Bill Lynch receives 4-year contract

IU announced in a press release this morning that Bill Lynch has signed a contract to be its football coach for the next four seasons. IU officials will hold a press conference at noon today to discuss the announcement.

Here is today’s news release from IU.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana University Director of Athletics Rick Greenspan has announced that Bill Lynch, who led the Hoosier football program to a 7-5 record and likely its first bowl appearance since the 1993 Independence Bowl, signed an agreement to remain head coach through July 1, 2012.

Terms of the contract were not disclosed.

“Bill Lynch and his staff showed great leadership under trying circumstances,” Greenspan said. “We are confident that the program can achieve consistent success under Bill’s leadership.”

President Michael McRobbie accepted the recommendation from Greenspan and expressed his strong personal support for Coach Lynch.

“Our football team this year was more competitive and generated more enthusiasm and fan support than in any year since I have been at IU,” McRobbie said. “I am extremely proud of our players and of the job Bill Lynch has done under very difficult circumstances. He has earned the title of head coach and I am confident that he will have the full support of all
Hoosier fans.”

Greenspan indicated that he and President McRobbie consulted widely about potential coaching options before concluding that Lynch was best positioned to lead the Hoosiers and build on this year’s success.

Lynch led Indiana to its most wins since 1993, bowl eligibility for the first time since 1994 and its first Old Oaken Bucket victory since 2001. The team’s seven victories are the second most for a first-year Hoosier head coach, trailing only James M. Sheldon, who went 8-1-1 in 1905.

“I would like to thank President McRobbie, the Board of Trustees and Mr. Greenspan for the opportunity to represent Indiana University as its head football coach,” Lynch said. “This team took a big step toward bringing Indiana Football to a new level of success. I also want to thank the players, coaching staff and IU community for their unwavering support.”

Lynch was named Indiana University’s 27th head football coach on June 15, 2007. In his 15th season as a head coach, he has compiled an 88-72-3 record with stops in Bloomington, Butler, Ball State and DePauw. He has won or shared seven conference or divisional titles in those 15 seasons. Lynch has 31 overall years of coaching experience, spending 30 of those seasons in the state of Indiana.

“Appointing Bill Lynch is a very positive step for Indiana University,” Floyd Keith, Black Coaches and Administrators Executive Director, said. “With the difficult circumstances that have transpired at IU in the past year, Bill performed in a very positive and professional way. I don’t think there was any other decision that could have been made. He’ll be just super – Indiana has made a sound, smart and logical choice in selecting Bill Lynch.”

Lynch served as interim head coach for two games in 2006 and led the Hoosiers during 2007 spring practice. In his first two campaigns in Bloomington, he served as the assistant head coach, offensive coordinator and tight ends coach. This is Lynch’s second stint at IU, as he was the Hoosiers’ quarterbacks coach in 1993-94.

The veteran coach returned to Bloomington after directing DePauw to an 8-2 record en route to Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Co-Coach of the Year honors in 2004. Lynch was the first coach in SCAC history to earn the award in his debut campaign after his team went 5-1 to capture the league championship.

Lynch was head coach at Ball State from 1995-02. During his tenure in Muncie, the Cardinals won at least six games in three seasons, including a 7-4 mark in 1995 and an 8-4 record the following season. The 1995 team posted a 6-2 record and tied for third in the Mid-American Conference, while Lynch’s 1996 team captured the MAC Championship at 7-1 and earned a trip to the Las Vegas Bowl. Ball State also laid claim to the 2001 MAC West title after claiming third-place finishes in 1997 and 2000.

A 1977 Butler graduate and four-year letterwinner in both football and basketball, Lynch quarterbacked the Bulldogs to a 28-12 overall record and three conference championships. He earned Indiana Collegiate Conference Most Valuable Player honors in each of his final three seasons. Lynch led the nation in pass completion percentage in 1975 and captained both sports his senior campaign.

A three-time Little All-American, Lynch became the first athlete to twice be named recipient of the prestigious Tony Hinkle Award, presented by the ICC for outstanding scholastic and athletic achievement. He finished his career with 5,909 passing yards and 60 touchdowns. Lynch also set a Butler men’s basketball school record by handing out 121 assists in 1975-76, and he was
inducted into the Butler Hall of Fame in 2000.

Upon graduation, Lynch spent seven seasons as a Bulldog assistant coach, including stints as the quarterbacks and wide receivers coach, recruiting coordinator and offensive coordinator. He moved on to Northern Illinois as quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator in 1984 and was quarterbacks coach of the Orlando Renegades of the United States Football League (USFL)
in the winter of 1984.

Lynch returned to his alma mater as head coach in 1985 and compiled a 36-12-3 record over the next five seasons. Butler won four Heartland Collegiate Conference titles during his tenure, and he won conference Coach of the Year honors on three occasions. Four of Lynch’s five squads were ranked among the top 20 of NCAA Division II, and he twice earned AFCA Regional Coach of the Year laurels.

He moved on to Ball State as the Cardinals’ offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach from 1990-92, where he worked with eventual NFL running backs Bernie Parmalee (Miami Dolphins and New York Jets) and Corey Croom (New England Patriots).

From Ball State, Lynch moved on to Indiana, where he oversaw the quarterbacks in 1993 and 1994 and helped the Hoosiers to the 1993 Independence Bowl.

Lynch and his wife, Linda, have four children – Billy (Carla), Kelly (Lucas Manor), Joey (Danielle) and Kevin – and six grandchildren – Lindsey (1) and Max (newborn) Lynch (Billy and Carla – parents); Joe Jr. (newborn) Lynch (Joey and Danielle – parents); and Lexie (7), Maggie (5) and Jonny (2) Manor (Kelly and Lucas – parents). Billy is the Hoosiers’ wide receivers coach, while Joey, who played quarterback at Ball State (2003-06), is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at St. Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, Ind. Kevin is a junior wide receiver on the Franklin (Ind.) College football team.


  1. Did we not learn ANYTHING from Mike Davis? I admittedly know nothing about Bill Lynch and am happy the football team did so well this year, but we are doomed to repeat the failures of the past if we don’t learn from our mistakes.

  2. Jason – Mike Davis went to the final game of the tournament. What should we learn? Lynch may not be the personality of Terry Hoeppner, but he deserves a chance. The kids, staff and administration all speak good things of him. Totally second hand info here, but I heard he got the shaft at Ball State. Let’s make lemonade out of a glass half full. Go Lynch……..Go Hoosiers. Thanks to the administration for sharing the secret.

  3. Hooray for Lynch! Here’s hoping next season is even better than this one.

    I am optimistic about this: I think Lynch is doing a great job, I like the idea of promoting from within when possible, and I like that we’ve already had a chance to see his performance.

    Go Hoosiers!

  4. WW – From what I have heard about the Ball State situation, it sounded like a shady situation. New AD, travel funds for recruiting cut, among many other things I was told. I am still not convinced Lynch was the right choice, but what is done is done, and I will still support the Hoosiers!

  5. This is great news for IU football. Now let’s all get pumped up for the first of many bowl games under Coach Lynch!

  6. FINALLY! I am so happy for this University, this team, these coaches and especially Head Coach Bill Lynch! True Hoosier FANS deserve to KEEP something we have not experienced in a VERY long time! This has been a GREAT football season, even with considerable adversity. We finally have fans in the stands (“Crowds help WIN games”). Every game was better attended than I remember in many years. The Hoosiers have met and exceeded all expectations. Coach Lynch and HIS staff have handled a very difficult situation with hard work, dedication and with a considerable amount of grace…….one play and one game at a time. “Don’t quit!” was Coach Hep’s mantra. This team and these coaches bought in to that and WE, the Hoosier faithful (FANS), need to do the same. Let’s be there for this football program. True fans “Don’t quit.” Let’s be there one play and one game at a time. I cannot wait for 2008….but first a Bowl game!

  7. Before we even see who we are playing in a bowl game??? Great move IU… Geeze… At least see who would have applied for the job!! Well, I’ve supported all of our sub par teams and coaches in the past… Why should the next four years be any different????

  8. Plus, this years schedule was taylored for IU to “play 13″…. We had one of the weakest schedules in the country…. I can’t believe how many of you support this hire….

  9. “At least see who would have applied for the job!! ”

    Why would you presume that IU didn’t do that? The release says this: “Greenspan indicated that he and President McRobbie consulted widely about potential coaching options before concluding that Lynch was best positioned to lead the Hoosiers and build on this year’s success.” That statement would seem to mean that IU administrators did exactly what you wanted them to do, but did so in a discreet manner. These searches aren’t like hiring a fry cook. Most candidates for the job would be sitting head coaches who don’t want to be named publicly unless they get the job. People who were expecting a transparent search simply aren’t being realisitc. My guess is that Greenspan knew how much money he had to work with and made discreet inquiries as to the interest of coaches who would be an obvious upgrade over Lynch.

  10. Juan – I suspect you are looking for the magic pill. Buy another coach and start over? I disagree. Coach Hep’s passing was a major hit and giving Lynch a chance to continue only makes fiscal and emotional sense. Sure, we did not play a major schedule this year, but we lost some games that could have gone the other way. Blame it on Lynch if you want. He doesn’t carry the ball or miss the tackle. Whenever two teams go at it…….one has to lose. Some mornings we wake up happy. The next is a bad loss hangover. Like Sunday morning after Xavier. Life goes on. Support the program or Not!

  11. WW – Mike Davis took another coaches team to the finals. What did he do after that? Nothing, nada, zilch, he clipped his finger nails from his his cozy bench seat and laughed all the way to the bank.

    “Support the program or not”? Give me a break. I want to see the team do well just as much as anyone else! I can support the program but I won’t support poor decisions that got that program in a hole to begin with.

  12. Juan-

    “Before we even see who we are playing in a bowl game??”

    What’s that got to do with anything?

    IU has been trying to play 13 (or 12 for awhile) for the past decade and a half and havent made it.

  13. Jason, you should read the Indy Star of Sunday. A head coach from Ball State, with 35 years experience shed a lot of light on the situation that existed during Lynch’s tenure. Many people only look at the w and l columns and listen to rumors, without trying to find out the truth.
    You seem to be very interested in IU, so I wish you good luck, but please drop Mike Davis from your argument. That was a completely different set of circumstances.

  14. Don’t be blinded by this bowl trip… The Citadel could have won 7 games with that schedule.. At least make Lynch play this 13th game before extending him! All I’m saying is the IU administration and fans like Jim settle for average.. All of you supporting this terrible decision need to go to an SEC game sometime…. IU games are like Pee Wee in comparison… Average fans at an average program… Grow some balls!!

  15. Jason… if you would like to get a little technical, while the players Mike Davis coached in 2001-2002 thought they were going to be playing for Bob Knight, they were recruited by Mike Davis… so, they technically were “his” players, I guess.

    But on the topic of Coach Lynch, he led the team to 7 wins, the Oaken Bucket, and a Bowl Game. Why not give him a chance?

  16. I think this came down to who the kids trust, and the recruits know. Without keeping him, we would have set ourselves back again by not having stability with recruits. Is it right? No, probably not. Lynch did a good job, but I would have rather IU found a big name, and made it part of the deal that Lynch was staying on as the top assistant.

  17. He is an assistant…… Oh wait! IU just hired him for FOUR FREAKING YEARS as head coach!!!!! This is worse than the Dinardo hire…

  18. It isn’t about who I would hire Swampy… I’m just a fan! Its about who IU hired… And as a PASSIONATE fan, unlike most in Bloomington, my job is to bitch when I feel IU made a poor decision… But like most, you are fine with it right???
    I used to get offended when people talked trash about IU football fans.. But after living in the South for 6 years, attending Clemson, SC, and GA games I realize how right those critics are… That typical “oh well, he’s good enough” attitude… It makes me ill….

  19. How old am I? LOL!! If I were an expert I wouldn’t be blogging on “The Hoosier Scoop” now would I?? I’m no more an expert than you Jay, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion… I believe expressing your opinion are what blogs are all about right?

  20. Actually, given how horrible our football team has been for the past 15 years….yes, I will accept average for awhile and build towards good. Average with momentum to improve is a helluva lot better than we’ve had in a long time.

    I think Bill Lynch can build on that success. You do not, and that’s fine.

  21. I have been going to IU football games since 1966. I’ve seen it all from no wins in ’84 to the great ’67 team. But there have been very few 7 win seasons and this one was a hell of a lot of fun! If we can bring IU back to the level of football being a fun sport to watch, I’m all for it. Too many coaches have tried and few have succeded in that. I think Biil Lynch can do that and I’m very happy that he is our new coach.

  22. Yes, we are an average football team this year. And I will accept that with open arms considering what we’ve been through. I agree we want to continue improving, but we cant go from years of not even being competitive to the Rose Bowl in one season. I think we’re on the right track.

    Sorry you disagree Juan.

  23. I wouldn’t deny you your opinion, Juan, I guess I’ve just read too many comments online today bashing Lynch and everything else IU from people claiming to be IU fans.
    If I thought for a second that the best Bill Lynch would do was seven wins in a twelve-game season, I wouldn’t be for it. I see in Lynch, though, a willingness to make unpopular and risky decisions on the field, and even if those decisions backfire it’s better than Gerry “Run Run Pass Punt” DiNardo or Cam “We scored 77 points and still lost” Cameron.
    I’m happy about this. I’ve been extremely pleased with everything Greenspan has done at this point. I don’t know what the hell you people want from a program that’s just two years separated from being as uncompetitive as a team gets.

  24. Sorry, that last comment was Swampy. I was so excited to respond to Juan that I subconsciously want to BE him, apparently.

  25. Juan—-

    South Carolina should fire Spurrier….6-6 and no bowl. He is a terrible coach. USC is the only game in town and he can’t take them to a bowl this year. Also, Ferentz at Iowa should be fired back to back 6-6 seasons at Iowa. Lost to IU —-last two seasons. Terrible coach and lost to Western Michigan in Iowa City–with a bowl berth on the line. Terrible coach—Also, IU beat Western Michigan this past season.

    IU goes 7-5 and Lynch can’t coach.

    Look at Clemson—–Can’t win the big games— Fire Bowden now. 9-3 is terrible record in the SEC.

    With so many coaching changes—- Seriously— who would have come to IU? Lynch is the right hire at the right time. We finally have some momentum on our side and you want to fire the guy and staff that is getting us there—- For WHO?

    Name me the up and coming coaches we should hire and that would come to IU——

    Look at Ole Miss they fire Coach Cutliffe, very respectable record—-bring in this hot shot USC top assistant….Guess what Ole Miss did not even come close to winning over the past 3 seasons…

    Talk about coaching mistakes. Is Tressel a bad coach… He made 2 decisions that led to the Illinois win. Calling time-out when Illinois was ready to punt– OSU could not get all of their players off the field on 4th down….OSU screwed up that can’t be true..How hard is it to get your punt team on the field on 4th down…Fire Tressel….. Calls long pass play to one receiver that is double teamed on 1st and 10…..intercepted…. They should have quick kicked–same result….terrible coaching.. Fire Tressel..He even said he wished he did not call time out and thrown that pass. Bad coach …Fire Tressel.

    USC lost at Stanford– A team that could not beat Notre Dame— Fire Pete Carroll….Terrible coach.

    Lynch is the best hire for us and move forward.

    Look at Pinkel at Missouri — they were ready to get rid of him….They might be playing in the national championship game. They wanted to fire him and if they had—- They would not be playing for the Big 12 championship on Saturday. So how does he go from bad coach to good coach in one season?

  26. I’m tired of the 7-5 record justification for Lynch’s contract. Greenspan should get a new contract if that’s the case because he set up that schedule of stiffs. I love the talent on this team but I hate the non game day adjustments and schematic disadvantage we always seem to be in. I don’t know Bill Lynch but from all indications he’s a great guy, I do know the markings of a great coach and he ain’t it.

  27. This is NOT the year to have a coaching search!!! I congratulate Coach Lynch, and let’s see what he can do over the next couple of years. We’ve got a pretty good quarterback. Let’s develop a good defense and continue to build on this year’s sucesses.

    How is that not obvious? Lynch almost blew it…. If we had lost to Purdue what would all of you be saying??? Since you are so “Pro Lynch”… If he hadn’t won that last game you would all be saying how much he sucks!!! I just cannot believe how naive you people are… Indiana State won’t be on our schedule every year… We won 3 big ten games!!! 3!!! Thank goodness we played MN…

  29. Juan, I don’t think any posters are denying we had an easy schedule. We did, bottom line. But we also had a really crappy year, losing a coach many thought to be our best hope for success. I for one have to put myself in the position of those football players. Losing Coach Hep was like losing a parent to them – and then for them to go through another coaching search? That would be too much in my mind. This is not an easy situation by any means, but I feel like in this case, hiring Coach Lynch is a balancing act between the positives and the negatives – and the positives won. I hope he can do well, and I’ll support him! Hey, he’s never made one-too-many phone calls now, has he? 🙂

  30. Mike P…my bad, it CAN happen. But it’s not real likely. And those Hoosiers faded back into mediocrity and worse after that. I’d rather see us build our way up and consistently make bowl games and build towards having a team that can compete for a Big 10 title. Not have one awesome year and then suck again.

    It is possible…..but it’s unlikely we become a good/great team year in-year out over night.

    I think this year was progress…even with the easy schedule. I think this is the best way to continue that progress. That, and talking James Hardy into staying….

  31. Jim – Your last line says it all for next year. Talk James Hardy into playing his senior year. He is only going to get better, and him and Kellen is a dangerous combo on the field. There are lots of good receivers on this team, but Hardy is just a flat out play maker. Maybe his draft stock will not be high since he still won’t block down field and IU will have them for 1 more year.

  32. That you can’t. To bad Lynch couldn’t land Jordan Brewer out of Carmel. 6′-6″ 220lb wide reciever. Over 1000 yards and 14 TD catches on a State Championship team. He has already committed to Purdue though.

  33. Cate, I will support the Hoosiers to the bitter end… I just get a little charged up about this subjuct.. I knew deep down we were going to keep Lynch around and I hope he proves all the nay sayers (including myself) wrong…

  34. It’s too bad we couldn’t have talked Ben Allen into joining the football team, huh? Kellen could TOTALLY have eluded the pass rush for the eight minutes it would have taken Allen to run a route, too.

  35. Swamp…… got it. Ben Allen at tight end and D’Andre Thomas at fullback. Juan………thanks for the honest comment at the last. Good to know you support. Now……can we see that ID? Dang…..when your my age, four years goes lightning fast and before you know it, you may have your new man. I agree that SEC football is a different game. I lived in Gainesville, FL and game days were a ritual for the whole town. Not just the big donors.

    Hep sold the students. A couple more years and he would have sold the locals. We need the townies to fill the stands. Coach Lynch could use some “Hep” lessons in PR. Winning solves a lot of problems, but enthusiam from the leader is infectious.


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