Indiana vs. Illinois State, in-game analysis

Eli Holman blocks a shot in the first half of the Illinois State game.


The Hoosiers play for the last shot, but Jamarcus Ellis can’t get a pass to White off the drive.

INDIANA 38, ISU 27 (1:03)

  • Gordon’s drive and dish to White gets White some confidence, and White grabs a rebound at the other end.
  • Gordon angry about that call. Might be the most emotion we’ve seen from him all year.
  • Crawford with a key buck. Also gets the foul. Credit goes to Bassett for drawing attention to the lane.
  • ISU sets a double screen for Gordon, and his man gets off a shot. It misses.
  • At the other end, a rebound bounces out to Gordon on the perimeter. He doesn’t even think. He makes the 3.

INDIANA 30, ISU 25 (3:34)

  • Who says Eli Holman’s raw? His move to the hoop there opened up just enough room for Eric Gordon to get open from 3. And then Holman found him. And Gordon hit the shot.
  • Holman can’t get out on that 3-pointer, though. Indiana is just going to have trouble with that this season.
  • Twice White tries a power move in the post. Neither works.

INDIANA 27, ISU 17 (6:24)

  • Ellis has that shot blocked and the Illinois State fans and players stand to celebrate. So he takes the inbound pass and feeds Gordon for an easy basket. As he runs down the court, he takes three steps to stare down the crowd wearing the brighter red of the Red Birds.
  • Gordon grabs that rebound, then races down the court, between to defenders and scores an easy lay in.

INDIANA 21, ISU 16 (7:57)

  • Holman responds with a block that leads to a Gordon break. He’s fouled, and will shoot free throws after this time out.

INDIANA 19, ISU 16 (8:30)

  • White and Odiakosa developing a nice rivalry under the net. First Odiakosa posts up from the middle, then White bounces out to the baseline to hit a jumper. White’s inside shots have been off though, especially that little hook he used so well last year.
  • Sampson is livid about Indiana’s inside defense. In fact, he’s yanking D.J. White for DeAndre Thomas.
  • Thomas responds with a put-back of his own miss on offense. And a terrible foul after Indiana’s defense crumbles again. That is his third. Eli Holman into the game.

INDIANA 15, ISU 11 (11:21)

  • Bassett uses the pull-up 3-pointer to awaken the Hoosiers’ offense. It has averaged 98 points this season but is being tested a bit more tonight.

INDIANA 11, ISU 8 (13:30)

  • Gordon turns and hits that shot without even getting a good look at the basket. He’s got such a natural awareness of where he is on the court.
  • Now Gordon forces a bad shot with 19 left in the shot clock. Someone in the crowd chants “Overrated.” The chant does not catch on.
  • Red Birds back into it with a couple of 3-pointers. Indiana’s going to have to get out on the perimiter.
  • Bassett and White don’t communicate well enough there, and Bassett throws it to where he thought White would be.


  • “D.J., play hard!” That was Sampson yelling at White on the defensive end. At the other end, White stands in and grabs a tough rebound and draws a foul.
  • Lance Stemler follows Bassett’s drive and scores on a tip-in. Looks like it might be one of his good nights.


  • White with a strong defensive play, and Thomas with a quick outlet pass. That leads to a Gordon basket on the run.
  • Thomas appears anxious to please tonight. He just took a jumper early in the shot clock and missed. But then he made a steal on defense.
  • White loses his man on the Red Birds’ first basket, and Sampson is not happy.


  • Indiana wins the tip and on the first possession Gordon opts to work the ball into Thomas in the paint. His hook shot has too much on it, and rolls over the rim. D.J. White can’t grab the rebound, and the Red Birds take over.
  • Now Thomas, a Chicago native, bullies his way into the lane but has his shot rejected.
  • No matter. Gordon drives and finds him under the basket for an easy bucket.


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Starting for the Hoosiers, who are the home team: DeAndre Thomas, D.J. White, Jamarcus Ellis, Armon Bassett and Eric Gordon.

Same lineup as the last two games.