1. Probably not going to get a straight answer, but did anyone ask EJ if he was making a conscious effort to knock down treys from NBA range? He’s definitely going pro after this year, and it looked like he was showing anybody watching that he could cross over and pull from beyond the NBA arc.

  2. Personally, I’m not impressed.

    Everyone knows he is going to make it from 3-point range. Why not try and diversify your game a little bit and lob some up lefty? That’s what all the pro scouts are looking for: a switch-shooter.

  3. HA,

    No one is trying to fool anyone.

    This video is clearly a Big Ten Network production, and is labeled as such throughout.

    And it’s here on this blog because the Big Ten Network offers the embed code to make that possible, meaning they want it to show up on blogs such as this one.


  4. Chris, I can tell you the code is NOT from the BT Network, it is from BC… I don’t see a back-link or source via linking to the BT network.

    … my whole point is…

    if your going to wait for it to load on here… shoot over to the BIG version on the REAL SITE… thats all. not a blog bought my the ht with an HT alexa and page rank.

  5. dude, this is stupid.

    think what you want man, its not my fault i exploited maybe 1 person to watch the high quality version from the HOSTED site of which the video came from.

    disagree all you want, the video is hosted by brightcove… if you don’t believe me look at the src= in the COOOOOOOODE… its not from the btn homie. anyone can embed something if they have rights (*cough btn) using someone else’s app. hell, look at youtube… who hosts those videos when I put them on the web? NOT ME!

    anyway, this is stupid, wtver.

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