Sears and Thigpen back

Marcus Thigpen and Josiah Sears returned to practice Wednesday after missing Tuesday’s practice so the Hoosiers are back closer to full strength at running back.

Backup center Matt Moses was still making the snaps for the No. 1 offense, though, so it’s looking like injured starter Ben Wyss could miss Saturday’s game at Michigan State. Wyss left the Minnesota game with a back injury, but IU coach Bill Lynch was hopeful at the start of this week that Wyss would play Saturday.

Lynch said that with the return of Thigpen and Sears, he expects to use about the same rotation at running back that IU’s been using all season.

After practice Wednesday, Lynch gathered the Hoosiers together and raised his voice in talking about how they need to be ready to play a physical, intense game Saturday.


  1. Lynch’s loyalty to Thigpen is going to cost this team at least one game if he doesn’t change his stance. Let me reiterate, I’m a big Thigpen fan, but Payton proved last week that he is the better option and should be the starter. Heck, Errek Suhr was the most popular basketball player for four years, it didn’t mean he was a starter.

    Payton has ran for 203 yards and 4 TDs on just 40 carries.
    Thigpen has ran for 267 yards and 0 TDs on 75 carries.
    Payton averages 5.1 ypc to Thigpen’s 3.6 ypc.

    Finally, it is just obvious to anyone who has watched the Hoosiers this year that Payton is more productive than Thigpen from the running back position.

  2. Tim, I think it will be really interesting, beyond Lynch’s words, to see how Indiana actually uses its running backs in Saturday’s game.

    You may have seen that we had a poll on The Hoosier Scoop late last week asking readers who they thought Indiana should start at running back. Payton was easily the readers’ top choice and then went out to have his big game against Minnesota after Thigpen and Sears were injured.

  3. Payton just hits the hole quicker and harder than Marcus does. It’s that simple, and the sooner the switch is made the sooner Marcus will realize that he needs to improve there, and the IU rushing game will be much better off than it is now.

  4. I also believe that the Payton right now is our best option. I really like Thigpen as a person, and as a player-but right now he just isnt the best choice. I think it would be great if we could split time; Payton and McCray. But McCray’s been hurt, so I guess we will see. Either way, Lets keep the spittoon with us!

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