Senderoff’s status unclear

Indiana assistant coach Rob Senderoff’s employment status is indeed in question, as rumors swirling on several Internet message boards have indicated.

University spokesman Larry MacIntyre was asked minutes ago whether Senderoff was still employed by the university. His answer: “I don’t know.”

Senderoff’s future has been the subject of debate among leaders within the Indiana athletic department and university administration for two weeks, according to several sources close to the situation.

Now, as Indiana gets ready to release the Ice Miller report on new recruiting violations, Senderoff will apparently be dispatched. According to what Indiana has released so far, Senderoff made most of the impermissible phone calls and also was involved with the 3-way calls that violated previous sanctions.

Senderoff joined Kelvin Sampson’s staff prior to last season, and has previously coached at Kent State, Towson, Yale and Fordham.

Through his efforts, Indiana has been able to recruit the fertile New York City area and received a verbal commitment from Devin Ebanks, one of the top 20 players in the class of 2008. Several highly regarded New York players attended Hoosier Hysteria, including Lance Stephenson, who is considered one of the better players to come out of the city in the last five years.


  1. He doesn’t know? Well what the heck does he know? I am beginning to think all leadership as this university is clueless about everything that goes on.

  2. No chance this is the end of it.

    I’m not one of those who thinks a postseason ban is likely, and I have my doubts about how much this will truly effect Ebanks, but I do find it extremely naive to think that the NCAA won’t put Sampson back under more sanctions (which would allow only 2 coaches as recruiters for the next year) and I’d be shocked if there isn’t an additional scholarship or two lost.

    If somehow Ebanks is lost though, then the 2008 class that at one point held so much promise (when it contained Mackey, Ebanks, and E. Jones) will be pretty much left in shambles. Couple that with Gordon and D. White likely to bolt for the NBA and all of the sudden the 2008 & 2009 seasons could look like rebuilding years.

  3. how can you call the guilty party a scape goat. You punish the man with the smoking gun. Senderoff had the proverbial pistol in hand.

  4. I have to do it. But I can’t believe no one took the obvious pun (a bad one to), but IU is going to Send off Senderoff.

    I know, bad pun, it’s Monday, I am grasping at straws for something funny.

  5. Rob —

    Ebanks has stated several times that his commitment to IU is very solid. He even said that if Sampson were fired, he’d still come to IU.

    Where this may hurt is with the 2009 NYC recruits with whom Senderoff was working. But then again, it might not. Who knows?

  6. I visited No way an excuse, but a way of showing how funny things really can be. The article states that Senderooff is 34 years old. It also says that he has been coaching for 15 years. Am I supposed to believe that he was coaching at nineteen? I am sure this is a trivial mistake. If it can happen here, why should articles be taken at 100% face value. Nothing against you guys but it is funny. At the same time it is sad.

  7. Jay,

    That factoid — that Senderoff has 15 years of college coaching experience — actually comes from the Indiana media guide. And it is probably counting a few of the years that Senderoff spent helping the team at Albany as an undergraduate student. I don’t think he ever played basketball at the college level — not even as an Adam Ahlfeld-type walk-on — but I know he had an unusually important role for an undergrad.

    — Chris

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