Eric Gordon thinks he’s a walk-on . . .

and that’s why he is so good.

I got here at about 5:30. At that time there were exactly three people out on the court shooting around: Adam Ahlfeld, Brett Finkelmeier and Eric Gordon.

Gordon was just throwing shot after shot after shot at the rim. From every angle. Jump shots, runners, lays ins.

UNC-Wilmington, as advertised, has some size. It’s big men are tall and wide.Eric Gordon warms up for the game against UNC-Wilmington.


  1. He really is a remarkable young man. To be that good
    and still be the first at practice is soooooooo incredible!

  2. Eric Gordon is good, very good, but lets not forget Armon Bassett, he is every bit as good as Gordon, If not for his tenacity, Eric woudn’t have been in the position he was in to score. Even the news article bragging about Gordon, had a picture of Armon Bassett.

  3. i think we all need to share the attention paid to the players. the team is going to only be succesful working togather, sharing the good and negative that will happen. a bracy wright situation will not win the ncaa tournement. the quarterback, no matter how good he is, will not get the job done if the line is not providing the blocks. and, they have to recieve their share of the accolades.

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