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After today’s 40-20 win, IU is now 5-1. Just say that again. Indiana is 5-1, in football.

As I mentioned during the game, you know it’s a good sign when the Hoosiers are forced to punt for just the first time with 12:21 left in the game. The offense moved the ball all afternoon. And overall, a great statement game for IU. Not only did they get their second Big Ten win, but they proved that they could perform solidly two weeks in a row.

Bryan Payton’s performance will garner most of the media attention, and rightfully so after his breakout day where he found the endzone three times. It seems almost singlehandedly he reenergized the Hoosier rushing attack that’s been struggling all season. Major credit goes to Payton for coming in after Marcus Thigpen’s injury and performing well.

But, all in all, I gave my Player of the Game to Kellen Lewis, as cliche as it is. Payton got the touchdowns, but Lewis led the Hoosiers down the field. I really see a different quarterback every week with him, in terms of his leadership. I think he’s really making the strides this season that’s going to make him one of the in the Big Ten, if not the country, in the years to come. Did everyone else see that 44-yard run where he made the entire Minnesota defense look like a junior high squad? That was remarkable. Reminded me of one of Michael Vick’s spectacular runs, pre-dogfighting.

When Bill Lynch was asked about that run after the game, the IU head coach commended his quarterback but didn’t overdo it. “He’s a good football player,” Lynch said. Yeah, you could say that.

Overall, what are your thoughts on the game? Who was your MVP, Lewis or Payton? What was the best defensive play? I chose Leslie Major’s interception on his back. Sitting in the press box and holding in my excitement for that one was tough.

A good win for the Hoosiers. Next week’s going to be tough, and hopefully IU can build off of today’s performance. We’ll have to wait and see.


  1. Big news on student tickets for basketball as well today. We all got $30 refunds from IU athletics which has confirmed my worst fears: We will all be missing 2 games this year.

    If I miss the Kentucky game or any of the other great games as a senior, I am going to be pissed beyond belief. There is no reason for this. If we oversell the allotment, upper classmen should have priority over freshman.

  2. Player of the Game: Has to go to Bryan Payton, he is the one that found the endzone. Most rushing TDs in a game in four years, including the one where he was dragging defenders into the endzone with him and the one where he burst up the middle and past everyone for 50 yards and a score.

    Defensive Play of the Game: Minnesota is in Indiana territory at the 44 with a 3rd and 6. They are driving and looking to take the lead after Indiana kicked two FGs to lead 20-14. Ryan Marando sacks Adam Weber for a six yard loss on the play forcing a punt. Tracy Porter then returns the punt 71 yards to set up Payton’s second TD run and the game is over.

    Additionally, Lewis played great like nearly always. Plus the defensive line played really well again. Only two sacks, but, they hurried Weber and flushed him plenty of additional times. Weber had decent legs to get away from a few possible sacks. The whole defense looked very good against a good offense during the middle two quarters.

    On the negative side:
    The butterfinger bug spread around the receivers, costing some points and killing some drives. The defense also had too many missed tackles, especially going for hits instead of wrap-ups.

    But all in all, a thorough dismantling of a weaker team. Now just one win away from bowl eligibility and it could be wrapped up as soon as next week the way MSU’s defense has looked the past two games. Go Hoosiers!

    P.S. I echo Scott’s comments above. I had better have tickets to the Kentucky and Purdue games.

  3. You know, I like Bill Lynch but he gives the most simple and unimaginative quotes. On Kellen Lewis….”he’s a good football player”. On Austin Starr last week…..”he’s a good kicker”. No DUH! Bill, are you afraid to heap praise on your players to the media, for fear that it will go to their heads? I’d like to hear how you really feel about these guys.

  4. Dave-

    It’s funny, because I was thinking the exact same thing Saturday during Lynch’s press conference. I’m sitting there, looking for a good quote for the IU notebook, and the best I could get was “It’s great when guys get the opportunity and step up like that” on Bryan Payton.

    We’ll keep you updated on any exciting quotes, though.


  5. Mike P. Good looking site. Keep it up. The rest…..give Chris a break. You have all heard of good cop….bad cop and the devils advocate. I am hoping the Penn State homecoming will repeat the 87 Michigan game. One of the greatest IU victories I have ever attended. BTW Mike………did you sit in Section 7 with a headset on? I had the pleasure of sitting next to that guy and he was very knowledgable on the game. Defensive play of the game has to be Will Patterson. He almost had two more previous before he nailed that pick. I give 50/50 credit to good play and good coaching at that juncture of the game.

  6. Sorry Bill, I sit in section 3, I don’t wear a headset, but do use an ear bud so I can listen to Don and get information on things I am not able to see from my seats, like injuries and the spot of the ball on the north end of the field. Glad you had the pleasure of sitting next to someone that has knowledge of the game, my 8 year old son knows more than 90% of the idiots I sit around. There are some that know the game, but they are few and far between.

  7. If you want to be around people who don’t have a clue, you should visit the student section. Granted most students know what’s going on, but some comments are priceless. Hall of Fame dumb comments from the student section of IU football games:

    1. “Huh, somebody threw a yellow rag on the field.”
    2. “Why are we kicking a field goal? I thought we scored a touchdown.”
    3. “Where’s the yellow (first-down) line?”

  8. Hee Hee. Tim…….do you think alcohol was involved? They get five points and a pink flag for being there. The student section does seem to be larger than recent years. I hope they keep it up all year. I enjoy the enthusiasm. I especially love the kids that are only there for Hep. Go Hoosiers and Go Bill Lynch. Win 10.

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