1. Chris: You are naive. If you think for a second that that idiot at the Indy Star (I think we all know who I am talking about) isn’t trying to get headlines, then you are INCREDIBLY naive. All he does is rant and rave about any sports topic that comes along and half the time he is calling for someone’s head be it Sampson, Weiss, Carlisle, etc. when the only person that should be fired is him. What you and most other writers do is journalism, what he (and a few other national “writers”) is, is a complete moron who for some reason has been giving the authority to write his non-sense for all of the nation to see.

    Sorry, I know thats a little off subject….just had to vent

  2. One other thing, and this is just an idea for a possible research project. How many other programs have had reported excessive phone calls in the last year or 3 years whatever the time frame may be? I’m just curious because I often hear that other programs commit the same violations but we never hear about it. I was just wondering if this really is something that happens at other schools and its just not to the extreme that it was at OU or if the statement is completely false. In my mind, I can’t believe that it doesn’t happen else where to some extent, but maybe I am wrong.

  3. Great stuff.

    I’m going to have to call you naive, though, about the media not wanting to create headlines with this.

    That’s what gets readers.

    If these guys TRULY CARED about cheating, they’d get off their lazy butts and investigate the other schools.

    The recruits and AAU coaches have said this is no big deal. Why? Because they have first hand experience of worse stuff going on at most schools.

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