Longwood at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

INDIANA 97, LONGWOOD 41 (2:30)

  • Stemler with another 3. Meanwhile, Longwood hasn’t scored since 11:14.
  • Brett Finkelmeier and Adam Ahlfeld enter the game.

INDIANA 93, LONGWOOD 41 (3:10)

  • Stemler hits a 3. Bit applause from the fans.
  • Taber’s in the game now. He’s really an above average rebounder. Gets into tight spots, gets his hands on the ball, all that.

INDIANA 85, LONGWOOD 41 (6:30)

  • Nifty bounce pass from Thomas at the top of the key to White down low.
  • Sampson’s got his starters, with Crawford in the game instead of Gordon, on the floor now.
  • Ellis needs either three points our four assists for a double-double. He’s got 11 rebounds.

INDIANA 82, LONGWOOD 41 (7:38)

  • It’s simply enjoyment time for the fans here. This is a good glimpse of the younger players such as Holman and McGee, and offers an interesting view of what different combinations might look like on the floor. But Longwood is simply so over-matched. And the Lancers are tired now.

INDIANA 72, LONGWOOD 38 (11:30)

  • Sampson is getting a long look at Holman and McGee now. You hate to look at it this way, but that’s what a game like this is all about: run up a big enough score to put some young kids in a position where they’ll make mistakes that you can get on tape.
  • Stemler misses an open lay in but makes a good defensive play.
  • Holman’s going to figure out how to score on the little jump hook eventually.
  • Crawford. So smooth.

INDIANA 68, LONGWOOD 32 (15:03)

  • DeAndre Thomas and Jamarcus Ellis have such great chemistry. You could see it on those two buckets. Ellis knows where Thomas will be and gets him the ball in position to score.

INDIANA 64, LONGWOOD 32 (17:07)

  • Eric Gordon is officially ridiculous. He ran down that errant pass, then decided to shoot a 3-pointer. And of course he hit it. He’s got 18 points.

INDIANA 59, LONGWOOD 32 (18:00 second half)

  • DeAndre Thomas again showing that flair for passing through the paint. This time he finds D.J. White, who is fouled and makes one of his free throws.
  • Gordon gathers a blocked shot, takes it down the floor, hits and is fouled.