half. Intern extraordinaire Zak Keefer will have his take in a few minutes, so stay tuned.


Indiana gets a last-minute chance, taking over from its 20.

  • Thigpen uses that speed to bounce out and gain two and get out of bounds.
  • But then Thigpen’s hit right away and loses three yards.
  • Somehow, Penn State ends up calling a useless time out with four seconds left, and Indiana is forced to take a knee to end the quarter.



Michael Hines gets off a 47-yard punt into the wind, giving the ball to Penn State on its 44.

  • Royster breaks a tackle in the backfield and gains five.
  • Morelli throws to Butler at the mark, gains six.
  • Morelli throws over Royster’s head on a screen play.
  • Royster again gets through an early tackle and bursts through for five.
  • On 3rd and five from the 38, Morelli throws his pass on the line to Butler, who dives onto it. Impressive play. Plus, there’s a pass interference call.
  • Then Morelli throws backwards for Norwood on that bubble screen type play. He gains one.
  • This time Norwood makes the reception running to the sideline on the right for four yards.
  • Third and five from the 19 and . . . Deon Butler takes a pass in front of the first down line but avoids several tackles and gains seven yards.
  • On first down, Morelli able to stand in the pocket and wait for Norwood to come free. Easy pass and catch.


Indiana starts at the 20.

  • Lewis makes something out of nothing and chucks to Fisher, who darts ahead for five yards.
  • Under pressure, Lewis throws a quick pass that misses Ray Fisher.
  • Lewis is swallowed on third down by Maurice Evans and Sean Lee. He loses 12 yards.



  • Drive details: 70 yards, 10 plays, 4:02

Penn State begins at its 30.

  • Morelli takes only two steps and throws to Norwood underneath for nine yards.
  • Royster up ahead for a first down.
  • Penn State gets the ball to Derrick Williams on a reverse. He’s caught from behind by Porter but gains five.
  • Then Morelli throws to Williams short, and Williams evades some tackles to pick up the first down.
  • Once again, Morelli throws the quick screen to Norwood and he gains five yards.
  • Morelli hands to fullback Matt Hahn, who pushes his way through the line and picks up 15 yards.
  • Then Royster waits for a hole and finds one, gaining nine yards to the Indiana 14.
  • Hahn takes the ball on 2nd and 1 and spins out of a tackle but gets the first down.
  • Then Royster finds a gaping hole left and gains 11 to bring up first and goal from the 2.
  • Royster runs it in on first down.



Drive details: 7 plays, 83 yards, 3:19 seconds.

Indiana begins its drive at the 17.

  • Thigpen drives right for five yards on first down.
  • Lewis has his pass tipped, but it still gets Sears. Tack on a personal foul face mask on Penn State.
  • Lewis fires to Hardy for five yards on first down.
  • Lewis fakes the hand off and is brought down by Josh Gaines, a Fort Wayne native, for a loss of 10.
  • Then Lewis does what he does so well, rolling right after being flushed, and throws a perfect pass to Hardy on the sideline for 26 yards.
  • Thigpen gets the call up the middle and gains three.
  • Lewis rolls right, avoids a blitz from Dan Connor and finds Marcus Thigpen floating nearby. Thigpen flies in for a 30-yard touchdown.


Penn State takes over at the 36.

  • Evan Royster now in a tailback for the Lions. He gains five on first down.
  • Royster again tries to barrel through the line left, but he’s stopped for a two-yard gain.
  • On third down, Morelli rolls right and tosses toward Golden, who drops it.
  • Porter fields the resulting punt after a bounce and gets a seven-yard gain.


Marcus Thigpen gets Indiana to the 40-yard-line with a strong return.

  • Lewis throws for Means on first down, and he makes an impressive catch on the sideline.
  • Payton goes up the middle on first down from the Penn State 34 and gains three.
  • Lewis is pressured and steps up into the pocket, where Maurice Evans brings him down for a four yard loss.
  • On 3rd and 11, Lewis tries to riffle the ball into Hardy, but the coverage is there.
  • On fourth down, the Hoosiers opt to go for it. Penn State has allowed one fourth down conversion on seven tries this year. Make that eight, after Lewis’ pass is off the mark.



  • Drive details: 90 yards, 13 plays, 5:07

Penn State begins at its 10-yard line after a fair catch on the punt. It embarks on it’s longest drive of the season, both in yardage and time off the clock, for the score.

  • Kinlaw has some luck to the left on first down.
  • Morelli then goes to the air and completes to straight passes.
  • Morelli roles left and throws to Terrell Golden in the flat for another first down.
  • On first and 10 from the Indiana 47, Morelli gives to Kinlaw, who’s stuffed after only two yards by William Patterson.
  • On second down, Morelli swings it wide to Norwood for a gain of six.
  • On third and 2, Morelli finds Deon Butler on the sideline.
  • Morelli then throws a ball right to Leslie Majors, who plays defensive back for Indiana. It skips off his hands.
  • So the Lions opt for a delayed give up the middle and gain 12 on second down.
  • But Indiana stacks Kinlaw on first down from its own 15.
  • On 3rd and 7 from the 13, Morelli stands in and fires to Terrell Golden over the middle.


Indiana takes over at the 20 after Polks first career interception is downed in the end zone.

  • Penn State’s corner tries to jump the route and cant’ do it. Means ends up with a big gain.
  • Lewis throws long again for Hardy — the second time this game — but the play is again defended well by Justin King.
  • Lewis tosses a screen to Thigpen who gets ahead for a first down.
  • Thigpen up the middle, can’t find a hole.
  • Lewis fires for James Bailey and the ball squirts through his hands.
  • Lewis is then flushed and rolls left. He lofts a pass toward Bailey into traffic, and Bailey can’t get ahold of the ball.
  • Michael Hines gets off a 38-yard punt.


Penn State begins at its 40.

  • Kinlaw tries the middle but gains just two yards.
  • Morelli is flushed and, doing his best Dan Marino impression, lumbers ahead for the first down.
  • Kinlaw bounces left and gains three yards.
  • Morelli lofts a Hail Mary on second down and it’s picked off by Nick Polk. Can’t imagine that was the play call there.


Indiana takes over at its 20 after the punt.

  • Thigpen tries to pick his way up the middle but is met three-yards deep.
  • Lewis sends a swing pass to Thigpen on the left side of the field and gains five.
  • Lewis rolls right and instead of keeping the ball to run for the first attempts to loft the ball to James Hardy. The pass is off. Mike Stark, playing for the injured Charlie Emerson, whiffed on his block, which forced Lewis outside.


Penn State starts at its 20.

  • Nittany Lions QB Antony Morelli throws a quick screen right to Jordan Norwood for 11 yards.
  • Same play, other side, gains 13. It’s ruled as a run because the pass went backwards.
  • Then Penn State runs a play action and springs Terrell Golden on a naked screen for seven yards.
  • Rodney Kinlaw runs up the middle and gains only one yard, bring up third and 2.
  • Kinlaw is bottled up on third down by Tracy Porter. Penn State will punt.



  • Drive details: 80 yards, 10 plays, 3:21

The opening kick is downed in the end zone by Leslie Majors after he botches the catch. But Indiana marches down the field with ease and Kellen Lewis throws to James Hardy, who catches his 30th career touchdown, tying Jade Butcher’s school record.

  • Lewis rolls right and throws to Hardy on first down.
  • Then he takes a quick drop and throws left for Andrew Means to pick up the first down.
  • Then Lewis fires deep for Hardy, and it’s broken up by Justin King.
  • Thigpen flows left and gains nothing. Penn State defensive tackle Jared Odrick is hurt on the play, and limps off.
  • Lewis drops back and throws over the middle to Hardy. Perfect throw over the linebacker.
  • Thigpen up the middle for a first down.
  • Inside run by Thigpen again gains four.
  • Then Lewis stands in and finds Andrew Means sitting in the flat for 13 yards and another first down.
  • Payton into the game, takes an inside handoff three yards to the Penn State eight.
  • Lewis rolls left and fires to Hardy in the front of the end zone. The Hoosiers couldn’t have made it look any easier.


There’s already some news here: Tight end Nick Sexton is out with a head injury. And right tackle Charlie Emerson is “banged up” and won’t start. Mike Stark will play in his stead.