1. It just doesn’t seem to stop. Every other week it’s something else. Turn on ESPN and the first thing I hear is Crawford is suspended.

  2. H-T police sources don’t have any record of Crawford being in legal trouble, so it looks like an internal team thing. I heard he missed practice. That seems kind of harsh.

  3. He seems awful happy about being benched. Although I am happy Mike White had got to play and showed some real hustle tonight.

  4. Great to see Lance shooting the ball well again, and having a good all-around game as well. We’ll need that throughout the season. Evan-I also was glad to see MW get in the game. I thought he made a positive contribution. What happened to Holman and McGee?

    I don’t understand the Crawford suspension. Did Crawford already use up all his second-chances? Does he have an assistant-player that is going to lose his spot because of his misbehavior? Maybe he’ll have to give back 1/3 of all his credits or points scored next year? Seems kinda funny that Jordan is expected to play by the rules…..

  5. According to ESPN, Crawford is suspended indefinitely. Upon first hearing it, I assumed he missed class or a practice. But if indeed he is suspended for more than just three games, it could be a major loss for the Hoosiers. They could have used the depth at guard tonight, but were forced to keep Gordon out there for the entire 40 minutes.

  6. Pretty sure they clarified 3 games in coaches statement. I hope it gets cut down. We will see.

    Anyone got any info on why? Also AJ is back after KY?

  7. ESPN said they “speculated” that the Crawford suspension was due to missing practice. But they are as unsure as we are. Coach Sampson clearly takes the program very seriously. ESPN also stated that Coach Sampson is “trying to make his point clear to Crawford”. Jordan is my favorite player on the team this year, but we do need a straight line. I certainly agree and hope Jordan Crawford is back soon. Last I heard about AJ is the semester ended prior to the December 15th game against Western Carolina. If his grades are up he will suit up. Go IU.

  8. I wish Coach Sampson would lose the blue shirt. We are IU not UK!!! Please change wardrobe for the games.

  9. Please start playing defense in the post. We can’t continue to get 20 points a game out of our bigs while allowing theirs to go for 40 on two footers. I love IU but, defense needs to improve.

  10. The latest rumor as to the source of the suspension is that after the Xavier loss, Coach Sampson scheduled a 6am practice. Crawford supposedly missed it. Thus, he violated team rules and was suspended. Seems like a good reason for it.

  11. This is not a public info debate he was simply suspended due to being intoxicated at practice..Nowplease let it rest…

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