Georgia Tech at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

INDIANA 80, GA TECH 73 (53.6)

Gordon runs a deep fly route and is fouled as he catches up with the ball. He sinks his two for his 26th and 27th points of the night.

INDIANA 78, GA TECH 73 (54.7)

  • Clinch hits a jump shot from deep for the Yellow Jackets.

INDIANA 78, GA TECH 71 (1:02)

  • Stemler misses a 3 and Tech heads the other way.
  • Gordon fouls. Lawal hits one.
  • What presence by Gordon to get that ball out to Ellis as he’s falling.

INDIANA 76, GA TECH 70 (1:38)

  • The Hoosiers turn the ball over.
  • Sampson has his starters on the court.
  • White stays with the rebound and brings it in.
  • Ellis can’t get the throw in from the sideline. Sampson uses a time out.

INDIANA 76, GA TECH 70 (2:25)

  • Gordon challenged by Causey. He bumps him a few feet. Then tries the drive and can’t get through. So he hits a 3.
  • Smith to to rack. He’s tough.
  • Gordon drives again and draws the foul. He hits one out of two.
  • Causey with a nice feed for Lawal for the dunk.

INDIANA 72, GA TECH 64 (4:12)

  • Gordon hits two free throws to push the Hoosiers ahead by eight.
  • Causey hits a free throws, then Tech rebounds and kicks out for a three to get four points.
  • Gordon to the rim hard, off glass, scores.
  • Bassett picks up his fourth. Ellis coming back in, although he also has four fouls.

INDIANA 66, GA TECH 60 (5:19)

  • Gordon falls down and Clinch scores.
  • Gordon turns the ball over — he simply loses it — and clinch scores.
  • Now a kick out to Stemler works, as he hits a 3.
  • Steal by Mike White.
  • Bassett drives, dishes weak side to White for a slam to put the Hoosiers ahead by four.
  • White with a ferocious defensive rebound.
  • White makes one of his two free throws. He’s 18 points and 11 rebounds.
  • Causey gets to the lane and hits.
  • Bassett kicks to Stemler again, and he hits a 3.

INDIANA 56, GA TECH 54 (7:58)

  • Ellis drives to the rim and gets a soft shot to fall.
  • But he’s called for his fourth foul and has to leave the game. Bassett takes his spot.
  • Now Gordon takes up where Ellis left off, driving and drawing the foul. He’ll shoot after the break.
  • It’s big flag time.

INDIANA 5 , GA TECH 53 (8:50)

  • Sloppiness of this sort is to be expected when two teams start running. But it’s a departure from the Indiana team these fans saw last year.
  • Mike White joins the crowd of Indiana players who can’t defend the dribble.
  • Ellis showing leadership — he was the captain of the Chipola team that lost in the JUCO national title game last year — and drive to the rim. He hits two free throws to put IU ahead.

GA TECH 53, INDIANA 52 (10:05)

  • White takes the feed from Bassett and . . . travels.
  • Mike White with the offensive rebound and score.
  • Bassett playing tight defense and Tech turns it over.
  • Now Bassett gets back to tip that ball out of Smith’s hands.
  • Tech takes a time out.

GA TECH 51, INDIANA 50 (12:15)

  • Gordon slices through four players. One of them fouls. He hits two free throws.
  • Casey gets to the rim. His shot bounces out. Laval cleans it up.
  • There’s Ellis attacking again. He sure is good at it.
  • Now Ellis with a steal. He spins out to Bassett. Bassett kicks back out to him. Ellis drives and dishes for White. White is fouled.

GA TECH 49, INDIANA 45 (13:13)

  • Morrow again finds room to take a mid-range shot uncontested. It falls.
  • Ellis draws a foul. And hits both free throws.
  • Ellis backs off Bell, and Bell hits from deep.
  • Ellis drives and scores. I said this last game — he’s a streaky scorer. Once he gets one, he feels a little confidence and challenges his man.
  • Indiana forces a shot clock violation.

GA TECH 45, INDIANA 41 (14:50)

  • Laval gets around D.J.
  • Gordon gets around the Tech defense.
  • Morrow gets an easy shot. Will anybody play any defense any time soon?
  • Gordon drives baseline and draws the foul. His scoop shot bounces out of the rim.

GA TECH 41, INDIANA 38 (15:59)

  • Morrow knocks down the open 3.
  • Gordon draws a foul.
  • White takes on the double team, can’t hit. Could have kicked out there.

INDIANA 38, GA TECH 38 (16:50)

  • Against Indiana loses Smith in transition. He gets an easy bucket.
  • Another turnover coupled with another lousy job picking up players allows Tech to tie.
  • Gordon drives and draws a foul. But then he misses a deep 3.