Weber and Painter on impermissible phone calls

When asked for their reaction to Indiana’s new phone call violations, Bruce Weber and Matt Painter didn’t tackle the question directly.

But, without referring specifically to Kelvin Sampson, the head basketball coaches at Illinois and Purdue, did say coaches should generally be able to follow the NCAA’s rules for phone calls to recruits.

“Anybody in our business should try to adhere to the rules,” Weber said at Big Ten Media Day in Chicago.  “I know I’m not perfect. Nobody is perfect. But you hope anybody will stay within the limitations.”

Weber said he follows the phone call rules, but it is possible that he might accidentally call a high school junior twice in a month, when he’s only allowed to call once. He said that might happen if he called the recruit at the start of the month and then forgot about it before calling him again at the end of the month.

Painter said that because he’s drawing his information about the new Indiana violations from what he reads in the media, rather than first-hand knowledge, he didn’t think it appropriate to comment on that situation.

But he did say that the NCAA recruiting phone call rules – which allow one phone call a month to juniors and two phone calls per week during parts of their senior year – aren’t that difficult to follow.

“Once a month, twice a week, it’s not that complicated,” the Purdue coach said.


  1. It is not difficult as Weber/Painter say to follow the telephone rules. So,why then did he say he wasn’t perfect and admits he has violated the rules by calling a High School Junior 2 times in the same month?? Painter,says once a month,twice a week,is not complicated yet his mentor admits to making mistakes. I would bet both these guys and every other coach in the big ten has made mistakes. How quick they are to throw stones.

  2. Fire Sampson!

    He puts a big stain on IU basketball prestige.

    Its not that hard to follow the rules and let’s stop pointing fingers at other coaches. Let’s do the right thing and fire Sampson now.


  3. Fans need to remember that Sampson was already in trouble. Like with anything if you’re being watched any mistakes are going to be magnified. The ncaa understands that mistakes happen which is why institutions can self-report and rarely get in trouble over minor infractions. This would be minor if Sampson hadn’t already been trouble for abuses of phone calls. Of course throw in that he was very restricted to the campus for recruiting and yet then pulls in a highly rated recruiting class.

    As the saying goes where there’s smoke, there could be fire.

  4. This will all be forgotten when IU reaches the elite eight this year… Its not that big of a deal!!! Get over it.. Heritage? C-mon… We let the biggest a$$hole in b-ball stay after choking kids… ON FILM!!!! Where is that in the rules? Move on Chuck… He broke those rules trying to get the best players in the nation to attend IU.. Of course he knew he was doing it… Tells me he’s working hard… Too bad he got caught..

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