Half-time thoughts

Whew, it seems like that half flew by.

The Hoosiers had control of the game for most of the first two periods, but Eddie Simpson’s interception on Ben Chappell’s first pass and return for a touchdown changed the momentum. In a single play, the Wildcats got back into the game and prevented IU from running away with it. It’s too bad about Chappell, in his first action in a competitive game he misses his receiver badly and it turns into 7 for the other team.

We don’t know the extent of Kellen Lewis’ injury, but he appears fine and has returned in the game. He’s had his fair share of long runs this afternoon as well as his fair share of fumbles. If IU extends their lead on the first possession after the break, he’ll need to keep a hold on the ball the rest of the game to prevent any big plays from the Northwestern D.

IU has been able to take advantage of a few lucky breaks thus far. The Wildcats missed a short field goal early and failed to capitalize later in the redzone when wideout Ross Lane bobbled C.J. Bacher’s pass right into the awaiting arms of IU safety Austin Thomas. Also, Kellen Lewis fumbled near the end of the first half at midfield, and IU was lucky to have Bryan Payton right there to gobble it up.

Overall, it seems like the Hoosiers have a pretty good grasp on the game. But nonetheless, Northwestern is fighting and with a few plays could get right back into this. Should be an entertaining second half, to say the least.


  1. Jane Hoeppner and Tammy Walker are speaking to ESPN now.

    You’ve probably read a few stories about them this week, including the superb one by Doug.

    What they’re saying now isn’t much different than what they told reporters all week.

    Jane is clearly emotional right now, struggling a little to keep from crying. She’s heaping praise on Lynch for the job he has done (which he deserves), and saying that it’s helped her to be able to stay close to the program by attending practices and talking to players. She feels a connection to Terry, and hopes the players do, too.

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