Report: Sampson knew he was on three-way calls

According to page 19 of the report to the NCAA released by Indiana today, Kelvin Sampson knew on at least three occasions that he was involved in a three-way call that violated the terms of his previous sanctions.

Sampson originally admitted to knowing of only one instance in which he was on a three-way call, and both he and Rob Senderoff, the assistant coach who connected him into the calls most often, told investigators from Ice Miller that when the calls happened Senderoff spoke during the first half and only Sampson spoke after the connection was made.

However, of the three people investigators successfully reached who participated in the three way calls, two of them said that both Sampson and Senderoff were involved in the entire conversation.

“However, two of the three individuals that Indiana University successfully contacted from the list of known phone numbers used in the three-way recruiting calls, reported that Senderoff was involved in the respective conversations, as well as Sampson,” the report says. ” The University was careful to clarify with both individuals — NAME REDACTED, (“REDACTED”) (currently enrolled at REDACTED) and NAME REDACTED, (“REDACTED”), the mother of NAME REDACTED (“REDACTED”), (who has committed to REDACTED) — that both coaches participated in the conversation at the same time as opposed to Senderoff speaking only during the first portion of the call and then remaining silent when Sampson was on the phone. The two individuals were specific in their recollections that Senderoff was involved during the whole call . . .”

The report also contradicts how Sampson originally claimed the three-way calls took place. During a teleconference on Oct. 14, Sampson said that the three-way calls were initiated by recruits who were trying to reach him but could not. They then called Senderoff, who offered to connect them to Sampson.

“Rob, after the kid could not reach me on my cell phone because of cell service or whatever, they would call coach Senderoff and say coach Sampson is unavailable,” Sampson said. “So what Rob was doing was patching the calls into me after Rob had made the connection.”

According to the report, though, 10 or 12 of the three way calls were outgoing calls from Senderoff to a recruit. The report says Senderoff would dial the number, sometimes engage in a conversation with the individual, place that call on hold and then dial Sampson’s number.


  1. Sounds to me like Senderoff is at fault, not Sampson.. and to be honest after hearing the details of the report, I’m relieved. I wrote in another blog that “I only wish that they had been released in conjunction with the announcement two weeks ago, because I feel like most of the backlash (including the “dump Sampson” talk) would have been avoided if people had just known the facts from the beginning. I only hope that the NCAA responds appropriately and accepts our self-imposed sanctions as punishment enough. Knowing the facts, my faith in Sampson is restored.” Sampson should be in the clear folks, he may have had some of his facts wrong, but he wasn’t intentionally lying when he initially commented on the violations. And he did NOT intentionally cheat.

  2. A person would have to be either in denial or naive to think both Senderoff and Sampson weren’t fully aware of what they were doing.

  3. These seem to be the most important paragraphs in my opinion after reading the Indiana press release:

    “Greenspan said the Ice Miller report did not conclude that Sampson acted deliberately to violate the sanctions he was operating under last season.

    In its conclusion, the report states that investigators “considered the fact that with so few impermissible calls involving Sampson out of the thousands of recruiting calls made from May 2006 through May 2007, this could not have been a purposeful plan to circumvent the sanction.”

  4. Fault goes to all involved. From the head coach that didn’t make an effort to follow the guidelines or at best didn’t bother to figure them out to the assistant coach that didn’t pay attention and the compliance department that wasn’t proactive enough to be on top of this before it became as big a problem as it is.

    When a coach comes to you program with a serious problem you make damn well sure it is no longer a problem. I’m glad they investigated and came forward with thier findings but IU would have been much better off if they would have put something in place to prevent it in the first place. Being proactive instead of reactive would have made a big difference.

  5. This is splitting hairs. Did Kelvin know he was on a three way phone call? Kelvin says once, the report says their evidence has found that Senderoff was talking on at least three phone calls.

    Kelvin said the problem was mainly because of poor cell phone reception, and the report seems to confirm that to some extent.

    The report is favorable to Sampson & Indiana. The media seems to be infatuated with finding fault & error in Sampson’s statements and less concerned about the content of the report. What else is knew?

  6. Is the H-T in financial trouble or something? Do they need to draw attention by using titles like “Report: Sampson knew he was on three-way calls”. Couldn’t they have said “Report is favorable to IU and shows that media has been blowing this whole event out of proportion?”

    I’m pretty disappointed in Chris and Doug.

  7. I agree with Michael, a reputable journalist wouldn’t use these misleading headlines…tough times at H-T i guess. After reading the report, the only disappointment i have is Senderoff losing his job over these trivial violations.

  8. any guess to who the recruit was that we are no longer pursuing?

    regardless, i feel like senderoff did show disregard to the sanctions; or, at least, a lack of respect for the sanctions. he signed a document each month that stated he did not use his home phone for recruiting, while he was doing just that. most of the violations occurred because he (senderoff) failed to report a call, which caused subsequent “allowable” calls to become infractions.

    how can the sanctions dept. monitor its coaches properly if the coaches are not fully being honest?

  9. Sampson is a great coach… He is a saint compared to Bobby Knight and look how long we empoyed that a$$hole! Get over it!!! These are minor infractions…. How about supporting Sampson instead of bashing him all the time… All of you will be singing a different tune when IU is in the National Title race! Go Hoosiers!!! Go Sampson!!!!

  10. I am shocked at the amount of people saying “it just minor”, “he only cheated a little”, I am sure these are the same people that wonder what is wrong with society as well.

    Sheesh people grow a moral back bone, cheating is cheating whether it’s a little or a lot, lieing is lieing whether it’s a little or lot! Yes there are bigger issues in the world at large but for pete’s sake letting these little things slide is what comes back to bite people in the butt later.

  11. Be Responsible. You are journalists, right?

    The headline and intro paragraph is inaccurate and misleading at best.

    Your readship is more intelligent than you are giving them credit for. Just lay out the facts, we can determine if Sampson ‘knew’ or not.

  12. How is the headline misleading? Sampson previously said he didn’t know they were three way calls, but this report says that he did know.

    Who would have guessed a report about IU written by a group paid by IU would be favorable to IU? The fact remains that Senderoff knowingly broke the rules, Sampson knew he was doing it, and it wasn’t reported to the compliance office.

  13. Report does NOT say Sampson knew (aside from the one 3 way call he talked about at the Oct 15th teleconference).

    Report only says 2 of the 3 recruits reached (amounting to three 3 way calls in total) specifically recall that Sampson and Senderoff were both on the call.

    You can draw your own conclusion. But Sampson does not say in the report that he knew on those calls that Senderoff was on the call as well. There is a factual question here.

  14. Jacks,

    Upon reading the report a few more times, I might change the headline on this story. I won’t now because there’s already been so much debate about it.

    The question of the three-way calls has become a they said vs. they said argument, with Senderoff and Sampson claiming to not have actively participated (and therefore willfully broken previous sanctions) on one side and a recruit and a recruit’s mother on the other side.

    Either way, it’s fairly murky. In the future, I’ll try to be more clear on headlines.

    — Chris

  15. And we wonder where kids get the idea that a “little lie” is O.K. A lie is just that, a lie! And if IU says a coach/staff can NOT do this or that, then those adults need to follow the rules. Why are they exempt from rules? Why did IU hire a coach that was already in trouble for this very same thing! It is so frustrating to see, read, hear how IU handles these things and how they think we’re stupid when the give “vague” answers. Come on-tell the truth and lets get this done. Why would IU force an assistant of Sampsons to quit, yet keep Sampson? What a slap in the face to all those others who work so hard and aren’t a part of the lie’s. A coach is the leader, the boss of all who are under him, and Sampson has just gone and drug everyone down with him and what a shame that is to our players, their families, and the IU family of players, fans, etc…
    It’s very tragic that we don’t have a university anymore that stands up for what’s good, right, or that has morals-all these of which this campus was built from in the first place. All of us wouldn’t be here with all these opportunities if it hadn’t been for all those who came before us. What legacy is this IU board,etc… going to leave for those to come? We must get back to basics here, get morals/values back into this institution of learning, and start having adults be held accountable for their actions!

  16. Chris.

    I respect your reply that you would have changed the title. But, I thik it is too late. We need to quit fueling this fire.

    I always like coming here, you guys usually are great. I respect you as journalist.

    I think in cases like these we should all be very careful, but especially you guys as journalists. Don’t state opinions,conjecture, or implications as Fact. It is really making a bad situation worse.

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