Zeller likely will wear Baby Blue

Well, it now looks like Tyler Zeller has picked North Carolina. That’s been the sentiment I’ve heard from sources for about two weeks, but none were sure enough to say that Zeller was ready to actually make the decision. There’s still some lingering sentiment on his part toward staying close to home. But it appears that the allure of playing in Chapel Hill has won out.

Mike Pegram, the recruiting whiz for Indiana’s Rivals.com site, is reporting it on his premium message board.

Zeller, of course, will make his choice officially known tomorrow at Ponderosa restaurant in Washington, Ind. I’ll still make the trip down there to test the tasty fare . . . err, dig out how and why Zeller made his decision.

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  1. I’m confused. The Charlotte Observer reports the North Carolina compliance office determined a violation didn’t occur when former North Carolina players Sean May and Marvin Williams talked to basketball recruits, including Tyler Zeller, during a recruiting visit the weekend of Sept. 15-16. The compliance office said it was OK since the office wasn’t aware that as part-time students, May and Williams couldn’t couldn’t speak to recruits. Only full-time, enrolled student are allowed to speak to recruits, North Carolina said.

    I thought it was a coup when I read earlier that Roy Williams had former Hoosier high school stars Eric Montross and May on campus to meet with Zeller. After all, they won NCAA titles at North Carolina.

    I assume it was OK for Montross to help in the recruiting but these rules confuse me. I assume he’s no longer a student.

    The posting about the compliance mixup was posted Oct. 31 on charlotte.com

    Do you know the answer?

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