As expected, Zeller picks North Carolina

Tyler Zeller announced this afternoon that he will attend college and play basketball at North Carolina.

“That was the place where I felt most comfortable,” Zeller said at a press conference at the Ponderosa restaurant in Washington, Ind. “I could see myself going there and fitting right in.”

Zeller said that his final decision came during a meeting last Thursday with his parents and his high school coach. They were meeting to discuss where Tyler would take more visits, but during the meeting he realized that he already knew that North Carolina was where he wanted to go to college.

We’ll have more information on this story later today.


  1. Doug, did you get a chance to look into AT&T U-verse availability in Bloomington yet? I saw Chris had an article this weekend about the whole fiasco. Thanks!

  2. Guess we can revisit this question by Zak: and now know the true answer. Like I said in post 48, ” I just believe for the importance of Indiana Universtiy Football program, this weekend is far more important for their future than the a visit from one kid who is going to play at UNC anyway.”

    I called it then the Zeller would wear UNC blue. I will say it again, the student athletes who already attend IU are more important than any single recruit!

    Good Luck in your future carrer at UNC Tyler. Even though you don’t wear Hoosier red, make the Hoosier state proud.

  3. This kid is totally over-rated and he knows it – that is why he is going to NC. He won’t be asked to do as much there, so he’ll be taken higher in the NBA due to potential, and he’ll be yet another NBA bust, i.e. see Sean May.

  4. Jeff,

    I need to check in with the AT&T people to see exactly where it is available.

    There’s a web site that allows you to enter an address and it tells you if the service is available ( My address — I live on the South side of Bloomington — is apparently eligible to receive service.

    But, some of my neighbors just a block or two away can’t get it. So I guess coverage is sparse for right now, but I will check to find out for sure.

    — Chris

  5. Jon, actually… hate to say it… but like mike p has said… I’m not sure if zeller is all hes cracked up to be… and in all reality… he might play more and contribute at purdue more than anywhere else.

  6. Chris, sounds good. I live in Indy and have u-verse, but my parents are on the southside of Bloomington and are looking for ways to get the BTN. Keep us posted!

  7. He made his announcement at the local Ponderosa?!?! OMG, that is hilarious! How is IU ever going to replace that classiness?

  8. Can we get a new topic up on the Scoop? And maybe delete everything on here concerning Zeller? He’s dead to us now…

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