Georgia Tech at Indiana, in-game analysis

D.J. White shoots during the first half.


  • The Hoosiers give up another bucket in transition.
  • M.White with the rebound allows Bassett to hold for last shot, and he feeds white for a score.

INDIANA 36, GA TECH 32 (1:14)

  • IU comes out of the break in a zone. And it works. Eric Gordon drifts back and blocks a shot.
  • Gordon is looking for White and turning it over. That’s his sixth.
  • Now Indiana has both Whites and Stemler on the floor. This is the biggest lineup they’ve used this year.
  • Bassett kicks to Stemler, who hits the 3.
  • Indiana is still in a zone. Georgia Tech is trying to figure out how to attack it. Morrow drives and pulls up to hit.
  • Stemler with another try, misses. Georgia Tech goes the other way, but Bassett fouls.

INDIANA 33, GA TECH 29 (4:09)

  • Jamarcus Ellis gives Indiana the lead by hitting a wide open 3.
  • White grabs a board, outlets to Gordon, and Gordon takes his man one-on-one and hits.

GA TECH 29, INDIANA 28 (5:10)

  • Gordon tries to drive and get to D.J. again but misses. He’s being swarmed. Watch for him to look for Bassett once Sampson gets in his ear.
  • Gordon still makes a play on defense.
  • Lawal has to come out. He’s got 10 points and two fouls.
  • White will shoot one and one. He misses the first, but Indiana rebounds. Then turns it over.
  • Then Tech turns it over.
  • Then, Eric Gordon does his best Eric Gordon impersonation. Or something. Wow. What a dunk. Somethings you think you’ll get accustomed to you never do.

GA TECH 29, INDIANA 25 (7:50)

Clinch hits from deep again. He’s got three 3-pointers.

GA TECH 26, INDIANA 25 (8:18)

  • Bassett knocks down a 3.
  • Clinch gets open again, though, and counters with a 3.
  • Gordon charges ahead and throws for White, who isn’t where Gordon thought he would be.
  • Aminu splits Stemler and, who has two fouls, and White with ease to get a bucket.
  • White again hits from long range. He’s got 11.
  • Another bucket in the paint for Georgia Tech.
  • Gordon decides just to shoot. He scores.
  • Stemler with a tip, Gordon with a break. The fans erupt.

GA TECH 19, INDIANA 13 (10:51)

  • Gordon steps in for possible help defense and is burned, as Morrow gets the ball and hits a 3 over him.
  • Nice pass by Gordon but Tech is so tall down low.
  • There Lawal using that length to get the shot over White. Sampson calls a time out.

GA TECH 14, INDIANA 13 (11:51)

  • Thomas enters the game for D.White and right away Lawal finds an open seam and gets to the rim.
  • M.White gets a few rebounds on the offensive end but can’t get the ball to fall, nor draw a foul.

GA TECH 12, INDIANA 11 (12:40)

  • M.White comes in to much applause.
  • D.White earns much applause with a dunk.
  • Ellis’ pass is brilliant, and White gets fouled. He hits one of two.


Mike White will not redshirt. He is in the game.


INDIANA 8, GA TECH 7 (14:30)

  • White draws a foul underneath. He hits both free throws.
  • Now White’s there on defense, forcing the jump ball.
  • White on the other end, after a bunch of tips, gets to the rebound and puts it back.
  • Gordon rushes down in transition and can’t get his shot to fall.
  • Transition the other way, Lawal takes the alley oop and scores.

INDIANA 4, GA TECH 4 (15:49)

  • After Jeremis Smith gets a bucket to tie, D.J. White is called for a carry.
  • The Hoosiers are sloppy. On offense — notice that Stemler clank shot? — there’s not much happening again. And the Hoosiers can’t even get the ball inbounds.

INDIANA 4, GA TECH 2 (17:30)

  • Georgia Tech wins the tip but turns it over.
  • Indiana turns it over too, as Gordon is called for a carry. Seen that call more so far this year than all of last year.
  • Stemler gets to the lane and hits a one handed runner.
  • Gordon again called for the carry. Wonder if these refs were told to look for that.
  • Now Indiana gets the ball back but Ellis throws it away on the inbounds play.
  • The freshman Aminu gets position and scores off glass.
  • D.J. White comes back with a deep jumper (for him).


For the Hoosiers, Lance Stemler moves back into the starting lineup. He joins D.J. White, Eric Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis and Armon Bassett.


Teams are on the floor now, getting ready to warm up. Crawford is dressed in a shirt and tie instead of a uniform.

Indiana is in serious trouble at the guard spot. Brandon McGee, the 6-7 freshman, will probably have to see major minutes. Or, Lance Stemler could slide over the the 3. But he can’t guard athletic 4s. What’s he going to do with a guard?