Comments and quotes from today’s press conference

Bill Lynch and Rick Greenspan. Photo by David Snodgress.

Rick Greenspan said he has been thinking positively about bringing Bill Lynch back for some time, but the job Lynch and his staff did in getting the Hoosiers ready to play after a crushing last-minute defeat at Northwestern particularly impressed him.

Greenspan said IU did not interview external candidates, but he did consider other possibilities, as well as to consult with players and others about Lynch.

“A resounding message I have heard is one of great pride and appreciation for the job Bill has done,” Greenspan said.

Lynch said Greenspan offered him a contract Friday. He was asked if he had to take time to consider whether to accept it.

“Did I have to take the weekend?,” Lynch asked. “No, I had to take long enough to say yes.”

Lynch said the timing for today’s announcement was perfect because IU will have seven coaches – including him – on the road today for the first day of a period when they are allowed to have contact with recruits. He said that having a four-year contract will have a huge positive impact on recruiting because recruits want to know who they will be playing for.

Lynch was headed for Indianapolis after the press conference. He’s not allowed by NCAA rules to discuss who he is recruiting, but it seems likely that he’ll be talking today with Darius Willis, a 6-f00t, 215-pound running back from Franklin Central, who is also being recruited by Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky and Purdue.

Before Monday morning’s announcement, Greenspan held a meeting with IU’s players to tell them Lynch would be retained as head coach. Lynch received a standing ovation from the players.

Lynch said IU’s coaches will dedicate themselves primarily to recruiting this week and the players will work with the strength and conditioning staff on daily workouts. But the team will practice on the field Friday, Saturday and Sunday with recruits in town to watch those practices.

Lynch said he doesn’t inside info or insight (ha, ha?) on which bowl IU will play in.

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  1. but it seems likely that he’ll be talking today with Darius Willis, a 6-f00t, 215-pound running back from Franklin Central

    I have seen Darius Willis play in person. This kid is a very fast, North-South runner who will lower his shoulder and make you pay for the tackle. What he has accomplished on a mediocre FC team with little to no decent line play is remarkable. Not to mention he has soft hands and will layout over the middle to make the play.

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