Mike P. has already said 42-17 IU.

I’m going to go ahead and say 38-21, Hoosiers. Very close to last week’s margin. Hardy catches two touchdowns, minimum.

But, like Tyler said, predicting big wins for IU is always a tricky proposition. Hoosier fans that have followed the team for a few years know that all too well. But, it’s still fun.

So give me your thoughts. Whoever predicts score closest to the final margin shall be deemed Greatest Hoosier Scoop Fan of the Week…


  1. I can give Minny’s offense some credit, however their defense gets none. Lewis is going to feast tomorrow.

    IU 42-28

    Go Hoosiers!

  2. IU 42
    Minny 30

    Thigpen runs a kick back for a TD.
    Lewis runs for a TD
    Sears gets two TDs from 5 to 10 yards out.
    Hardy gets a long bomb TD.

    Weber sacked five times (I’ve got to give the Minny o-line some credit, but not much.)

  3. I have to work tomorrow but have the game to be dvr’d; will watch later in the day. Hardy is due a big game 8 catches 175 yards and 3 tds.

    IU 44
    minny 24

  4. IU Jimmy almost nailed the score!!! If Minnesota kicks the extra point instead of going for two, he would have been perfect.

    Also, my name now links to my own blog for IU football. Please come visit.

  5. The final attendance did turn out to be 32,009. Not quite the 35,000 the IU Athletics Department expected.

    Also, IU Jimmy’s prediction was one point off. Well done, only one point off is pretty impressive. My prediction was only three points off, though.

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