Hoosiers will Play 13…your thoughts?


Indiana has achieved Terry Hoeppner’s goal of reaching a bowl game. Nothing is official, but it certainly seems like the Hoosiers will be selected for either the Insight.com bowl or Motor City Bowl.

How do you feel this evening? Share you thoughts, reflections, hopes for the future or whatever you want.


  1. I see the Big Ten bowls shaking out like this:

    Rose: Ohio State
    Capital One: Illinois
    Outback: Michigan
    Champ Sports: Wisconsin
    Alamo: Penn State
    Insight: Indiana
    Motor City: Michigan State
    Hoping for at-large bid: Purdue
    Too little, too late: Iowa, Northwestern
    Never had a chance: Minnesota

  2. Incredible. Simple incredible… Indiana and Illinois are on the rise in the Big Ten, and Indiana could be further helped in it’s recuiting efforts with the new stadium additions. I don’t know if IU can ever really compete with UM and OSU in football, but Indiana really has a chance in the next few years to become a consistent Top 30 program. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. I think IU will most likely head to the Insight.com Bowl. MSU would be a huge draw in the Motor City Bowl (local team), thus I expect them to be chosen to face off against Central Michigan. My guess is that Purdue will get an at large invite to the Las Vegas Bowl.

    If you remember correctly, an Insight.com rep was at a few IU games last year and wanted IU before their late season collapse.

    I’m sure Coach Hep is looking down with a big smile on his face tonight! Go Hoosiers!

  4. I’m in Chennai, India with 50 students from the Kelley School of Business. About a dozen of us woke up at 2am to listen to Fish on the call over the internet through Yahoo. We all started screaming when Austin stuck the field goal with 30 seconds left — and the guests next door weren’t too happy with the unscheduled 5:15am wake up call.

    Nicely done IU. We’ve believed. You came through. And I really don’t care what Bowl it is — I’ll be there with my family.

    Hire Lynch now!

    GO IU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    COACH LYNCH SHOULD HAVE A NEW CONTRACT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
    IU is going to a bowl for the first time in 14 long dreadful years!!
    It will probably be the Insight Bowl in Tempe, Arizona
    which is really a good thing for IU fans but still its a wonderful
    day to be a hoosiers!!! Austin Starr is living a dream!!!!!!!!

    AND STILL 2 BE IU’s FOOTBALL COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I lost my voice, I’m emotionally drained and I’m so proud to be a Hoosier right now. What a game. What an amazing, amazing game.

  8. I could not be more happy and proud of the players and coaches. Somebody should start writing the movie ‘Play 13’ because it wasn’t long ago it seemed impossible. Coach Hep saw it, he believed it would happen, and he convinced a lot of us it would happen. His zeal and passion for the game had no rival. It’s a great story and one that will never be forgotten.

  9. Great game, Hoosiers.

    But Lynch should still go. He cost the team the Northwestern game with the bonehead call of the century – a pass play with a new quarterback in the game for five seconds. But for that play, the Hoosiers would be 8-4, assured of a bowl and probably a much better bowl. He has cost the Hoosiers big time!

  10. Let’s think about this possibility:

    If Miami (OH) wins the MAC.

    They would go to the Motor City Bowl. If we played them, that would result in major national attention.

  11. West Coast Hoosier and Scott, the two previous posters, why the negative remarks?
    WCH – If the short pass had been completed, would you still be calling for Lynch’s head? NU had nine perhaps ten men in the box, because they were thinking no way will IU pass. That pass is dangerous but at same time it can be safe. The qb just made a mistake in judgement. Sorry, but mistakes happen all of the time.
    Scott, I don’t think that IU is going to the Motor City Bowl but if they do, what’s wrong with that? By the way, no bowl invitiation is going result in a lot of national attention but a bowl game does help recruiting.

  12. Jay,
    West Coast Hoosier is right- Lynch simply doesn’t have the fire to be a quality head coach. He’s a great assistant, and I’d love to see him stay with the program, but the Northwestern game was just one more example of mediocre coaching displayed this year.
    I didn’t see anything negative in Scott’s post at all. I’ve posted on a blog about how valuable I think a MCB appearance could be for us. (Click on my name to get there.) Facing off against Miami (OH), Hep’s former team, could give us a true storybook ending to the previously mentioned “Play 13” movie! Are you all bent out of shape because he presented a possibility, or because you think we should get a “better” bowl?

  13. I agree with keep the helmets. A huge win for the Hoosiers. Keep Lynch with a short contract. 7 wins after losing the head coach is quite a feat. I don’t care if OSU and Michigan were not on the list. See you in Tempe!

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