Bradley 1, Indiana 1 (5-4, Bradley advances on penalty kicks)

The Hoosiers and Braves gather out at midfield. The keepers, Haynes and Cain, are at the North goal.

  • Brust, the goal scorer, shoots first for the Braves. He goes low and to his left. Cain can’t make the save.
  • Billy Weaver, who hasn’t played today, will shoot for Indiana. He goes far left and scores.
  • Back Joe Donoho next for the Braves. He shoots left and scores, too.
  • Andy Adlard, who also hasn’t played today, will shoot. He goes high and hard and scores.
  • Drew DeGurian up next. He slides it to his right, and Cain guesses correctly. It slides through anyway.
  • Ackley shoots right and Haynes gets his hands on it. The ball finds the net anyway.
  • Grant Cambell is next. He puts it high to the left corner. Score.
  • Eric Alexander is next for Indiana. He picks the same corner. And scores.
  • Chris Cutshaw next for Bradley. He slides its low to his left. Again Cain seems to be diving the right way. Again it slides under him.
  • Now Michael Roach. He hits the cross bar. Game over. Bradley wins.


Each team gets five kicks. If there’s a winner at that time, it’s over. If not, it goes to sudden death.


Bradley gets a final chance at scoring off a set play. That is its forte. But Indiana knocks the ball out.


Sarkodie and Alston have played a lot of soccer together. It showed there, with Sarkodie playing a deep ball to Alston running to the corner. That led to a corner kick.

Haynes caught the volley from the corner, though.


Stevning is allowed to run it up the field, and he lobs a ball across field to the head of Ackley. But Haynes is there.


Alston’s hard work leads to a chance and again the shot causes Haynes little trouble.


Noschang with a great touch, and then a good pass by Ackley leads to a chance by Alexander. He once again turns to kick with his right foot and the shot is relatively harmless. as it goes across the ground to the keeper.


Cain saves the season as Bigelow broke in alone. Bigelow took a bad angle and hesitated too long. But it was still a moment that shushed the crowd here.

Second intermission: INDIANA 1, BRADLEY !

Can’t imagine the Hoosiers want this to go to penalty kicks. They lost the Big Ten Tournament championship in PKs and also were knocked out of the tournament on this field last year when Santa Clara got the better of them in PKs.


Alexander works for a shot and has a few nice touches from Hagedorn that allows him to do so. It doesn’t get by Haynes, though.


Brust again with a great individual effort. Gain has to make a save, which leads to a corner. He’s all over the offensive third.


Indiana gets the first corner kick after getting the first good scoring chance.

The Hoosiers are aggressive making their runs and earn another corner.

This one is played out to Sarkodie — catching Bradley by surprise — and Sarkodie’s shot is blocked by Haynes. Great save.

Intermission: INDIANA 1, BRADLEY 1

The Hoosiers are 1-1-4 in overtime games this year.

Bradley is o-1-3


Bradley just earned three straight corner kicks, the first when Brust beat Stevning and the senior captain had to slide into the ball and knock it over the back line.


Bradley almost scores on a corner, as the ball gain bounces off heads and knees and then finally out.


Balchan again creating a chance, centering this time for Kelly. His shot was saved by Haynes.

On the resulting corner, Balchan got a chance after the ball ball went all the way through the box. His centering chip found only Bradley players, though.


Another counter attack, as Bigelow made a long run and was interfered with enough by Balchan to not get off a good shot.

Here comes a corner from Indiana. Fake. Two arms up. Kelly sends long. Balchan gathers, and eventually Alston gets a shot off from the middle. It bounces meekly along the ground.


Bradley is charging. They were almost able to score in transition, as Brust made a long run.

Then a throw-in got through the Indiana box all the way to the back post before going through and out of bounds.


Charley Traylor just ran onto a ball and unleased a rising shot. It went too high.

BRADLEY 1, INDIANA 1 (21:25)

Bradley finally gets on the end of one of those bouncing balls, and it is Brust who knocks it past a diving Chay Cain. Nice touch by Brust, pushing the ball to the far front post.


Stephan Brust just snapped off a quick shot from 20 yards out. It soared high, but it showed that the senior is playing with some urgency in what could be the waning moments of his career.


Indiana’s back line has been in position to prevent almost every long serve tonight. Sarkodie and Alston are superior technical players; Stevning and Traylor are crafty, tough veterans.


It’s official: Brad Ring won’t return. Might be a sprained ankle.

Bradley has a corner. They go direct, and Indiana knocks it out. But the Braves get a second-chance shot and it skids along the ground, forcing Cain to make a save.


Bradley gets the first chance of the half during a scramble in the Indiana box. A pair of players try to knock home a bouncing ball. They couldn’t.

Eric Alexander came back with a chance for Indiana, as he disposed a Bradley defender near 10 yards from the Bradley net on the left side. He tried to finesse a shot to the far back post and it went wide.


Brad Ring has not returned for the Hoosiers. I don’t see him anywhere, but there are a few people sitting on the bench with hats on. Either way, it appears Indiana will have to work through this half without its best player.


John Mellencamp is here in the press box.

No, not the one who scored a goal to put Indiana head.

The one who writes little ditties for car commercials.

Yes, the Coug. Does anyone call him that? I bet he doesn’t like it.

Let’s go to the stats, before the Coug gets angry.

Indiana had a 4-2 shot advantage, and each team had two corner kicks. Indiana committed nine fouls to Bradley’s six.


There’s that Peanuts cartoon were Lucy yanks the football away from Charlie Brown.

Well, Luck just played the part of Lucy for the Hoosiers. Bradley did what it does best — got a chance off the corner kick not in the air but after the ball had landed. It bounced, softly, right in the box, appearing for all to be teed up for an easy goal by any of three Bradley players.

Except none could get a foot on the ball, as it took the right hops for the Hoosiers and was cleared.


Ring is walking into the locker room. Alone. I’m not sure what he’s doing, to be honest. You’d think if it were a medical issue he’d be accompanied by a trainer. So, no guesses here.

On the field, Chay Cain just made a spectacular little save off a point-blank header. It came, you’ll not be surprised to hear, off a corner kick.


This is not good. Brad Ring has been hurt twice this game. This time, he’s staying down. And leaving the game. Indiana undisputed MVP this year appears to have a leg injruy. He’ll be replaced by Lee Hagedorn.


The Hoosiers get another good chance, again from Mellencamp. This one was created when Ofori Sarkodie played a ball deep down the left side and Bradley had no choice but to take Daniel Kelly down.

On the ensuing free kick, the Hoosier’s had a chance when Kelly ran onto a ball that had been popped into the air. He arrived at the same time as Bradley keeper Mike Haynes. After a violent collision, Mellencamp had a chance from a tough angle. It went high.


Brad Ring just fought through two Bradley players to reach a loose ball before they dad. Had they made it to the ball, the would have been alone against keeper Chay Cain.

Now Ring gets a head on what could have been a very effective cross from the Braves.

Justin Bigelow is a really dangerous player for Bradley. He’s 6-2 and requires constant marking. He’s got a few quick players around him to exploit the gaps his presence creates.


Bradley just took its first corner of the game. The Braves have been really strong on restarts this year, and head coach Mike Freitag was clearly worried about their corner formation. They have three players near the ball — the guy kicking it and two more standing no more than 10 feet away — and often delay the service into the box. That makes it much more difficult for Indiana’s players to keep up with their assignments.

Anyway, the Hoosiers handled this one without much stress.


INDIANA 1, BRADLEY 0 (1:37 into the game)

The Hoosiers waste no time in answering my question. Rich Balchan chases down a ball on the right side, and centers to John Mellencamp, who is hodling back a bit in the middle of the field. He fires a shot from 30 yards that hits off the crossbar and into the net.

Mellencamp has dealt with a hamstring injury for most of the year. He looked healthy on that kick.


The Indiana and Bradley men’s soccer teams are currently warming up on what has turned out to be a good night for soccer. It’s fairly chilly but not nearly as bad as it could be. No rain in sight, light wind.

Who’s going to score for the Hoosiers? That’s the question each night with this team.


  1. Ask the parents of the players to see how they feel about the Coach…….no better yet ask the players how they really feel and not what they have been told to say

  2. Chris….I hope your column in the morning does not say that we controlled the ball the whole 90 min………in reality after we scored in the first 1-1/2 min we went on defense with 4 backs spread……we have forgot what it is to win 50/50 balls or to get up for air balls………I say bring back Caleb Porter…the “Boys” seemed more fired up with his Coaching style….at least he was up off the bench Coaching

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