Indiana vs. Illinois State, in-game analysis (second half)

INDIANA 68, ISU 57 (38.6)

  • The Hoosiers have survived here, getting a solid performance from Eric Gordon, Jordan Crawford and Jamarcus Ellis at guard. All three are first-year players, and all three played like first-year players at time. But Gordon was dominant again, as the stats show (31 points, 7 rebounds) and Jordan Crawford hit timely baskets.

INDIANA 66, ISU 54 (1:06)

  • With 10 seconds left in the shot clock, D.J. White can’t get a shot off. He dumps to Gordon, who is in an awkward position and has to go baseline. He steps out of bounds.
  • White has been a beast in the paint going after rebounds, though. He’s got at least nine by my count.
  • By the way, Armon Bassett is no longer on the bench.

NDIANA 65, ISU 54 (2:33)

  • Crawford again darts in from the left wing, gets to the middle and squares to the basket for a mid-range make.
  • Sampson calls a time out to discuss the last few minutes of the first game Indiana has really been in danger of losing.

INDIANA 63, ISU 52 (4:12)

  • Gordon called for hooking around, and again the Indiana fans are all over the officials. In light of our current poll (right), I should mention that beer is being sold at this arena tonight.
  • This time, the foul is called as Gordon gets to the net. Someone sitting behind the basket calls the official racist. I don’t know why.
  • Gordon misses his second free throw, Stemler rebounds, Crawford with a pretty drive.

INDIANA 59, ISU 52 (6:09)

  • Thomas picks up his fourth foul. He’ll be replaced by Stemler, who also has four (I think….there’s no scoreboard with player-by-player stats here).
  • Gordon thinks drive, then thinks pass. Instead he takes a turnaround jumper and it falls.
  • Stemler has the call go his way.

INDIANA 55, ISU 52 (7:56)

  • Indiana fans are not happy with the officials, who have let a lot go this second half.
  • A long possession there for Indiana leads to nothing, as Ellis misses the open 3-pointer. There had been a lot of jostling under the net, and Crawford made a good play to get to the loose ball and find Ellis while the Redbirds scrambled into position.

INDIANA 52, ISU 48 (9:21)

  • Here’s some adversity for Indiana. The Redbirds are circling and making plays. The Hoosiers are responding with rushed attempts and poor choices (Thomas trying to dribble through a very clogged lane).
  • Gordon gets to the lane. No foul. Crawford’s bumped trying to catch the pass. No foul.
  • Levi Dyer is killing the Redbirds. First he air balls a 3, then he misses a dunk. That has the Indiana fans roaring.

INDIANA 50, ISU 39 (12:59)

  • Where’s the consistency from DeAndre Thomas? He uses that bulk to get a put-back basket, but then can’t recover on defense and drops a pass from Gordon.
  • He is a leader on the floor, though. Sampson talked this week about how many leaders he has; Thomas said he’s been a captain on every team except this one. Well, with D.J. White out of the game right now it is Dre shouting loudest to his teammates, letting them know what’s happening on defense.
  • Ok. Apparently Eric Gordon was frustrated. He took it out on the Redbirds. They took a time out.

INDIANA 46, ISU 37 (14:52)

  • I’m guessing Bassett’s not available, because Indiana sure could use his steadying influence. Brandon McGee is being sent into the game instead.

INDIANA 46, ISU 33 (15:51)

  • Bassett comes out of the locker room, trailed by the medical staff. Is he having more cramping problems?
  • DeAndre Thomas spins to the hole and gets a basket. It’s hard to stop 295 pounds. Especially when it is so determined.

INDIANA 42, ISU 28 (17:34)

  • Let’s look for any changes the Hoosiers might make here.
  • Looks like Armon Bassett is out. He’s not on the bench right now. Jordan Crawford is in his spot.
  • Ellis has come out with a desire to — or maybe he’s just being allowed to — drive the lane. He’s got two baskets.


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