Thursday Q&A

Nah, nothing to talk about this week.

Sure, there’s a little football game going on up in East Lansing with the chance for Indiana to go 6-1, but we see that every year, right?

And then there’s an event Friday night at Assembly Hall. Instead of Midnight Madness, I think it’s called Hoosier Scoop Hysteria now, which is really nice of the athletic department to do that. But with half the team being just a bunch of new guys, I can’t imagine anybody wants to talk about that.

Chris, who really sees things other people can’t, told me that some guy named Eric Gordon is going to win the dunk contest. I say gimme the good old days when we had true high-flyers like Sean Kline winning that contest.

So please join us anyway for some live Hoosier sports chat Thursday at 11 a.m. You can submit any questions you’d like us to tackle (fumble?) by clicking here.


  1. How about the List of names for 2009 that IU has coming to Midnight Madness? These are the ones I know of. Apparently there will be about a dozen recruits in attendance…

    Lance Stephenson – SG (Rivals #4 overall) – Everything I’ve read about this guy says he’s head and shoulders above every other guard in his class. There’s a video of him on youtube taking on OJ Mayo when he was in 8th grade!!! This is a guy IU fans should really be getting excited about.

    Dexter Strickland – PG (Rivals #16 overall)

    Nolan Dennis – SG (Rivals #21 overall)

    Stephan Van Treese – F (Rivals #53 overall) – If you haven’t heard of him, try to catch a Lawrence North game this year. He’s a stud.

  2. Steve O,

    Your list so far is correct. We also think that Devin Ebanks, the 2008 wing who has already committed, will make the trip. Another New Yorker from the class of ’08, Kevin Jones, could be flying this way, too.

    Derek Elston, who has already committed to be a member of the 2009 class, will probably stop by, too.

    And of course everyone always forgets to mention this, but they shouldn’t: Ray McCallum Jr. will be there.

    A word on Stephenson: I had a chance to see him play multiple times in New York City about a year and a half ago. If I had known I would have been covering his recruitment, I probably would have taken better notes. Not that you need to make special effort to pay attention to Stephenson. I’m trying not to gush, but this kid is that good. He’s incredibly explosive and mean, in good way. The guy has a presence on the court and has since a young age. He’s been a top street ball player in The City for a few years now, and that includes players of any age. That Indiana has even entered into his recruitment is a sign that the Hoosiers will indeed have a shot at the top players in the country on a regular basis.

    — Chris

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