IU president comfortable with Lynch’s coaching candidacy

According to an IU spokesman, university president Michael McRobbie is “not cool” to the idea of retaining Bill Lynch as the head coach of the football team.

Recent reports indicated that McRobbie was holding up the process.

But according to Mike Sample, IU vice president for public affairs and government relations, McRobbie is simply doing his “due diligence” in assessing the situation. He expects McRobbie to make a decision soon.

“He has sought advice on this from people inside the university and outside the university, as he should,” Sample said Wednesday. “That should not be misinterpreted as being cool to Bill Lynch.”

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  1. Wait, so he’s fine with Lynch, or he doesn’t want him. What do you mean by ‘not cool?’

    I can’t be the only one confused by this heading/story.

  2. Thank you, McRobbie, for analyzing the situation thoroughly and not making an emotional, knee-jerk decision to retain Lynch. I’m sure he’ll look long term and big picture coming to the conclusion that Lynch is not the right fit for IU’s BCS aspirations.

  3. I’m glad our new President is taking this seriously and taking some time to make a decision.

    While I can understand some of the arguments against him, I don’t think they tip the scale. Nor am I basing that decision on one game or my emotions or whatever the people who want to get rid of him claim. Just because I have a different opinion doesnt mean I made an “emotional, knee-jerk” decision.

    As an alum and current student, season ticket holder, and IUAA and Varsity Club member, I think it would be a serious mistake to get rid of Bill Lynch

  4. Jeff, by “not cool” to the idea, he means he’s not opposed to the idea of Lynch having the job, or perhaps even that he’s warm to it.

  5. Get someone who can recruit or we’ll be right back where we were! And that’s not Lynch that’s the knock on him!

  6. Football Guy-

    As Hep’s top assistant and Interim Head Coach, Bill Lynch has been recruiting–and he and his staff have done well enough to get us here. Bowl appearances will only help this cause.

    Additionally…..who? Some comments about this “get a guy who can…..” remind me of those easy button commercials. Some people seem to think if we can come up with $1-2 million per year for a coach who plays golf with the Bowdens and exchanges Christmas cards with ESPN personalities that suddenly 5-stars will be showing up pounding on our door and we’ll be in Pasadena next year.

    We’ve just reached the average/respectable category. Give Lynch a 3 year deal to see what he can do with these guys–that he, Hep and their staff recruited and right now seem to have a ton of potential and complete dedication to these coaches. I’m confident he’ll do well.

    We need to sustain the momentum we have now and build on it. Bill Lynch can do it.

  7. “We need to sustain the momentum we have now and build on it. Bill Lynch can do it.”

    Are you sure?
    What evidence do you have?

  8. KevinK and football guy are the only two logical thinkers on this thread. Lets retain a sub par d-2 coach, and lets take that recommendation from our ex running back, and our sub .500 coach. what a joke people!

  9. This season. He’s been a key figure in our turn-around over the past few seasons. I think his record this year, experience, and the support of the players speaks for itself. Yet another staff transition is about the last thing we need to capitalize on our momentum.

    What kind of message is it to our guys that 7-5, beating Purdue and going to a bowl isnt good enough? They support this staff and I think will only get better with their tutelage, as will our recruiting. Having yet another wholesale change at IU would be a huge punch in the gut to this team.

    I’d also say that while Lynch doesnt have the Hep charisma and all that BS-he’s also a steal of a coach for the price. Getting a “big name” is something that we might not even be able to do for cost reasons and them not wanting to come here anyway. Lynch is an Indiana guy, happy to be here, knows everyone in Indiana football circles and has been central to our progress. I love Hep. But, turning this program around took a lot more than just him. Lynch was his right hand man and the rest of the staff also important. They have done it, have succeeded and are going to a bowl. Recruiting continues to steadily improve and a bowl game can only help.

    To the people who want to get rid of Lynch: Why? Just because of his ending at Balls Taint? Who are we gonna get? Not being a smart ass, I’m open to it.

  10. Ok, Give me a break!

    YOU give me a break. Just because we differ in opinion doesnt make me illogical.

    But, since you are so wise–make a suggestion.

    Who? Why? How do we pay for them? Would you have fired Hep after a 7-5 season this year?

  11. Hep was hired to be head coach, Lynch was looked over when that happened. The only reason Lynch got the chance was Hep passed less than 2 weeks before practice started. Lynch was not good enough to get the job before Hep, why is he good enough now? Answer me that Jim?

  12. I am behind on this blog, sorry.

    Jim, we can’t hire a coach with our attitude being “there’s nobody else we can get”. And I very much appreciate the effort that Coach Lynch and the staff made during this difficult but Hep-inspired season.

    If IU hires him, I’ll still support the team. I’ll still buy my tickets. But nobody believes with his record that any other BigTen school is going to snap him up if IU lets him go. He’s a solid assistant. Hep hired him to be a solid assistant. There’s no shame in that. NONE. But IMHO, he’s not a long term Head Coach that is going to advance this program.

    As far as how can we pay the next coach, that shouldn’t be an issue. That is Mr. Greenspan’s problem. Thank goodness coach Sampson has donated $500,000 this year to the football coach fund. If we have plenty of Athletic Dept. cash to pay the “sanction-man”, we have plenty to hire a solid, coach with integrity and a winning track record to come in and advance this football program.

    It would be a glorious thing for the weekend of the PU game to be a regular thing in Bloomington. Find somebody with the vision to carry it out.

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