Bassett is dressed and stretching with the team

Armon Bassett (back) shoots during warmups as Eli Holman watches.Sophomore point guard Armon Bassett, who missed the second half of last night’s game, is in uniform right now along with his teammates. They just spent 15 minutes stretching in a hallway at the Sears Centre.

Bassett practiced today and according to one observer was not limited in what he could or was allowed to do.


  1. Hey Chris,
    I went on to the Big Ten Network website and was trying to find videos of the IU Football game vs. Iowa. The closest I could come to was IU vs. Ball State. Any ideas on how I can find videos from earlier in the season?

  2. IUFan,

    I just took a brief glance and it looks as though those games are not archived.

    On Monday, I’ll try to find out if there’s a way to get that video from somebody at the Big Ten Network.


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