UConn’s Calhoun on Sampson

I thought it interesting today to read another well-known coach talking about Sampson’s situation. Jim Calhoun is quoted in an AP story:

“I’m not defending him,” Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun said Tuesday. “What he did was dumb, by any stretch of the imagination. He broke the same rule, not once but twice, and he should suffer the consequences.

“But firing him? That’s nuts. If some of the people speaking anonymously about him feel that negatively, let ’em attach their names. In our business, there’s a difference between someone who breaks a rule and people who cheat – who use means that make me ashamed to be a coach – to get a recruit.

“I know Kelvin well enough,” Calhoun added, “to know he’s not one of those guys.”

To read the entire story, click here.


  1. I agree with Mardy… However, a great coach like Calhoun coming out and speaking about Sampson’s character does mean alot, and should help ease some of the sense of urgency that KS fans were feeling with all the talk of him getting fired. Not that he is on the NCAA commitee or anything, but he seems to play it like it isn’t that big of a deal, which is how I’ve felt the whole time.


  2. Has anyone else come to the sickening realization that if (when?) Sampson serves an NCAA-enforced suspension and McCallum takes over, albeit temporarily, that two of our most prominent sports teams will be run by coaches who were fired from Ball State?!


    Obviously, extraneous circumstances are largely responsible for both cases, but wow–I’m still having trouble getting over this past weekend. A big showing against Penn State would help.

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