Sampson teleconference quick recap

Rick Greenspan, Kelvin Sampson, Grace Calhoun, Indiana’s compliance director, and a representative from the Indianapolis law firm Ice Miller just held a teleconference to discuss recruiting violations committed by Sampson and the rest of his coaching staff.

Due to a constant echo, the call was difficult to understand for most of the conversation.

Chris Howell | Herald-TimesApparently, what Indiana believes to be the most grievous actions discovered during a two-month investigation conducted by Ice Miller were 10 “three-way” calls that resulted in Sampson, who was not allowed to call recruits due to previous sanctions, having a recruit connected to him by an assistant coach, Rob Senderoff.

While doing that is not an NCAA violation, it has been interpreted as breaking Sampson’s previous sanctions, which were put in place after he and his staff were found to have made impermissible calls while at Oklahoma.

Sampson explained that often recruits who could not reach him, for whatever reason, would then call Senderoff and tell him that they needed to talk to Sampson. On 10 occasions, Senderoff was able to connect that call to Sampson. And Sampson simply took the call and began speaking.

“When you get a call and a recruit is talking, you just start talking with him,” Sampson said.

Sampson said he was aware that one of the calls was a three-way call, but that he was not aware on the other nine.

While the three-way calls took up the bulk of the conversation, it was revealed that Indiana’s assistant coaches did commit actual NCAA violations by making undocumented calls, including some from their home phones.

There are two separate reports being sent by Indiana and Ice Miller to the NCAA for review. One details the actions by Sampson and his staff that violated the original sanctions they were under from May 25, 2006 to May 25, 2007 and the other details the new NCAA violations, which are believed to be minor.

Greenspan was asked during the teleconference if he had considered firing Sampson. He responded that IU officials, including President Michael McRobbie had taken a close look at the violations to arrive at the penalties announced Sunday.

“These sanctions were significant,” Greenspan said. “They were severe and they were appropriate.”

Greenspan said he was “profoundly disappointed” that the Indiana athletic department is again dealing with sanctions and NCAA rules violations and sanctions.

Sampson said he and his staff had done a good job in complying with the NCAA sanctions except for the improper phone calls. He said as leader of Indiana’s basketball program, he took responsibility for all cases of his staff not following NCAA rules.

“We were under the impression that this was over,” Sampson said. “We thought we had complied with all the rules.”

This story will be updated.


  1. Coach Sampson’s comments show he doesn’t get. Just because he and his staff have done a good job of complying with most of the rules, doesn’t mean we wil tolerate ignoring just a few of the less important ones. Coach, do it right all the time or leave! Greenspan, we don’t want to look like Cincinnati or Illinois. Fix this now!

  2. “We were under the impression that this was over,” Sampson said. “We thought we had complied with all the rules.”

    Must be a misquote: You must have meant to type – “We thought we had figured out how to ‘get around’ all the rules.

  3. Sampson was a hero of mine… until this morning.

    He should peacefully and quietly resign. This is disgraceful.

    IU is a university of class and integrity. He does not represent the same ideals.

    He is a cheater, and he has brought his slimy, cheating ways to IU.

    Coach, please take your game somewhere else. We don’t want cheating around here…

  4. You want a guy to resign over some stupid three-way calls?

    He shouldn’t have done it. But I also shouldn’t drive over the speed limit. Give me a break.

  5. Yes. I want him to resign over a “stupid three-way call” b/c he cheated and knew it.

    If you were on probation for speeding 577 times and chose to speed, then you should lose your license.

  6. So a known cheater is hired at IU, and then he cheats AGAIN while on probation and IU fans want to brush it to the side like it isn’t a big deal. These are just the infractions that he was caught doing, and I’m 100% there are many others.

    IU fans are so utterly desperate to have a winning team they are now willing to cheat to do so.

    The World is laughing at you IUNLV hahahahhahahah!

  7. I agree with Jones. This kind of reaction over a recruit call being transfered to Sampson results in this? Give me a break!
    Maybe coach Sampson would like to resign. He wouldnt have to
    put up with all the holier than thou IU fans. He might even be able to breathe, go out to dinner with his family, not live in a gated community. etc. Do you think this job might constitute a prison? Even Bob Knight at Texas Tech has reported NCAA violations.
    IU Head Basketball coach a dream job….my foot.

    I will be thinking of you all tomorrow when I drive to work and like Jones drive over the speed limit, or better yet! I will do something really bad and not put the grocery cart in the rack but leave it out in the parking lot!

  8. I’m disappointed. I think there is growing cause for concern.

    But, arent some people overreacting a bit? 3-way calls?

    The only reason we care is because this is a second instance. If this was the first time, everyone would defend him and ask who cares?

    I think IU’s self-imposed sanctions are severe and show that the university will not tolerate this. I hope that Greenspan and others stay on top of this and monitor the situation daily.

    But, I think everyone needs to take a deep breath. And I dont think we need to run Coach out of town…..yet.

  9. For – Jim

    “The only reason we care is because this is a “second instance”. If this was the first time, everyone would defend him and ask who cares?”

    By my count he’s closing in on 600. — That we know of.

  10. If you chumps want to bail from the Sampson/IU bandwagon because of this, the rest of us won’t miss you.
    I could rail for a few paragraphs about how stupid the NCAA’s recruiting rules are, but the fact of the matter is that the rules are there and Sampson violated them, whether on accident or purposefully. Fair enough. He’s being re-punished, so that’s pretty much that.
    That said, I’m glad we have a coach who’s not so stupid that he would hang up on a recruit because he’s afraid of upsetting the NCAA compliance gestapo.

  11. “That said, I’m glad we have a coach who’s not so stupid that he would hang up on a recruit because he’s afraid of upsetting the NCAA compliance gestapo.”
    You must have been brought up a cheater yourself, all cheaters stick together.

  12. Do you know how low “extra phone calls” are on the cheating totem poll?

    I’m proud to say that IU basketball isn’t a school surrounded by booster money to recruits and cheating in the classroom. I’m proud that IU basketball doesn’t have a bunch of thugs running around with guns.

    But I am extremely disappointed that Hoosier fans are calling for Sampson’s job over phone calls. If the team doesn’t win this year, or if a REAL violation comes up, then start the rants up about the “good ol’ days” again.

    Until then, keep it to a dull roar.

  13. Jockey I think you are acting immature and you should really look at yourself before you judge others. Jones has a right to his or her opinion, without being called a cheater. That said I’m very disapointed at coach Sampson and I think the punishmet does fit the crime. If coach Knight received a no tolerance policy I think it would be fair for Sampson ro receive the same. It would be fair that if he did something else that he would be let go.

  14. Jaime – thank you for your comments. Perhaps you are just like Cheat Samp….I mean Coach Sampson and you “just over looked” that fact that it was Swampy that made the comments. Based on your comments we should keep him until the NCAA comes down on us, this is twice he has done this but by all means let’s keep him until it’s a real crime.

  15. Has anyone figured out yet that it is the IU Trustees who have no idea what they are doing regarding IU athletics and have not for a decade?

  16. Wasn’t phone call violations part of his previous infractions before getting here as well?

    If so, then he should be fired! Why would we want someone that has violated rules before and does it again? I think the rules stink but they ARE the rules.

  17. It is funny how naive people are. To think that there is a such thing as a “clean program” is just plain silly. The sad fact is college athletics has become a business and to have a “successful” program things like this do happen whether you want to believe it or not. Sometimes people get caught and sometimes they don’t. The idea that some out there have about this Perfect Program are ridiculous.

  18. I’m so proud of you jockey. Instead of completely disrespecting somebody’s opinion from the onset, you did it in half ass sort of way with me. Baby steps man, baby steps.

  19. Jaime – What part of no phone calls do you not understand? Ethical behavior should be a ‘given’ when it comes to a coach, Greenspan knew the gravity of the situation when he hired him. Simultaneously, when G’span hands Sampson the fine, he should hand in his own resignation
    YOU JAIME, must be so proud to have a cheat for a coach.

  20. someone said theirproud iu doesnt have booster or stuff like that? are you kidding me iu has tons of boosters…but unlikeSEC football bball boosters dont go prancing around showing off…i mean to sit courtside at an iu game someone has to have donated at least like 30K to the university…i think if i was spending 30k i would be a boster…also explain why so many iu recruits drive such nice cars with dealer plates around the assembly hall parking lot? Also i’ve heard of instances in which baseball tickets were procured for a sampson an assitant and a rcruit on a visit to NY

  21. hopefully this doesnt hurt our recruiting in the future other than the 1 scholarship. i mean recruits will find out about this stuff. who is gonna want to play for a guy who can’t follow the rules? i dont kno what to think. but screw all you people talking about indiana basketball. you’re just mad we’ll kick your a** this year.

  22. This kind of stuff, and worse, is why we all used to get such joy out of pounding on UK, and even if we didn’t we always knew it wasn’t that disgraceful to lose to the best team $ could buy.

    ‘Gasp’ I hope we are not turning into the next ‘UK’.

    Go IU football Hoosiers!

  23. Also, more importantly, is there any news on what the recruits thought about midnight madness on friday?! Apparently Nolan Dennis and Dexter Strickland were REALLY impressed and we are moving up on their lists. How about Lance Stephenson and Kevin Jones????

  24. I can’t believe the pure ignorance of the people posting here. Let see, Coach Sampson was not permitted to make a phone call, from everything I have seen and read, he did not make the phone calls himself. Also, there is nothing I can find saying he was not allowed to be patched in to a 3-way phone call by an assistant coach or someone else.

    These are “violations” that IU thinks he comitted under the “intent” of the rules and sanctions passed on him for previous violations. These have not been addressed by the NCAA, nor has the NCAA indicated that he is in violation of anything. Until the NCAA has made that decision, you can’t fire Sampson, or else you are setting yourself up for a major lawsuit!!! Let due process take it’s course people.

  25. How do we know the cheater is not paying player to come here. He is not that good of a coach for most players to want to learn from him. I think there is something else going on. What happened to the no-tolerance policy that was in effect already? Has that one been cancelled? And what happened to all the Indiana players he told us he would recruit? Didn’t he also tell us he would not fill the team with junior college players? Maybe that speach didn’t mean anything to him either. IU 2008 junior college national champs, if we are not on probation first.

  26. How could anybody complain about Kelvin Samsons conduct. After tolerating the cheating and double talking of knight and his poor coaching over the years.An average coach and recruiter with all the stars that came up thru the indiana high schools in the 70s,80s,90s would have one at least 9 or 10 titles. Think about al the great players that would not come to indiana or left because of the poor coaching and lack of respect over the years.

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