Confirmed: Zeller will attend North Carolina

I’ve been told by a source very close to the situation that Tyler Zeller will indeed announce tomorrow that he has decided to pursue his college basketball career at the University of North Carolina.

Whether the fog of trouble that has settled around the Indiana program drove Zeller away is something I’ll try to find out tomorrow. So far he’s said that the specter of the NCAA adding sanctions to what Indiana has already self-imposed didn’t bother him. That will probably be his take on the situation tomorrow, too. But it won’t hurt to ask.


  1. I’m not sure the violations had anything to do with this decision but it didn’t help. That being said, from a sheer talent standpoint losing Zeller to UNC or another program is not devestating to IU. Sampson has proven he can get talent. The real concern is that TZ is a top ranked Indiana kid and we don’t need to lose Indiana kids to out of state schools. Hopefully winning another 20+ games and a nice run in the tournament will be enough to convince in-state kids IU is where you want to be. Good luck to TZ wherever he plays ball.

  2. Sam, do you realize that for the first time in many years (maybe ever) in the 2008-09 season IU will not have an Indiana product playing any significant role on the team. How do you think that might play out?

  3. If Zeller wants to go to UNC then I say good riddance, IU will be just fine without another 7 footer who can barely dunk a basketball, and take up a scholarship that we could be giving to a better overall ball player. Seeya, wouldn’t wanna be ya….

  4. sloejoe,

    Unless Armon Bassett (Terre Haute) is leaving I don’t see that being a concern. Really, it’s not a concern either way. Let’s be perfectly clear, I want the best kids available that WANT to play for IU. It doesn’t matter where they are from. If they happen to be from Indiana that just makes it all the better. Once they commit to IU and put on that uniform THEY ARE INDIANA.

    What I want to see is IU being the school of choice for all Indiana kids. TZ going out of state bothers me because he is leaving the state more than anything else. Long term I don’t see this as a problem because IU already has one very solid Indiana kid (Elston) lined up for 2009 and more considering them.

  5. IU still has Bassett, and a 4-Star from Indiana (Derek Elston) has committed for 09, so we will still see some local players.

  6. Zeller would have been a nice addition to IU, though I still don’t feel he is the superstar many in the state make him out to be. I just have not seen it from him. Personal opinion. I never really thought we had a legit shot at Zeller, since the Mike Davis staff blew off his brother and didn’t even give him a look. That may have nothing to do with it, but I have always felt that would be a factor down the road.

  7. If I were Tyler and saw the shooting of the 3 pointer yesterday…I’d be thinking I don’t want to go rebound for that group…..

  8. I think this whole thing about keeping in state athletes is overrated. Last time I checked we do live in a free country and Indiana kids should be able to go to school where they want, besides IU is not the only university in the state, I just wonder how many California kids actually played for John Wooden’s UCLA teams…..

  9. You guys get way to worked up about how which state kids come from. So Ebanks is coming from New York, that means we need to be worried since he’s not from Indiana? I couldn’t care less if he is from Afghanistan or Iraq as long as he’s a good kid, can succeed in the classroom, and obviously play basketball at a high level.

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