Recruits that are here

These are some recruits, watching volleyball.

Doug Wilson’s here. He’s not a recruit. Zak Keefer? Here, but also not a recruit.

There are, however several possible future Hoosiers in attendance already. So far I’ve spotted:

  • Derek Elston (2009 forward)
  • Stephan Van Treese (2009 forward)
  • Tom Pritchard (2008 forward)
  • Kevin Jones (2008 forward)
  • Nolan Dennis (2009 guard)
  • Lance Stephenson (2009 guard)
  • Dexter Strickland (2009 guard)
  • Ray McCallum Jr. (2010 guard)
  • And others that I can’t positively identify, but I’m working on it.

By the way, Michigan State is leading 2-0 in the volleyball match. So it might be time to start heading this way.


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