Indiana 99, Chattanooga 79

Post-game interviews were delayed about 20 minutes because a fire alarm went off at Assembly Hall and most of the people in the building were forced to evacuate.

While out there, the media crowded around freshman Eric Gordon, who said setting a record for most points in a Hoosier debut didn’t mean much to him.

“I just gotta go out and play and worry about working hard every day,” he said.

Kelvin Sampson called Gordon, whose defense shrouded everything the Mocs tried in the second half, “a monster.”

Chattanooga coach John Shulman summed it up like this: “It’s hard to come in and play at a place like this, especially on Eric Gordon freshman night. They should have given out posters. I would have gotten mine autographed.”

The update on D.J. White is that he received a few stitches.


1:40, second half: INDIANA 97, CHATT 77

Gordon leaves the game to a standing ovation. He finishes with 33 points.


Eric Gordon, who just picked up his fourth foul, has set the Indiana record for most points in a players’ first game with 32.

3:17, second half: INDIANA 96, CHATT 75

Sampson calls a time out to diagram an offensive play. It’s designed for Gordon, but doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. So the freshman has to freelance and eventually ends up starting to drive with about five seconds on the shot clock. He the dishes out to a wide open Armon Bassett — whose defender had collapsed on the lane — and Bassett hits the 3-pointer.

4:55, second half: INDIANA 93, CHATT 72

White has come back to the bench with a bandage above his left eye.

6:09, second half: INDIANA 88, CHATT 71

D.J. White falls hard after being undercut. He’s apparently got a cut on his head. He stays down for a few seconds and the medical crew rushes to his side. But as soon as Kelvin Sampson gets out to him, White stretches his hand out and takes Sampson’s. He rises, and heads to the locker room with a towel on his head.

6:22, second half: INDIANA 88, CHATT 71

Gordon and White come up with blocks on back-to-back possessions, then Gordon finishes the series by drilling a 3. He’s got 32 points, and the Mocs call time out.

7:31, second half: INDIANA 85, CHATT 71

Kelvin Sampson said earlier this fall that DeAndre Thomas would be best used in three- or four-minute stretches. Well, in this game he’s been on the floor most of the second half. He played the first seven straight, if I recall correctly. He’s taking up more room than Lance Stemler, obviously, but he’s also not much slower.

Also, Sampson has opted to use Ellis on a few taller players, hoping that the 6-5 guard can handle them with his speed. He has.

9:27, second half: INDIANA 76, CHATT 67

Gordon darts one way, comes back, puts the ball between his legs and pulls up for a 3. It goes in.

But then Jordan Crawford is called for foul at the other end. Sampson is livid, telling Crawford, “Get in your stance!”

10:34 second half: INDIANA 69, CHATT 61

Poor coverage in transition from the Hoosiers leads to an easy dunk for Doaks.

But White comes back with a baseline jumper. He’s got 17 points.

Then Crawford swoops in off the wing for a basket, plus one.

11:58, second half: INDIANA 65, CHATT 59

Indiana’s not tough enough to pull away. Jamarcus Ellis just rushed a shot he shouldn’t have. It was made worse by the fact that nobody was trying to get to the paint for the rebound.

And Armon Bassett panicked a little and tossed the ball to a late-comer into the zone, who happened to be DeAndre Thomas. As good as his hands are for a big guy, he couldn’t handle this pass and it turned into a turnover and basket the other way.

12:48, second half: INDIANA 65, CHATT 57

Gordon throws a rocket pass into White, and White tries to bounce it before going up to the basket, he loses it.

But then White gets the ball about 10 feet out, moves in and goes up for a jumper. He hits to stretch the lead.

14:11, second half: INDIANA 63, CHATT 57

There’s Ellis throwing to Thomas for a basket plus one down low. Those guys, both juniors, have bee playing together since junior high.

14:42, second half: INDIANA 60, CHATT 55

Gordon knocks down a 3. He’s got 21 points already.

17:10, second half: INDIANA 56, CHATT 52

DeAndre Thomas started the first half and just gave Indiana the lead with a rebound and put-back. Then he fed the ball up to Bassett for a break and another basket after grabbing a defensive rebound.

18:28, second half: INDIANA 50, CHATT 50

College basketball, meet Eric Gordon. What a dunk.

Sure, Indiana has no business being in the position of needing a play like that in this game. But there was Gordon to deliver it anyway.

D.J. White scores the first basket of the half on a put-back dunk.


Did Indiana really just give up 50 points in the first half? Can’t imagine what Kelvin Sampson said in the locker room.



Eric Gordon hits a deep three with about 35 seconds left to bring the fans out of their Moc-induced coma.

But then Bridgewaters drives without much trouble and adds another basket.

There is a smattering of boos as the Hoosiers head to the locker room.

3:12, first half: CHATT 44, INDIANA 40

Another turnover by Jamarcus Ellis, who is trying to force too many passes.

3:55, first half: CHATT 41, INDIANA 40

Another time out ont he floor as Kevin Goffney has just given the Mocs a 41-40 lead on a put-back bucket.

Meanwhile, Indiana has had three turnovers in the past couple of minutes.


5:27, first half: INDIANA 40, CHATT 37

A pair of 3-pointers from Jordan Crawford has kept Indiana in it. Otherwise, it looks tired and flustered and lost.

Chattanooga is getting plenty of open looks without any particular wizardry or even anything more than basic execution.


7:32, first half: INDIANA 34, CHATT 30

The Hoosiers are staggering a bit, and Kelvin Sampson takes a time out.

Kevin Bridgewaters hit a 3-pointer to start the Mocs’ run. Then D.J. White was double teamed on the other end and threw and errant pass that Bridgewaters was able to get to. He charged ahead but stopped and hit a 3-pointer.


8:54, first half: Indiana 34, CHATT 25

Forward Marcus Watts uses his quickness to exploit 295-pound Thomas in the middle and keys a run for the Mocs. But White answers with two free throws.


10:31, first half: INDIANA 29, CHATT 18

Indiana is already in the bonus, as D.J. White was fouled going for a defensive rebound. He hit both ends of a one-and-one.


11:11, first half: INDIANA 27, CHATT 18

The Hoosiers get out to their biggest lead of the game with another Bassett to Gordon 3-point play and then a steal by Crawford, which he gave to Bassett for a break-away dunk.


13:40, first half: INDIANA 17, CHATT 13

Bassett returns to the game, immediately drives the lanes and kicks out to Eric Gordon on the baseline. He hits a 3-pointer.

Also into the game is DeAndre Thomas, who came on the court to deep cheers of “Dre” from the fans.


14:20, first half: INDIANA 14, CHATT 13

Indiana looked to open it up with a Gordon basket that was the result of a terrific Crawford outlet pass.

But Kevin Bridgewaters came back down and hit a 3-pointer for the Mocs, and D.J. White was fouled on a break of his own but missed two free throws.


16:15, first half: INDIANA 10, CHATT 8

Eric Gordon pushes the ball up the floor to Jordan Crawford, the first guy off the bench, for a lay in plus one.


16:15, first half: CHATT 8, INDIANA 7

D.J. White ends up switching on a screen and has to cover a guard, who gets by him. Meanwhile, White’s man heads to the basket and receives the pass. He draws a foul from Lance Stemler but only makes one shot.


17:35, first half: CHATT 7, INDIANA 5

Slow start for Indiana as the offense has had trouble getting good shots. Gordon missed his first 3-pointer as he attempted to answer a game-opening 3 from Nicchaeus Doaks.

The Mocs threatened to open a lead with a quick basket and then steal and score, but Jamarcus Ellis pulled up from the top of the arc and hit a 3.


Starting for Indiana, as expected: Armon Bassett, Eric Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis, Lance Stemler, D.J. White.


  1. After today’s incorrect rumors about A.J. Ratliff being kicked off the team, I will report that he is sitting on the bench with his teammates in street clothes.

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