1. Sigh.

    Best wishes to Kevin, though I do wish he hadn’t chosen to play for a thug like Bob Huggins.

    Better that he go play for Jamie Dixon, if not for us.

  2. I’m near Cincinnati and I’ve watched Huggins for years. He’s good for 20 wins and a tournament appearance every year but that was in the Metro, Great Midwest, USA, Red, White and Blue confernce. He’s never going to a title game. The guy is about as shady as they come and he can’t coach offense to save his life. Kids must be sold by all the Huggs intangibles. He’s a proponent of drinking and driving, which he did frequently here and was only caught when a trooper caught it on tape. That’s great video. He definitely takes care of his players. Break a team rule? Huggs will have the rule changed so you can play. Punch a police horse? Not a problem. For the most part it’s all about Huggs and what you can do for him. His coaching tree consists of one guy (Cronin at UC) but even Cronin had to get away from Huggs to sit on the bench for Rick Pitino. Ask former assistant coach John Loyer about Huggs. I’ll never understand why kids want to associate with him but then again I’ve seen what he will overlook to keep a kid on the team and it all makes sense.

  3. Did anyone see the WVU/Auburn game last night. Cruised! Largest scoring margin in the country. Seeing is believing. Welcome home Huggs.

  4. Kevin Jones’ decision should be respected by all of you Indiana fans. Obviously you weren’t offering him what he was looking for…..but atleast he considered indiana as an option. Bob Huggins will bring West Virginia to the next level, but it will take time. Just be happy that another youth has decided to go to college and make positive decisions. Kevin Jones will do great at WV, under the leadership of Bob Huggins…

  5. how do you all feel now that Huggins is “considered” for the Indiana job – per CBS during the UNC/Arkansas game?

    Oh, nice early exit too. Not bad offense for WVU coached by a “Thug” like Huggy Bear

  6. bob huggins is a great coach! he’s going to lead the wvu men’s basketball team to the final four this year! i don’t care what all of u say, but Kevin Jones is an outstanding player at WVU under Bob Huggins!

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