The men are about to take the floor

Feels like last year. Everybody chanting for Eric Gordon. This time, he’s in uniform. And he’s the first one out of the tunnel.

Next up is Holman. Big smile on his face. He must feel better now that he’s been academically cleared.

Here comes walk-on Brett Finklemeier, the walk on from Carmel.

He’s followed by Jordan Crawford.

Onto the returning players.

Armon Bassett is the only sophomore on the roster and he flexes his muscles as he comes out.

DeAndre Thomas next, and he’s already a fan favorite, the crowd bellowing a deep “Dre” as he waltzed out to join his teammates.

Jamarcus Ellis onto the floor, holding up the Indiana logo on his jersey. Then he motions for more applause and breaths it in. He’s been waiting a long time to get to the D-1 level.

Adam Ahlfeld comes out and tries to pull the Superman dance. Great attempt.

Lance Stemler comes out calmly, as is his way.

A.J. Ratliff gets a loud applause and is enjoying his final Hoosier Hysteria.

Now it’s time for D.J. White. Gym is as loud as it will be any time this year.

Support staff is now being introduced.

Now, Sampson. Crowd has been chanting his name. His runs out and jumps into the middle of his players, all their arms raised in the air.


There’s a video with D.J. White inviting Lance “Flo” Bennett to play at Hoosier Hysteria on the big screen. Lance is here. He’s singing his song “Get in the Game” right now.

The fans are responding by chanting for Eric Gordon. Guess they didn’t come to see a rap concert. Worth noting that Bennett is from Brooklyn, as is Lance Stephenson.


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