Ball State at Indiana, in-game analysis (second half)

Ball State gets a chance here.

  • Nate Davis pushes his team to the 34, but is chased down by Kirlew on 3rd and 5.
  • The Cardinals go for it on 4th and 5. Davis tries a quick pass to the sideline, but it doesn’t get there before Leslie Majors can make a jump on it and knock it away. That should be it.


Indiana starts at its 41 after a squib kick.

  • Poor Marcus Thigpen. He breaks it for a TD. And somebody holds on the play, bringing it back. That’s happened to him a few times over the past two years. It happened last week on a play that would have put Indiana back in a game it eventually lost 33-3 to Wisconsin.
  • Indiana can’t get 20 yards over the next three plays and will have to punt.


INDIANA 38, BALL STATE 20 (9:03)

  • Drive details: 69 yards, 12 plays, 5:51
  • Greg Middleton has 13.5 sacks, putting him a half sack away from the school record for most in a year.

Ball State starts the drive at its own 25.

Note: I’ll blog a little less frequently as the quarter goes along. Especially if Indiana continues to be in control.

  • Interestingly, Ball State has decided to start pounding the ball on the ground down 21 points with under 14 minutes to go in the game. But it’s working, as it picks up two first downs.
  • Then Davis finds Louis Johnson 25-yards down the field. Perhaps he was open because those runs opened up the IU defense.
  • On a 3rd and 9, Ball State has Love run a reverse, put he pulls up and is supposed to throw to Davis streaking toward the end zone. He opts not to throw.
  • Ian McGarvey knocks a kick through.


INDIANA 38, BALL STATE 17 (14:54, fourth quarter)

  • Drive details: 88 yards, 9 plays, 4:03
  • Lewis has broken his personal record for most passing yards in a game and now has 323. He’s also set the school record for most TD passes in a single season with 23.

Indiana starts the 12.

  • Thigpen takes that stretch play and actually fires through a hole before trying to get around end, which he rarely does. He gains 20. But there’s a reason that hole was there: Indiana is called for a holding.
  • Lewis heaves a pass from his own end zone that goes about four or five yards beyond Hardy’s grasp.
  • There’s an injured official on the field. That’s the delay right now.
  • Payton powers through the middle for a 10-yard gain, making this 3rd down more manageable.
  • Indiana spreads four WR on 3rd and sis. Ball State goes with press coverage. Andrew Means runs right by it, and his defender has no recourse but to interfere. Means makes the catch anyway for a 35-yard gain.
  • Sears takes the rarely-seen middle screen and has a nice gain. It’s a moot point. Indiana’s flagged for holding.
  • Facing a 1st and 20, Hardy slips underneath and gains 11.
  • Now Fisher sits in and Lewis hits him for a nine-yard gain. They’ll measure this. And find that it’s good for a first down.
  • Lewis’ quick drop and chuck to Baily gains enough yards for another first down.
  • Bryan Payton opens the new set of plays with a two-yard gain. That’s the end of the third quarter.
  • Kellen Lewis’ pass is bobbled but ultimately caught by Ray Fisher for his second TD of the day.


A face-mask — just the five-yard variety — pushes Ball State to Indiana’s 48 to start the drive.

  • Davis acrobatically gets away from a defender, then launches a ball into the end zone. Love seems to have a chance to make a play on the ball but safety Nick Polks disrupts with his arm.
  • Ball State opts for an Edmonds run on 3rd and 2. He loses a yard, and Ball State will punt. Even though Davis wanted to go for it.


After that punt, Indiana starts at its 12.

  • Bryan Payton in to run the ball, as Ball State has begun using five down linemen and bringing the linebackers.
  • Lewis just threw a touchdown pass that was dropped. By Mike Dorulla, the Ball State middle linebacker.
  • Now Lewis hopes to escape up the middle but Ball State has made a bit of an adjustment there. They gave him that gap but as soon as he went for it, both ends swung into the hole.


Cardinals get a shot from their 20.

  • Davis has to scramble right and picks up six.
  • Frank Edmonds takes the carry ahead on 2nd down, but there’s a flag. Indiana is offsides for the second time today.
  • Edmonds carries on 1st, and Jammie Kirlew gets his second — at least his second — tackle for loss.
  • Davis finds Love four a gain of four.
  • That brings up a 3rd and 9. Davis tries to hit Love streaking past Tracy Porter, but the pass is a foot too far and slips through Love’s stretched out fingertips.
  • An illegal procedure call will knock Ball State back another five yards for the punt.
  • THERE’S the Chris Miller we’ve heard about. He just launched the ball 65 yards.



  • 59 yards, seven plays, 3:13
  • Lewis ties the school record for most TD passes with his 22nd of the year (Blake Powers, a backup TE, had that many in 2005.
  • Hardy, who has 13 receiving TDs, is now tied for most in a single year by a Hoosier. Ernie Jones had 13 in 1987.

Thigpen gets a chance to return the ball, and keeps it alive for a while. He’s hit late along the sideline.

  • Indiana starts at its 41.
  • Lewis throws far side for Bailey, who is hit immediately. Gain of four.
  • Payton takes a draw and is able to avoid an initial tackler to gain four.
  • It’s 3rd and 2. Indiana spreads the field with four wide outs. Lewis hands to Payton, who finds a hole and gains 17.
  • Mike Stark gets pushed back on that first down, and Kenny Meeks is able to get his hand on the pass attempt.
  • That’s the type of screen that makes you understand that Thigpen is a special player. He’s just not an every-down back. He gets the Hoosiers to the three-yard line.
  • Payton hit for a loss on first down.
  • Hardy’s practically tackled before the ball is even in the air. But he ducks around the contact of Trey Lewis and makes the catch.


INDIANA 24, BALL STATE 17 (11:48 third quarter)

  • 80 yards, 10 plays, 3:12

Ball State will open the half with the ball at its 20.

  • Gain of one on a first-down run.
  • Davis throws quickly for Love, who gains seven.
  • On 3rd and 2, Davis takes the same pass. He’s run into by Polk but pushes through the yard hit. Then he jukes his way up the field for a 25-yard gain.
  • Indiana jumps into the neutral zone, giving Ball State 1st and 5.
  • Fake double reverse, Davis pressured and has to escape. Tries for Love on the right side but his dangerous pass falls to the ground.
  • On 2nd and 5, Davis again sees nothing and scrambles. He loses a yard.
  • On 3rd and 6, Everett settles in and gets the catch. He stretches ahead for that sixth-yard. Bring on the chains.
  • First down, by an inch. Or two.
  • Davis drops and fires, but his pass bounces off Darius Hill’s hands. Hill is a really solid TE. Well, probably more than solid. And Davis hasn’t looked his way often today.
  • On 2nd and 10, Kirlew makes a tackle for loss.
  • That looked like a coverage mistake by Phillips, who started today instead of senior corner back Leslie Majors. Whatever happened, the result is that Ball State has a 21-yard 3rd-down conversion.
  • Davis rolls right, finds Daniel Ifft cross the other way in front of him. Ifft gets into the end zone.