Longwood at Indiana, in-game analysis


  • Well-designed play to end it. Gordon carried the ball up-court, pretty much convincing every Longwood player he’d drive the lane for the last shot. Instead, he dished out to Bassett, who drove and found Stemler for a short shot.

INDIANA 48, LONGWOOD 28 (2:07, first half)

  • D.J. White actually gets around his man and to the rim for a dunk. His instinct usually has him pulling up for a shot there. Good to see him power it through, instead.
  • Then White gets a break, with Holman taking his spot.

INDIANA 43, LONGWOOD 28 (2:57, first half)

  • Impressive drive and dish by Bassett, who puts the pass right to D.J. White’s already extended hands. All White has to do is propel the ball forward and off the glass while being fouled.

INDIANA 41, LONGWOOD 28 (3:09, first half)

  • Barrett finds a seam and gets an easy basket. D.J. White is trying to guard him now, and Barrett is too quick.
  • Another easy basket for Longwood off a dropped coverage. Kelvin Sampson calls time out.

INDIANA 32, LONGWOOD 21 (5:55 first half)

  • Bassett with a veteran play. He has Gordon and Stemler open for easy shots. He throws to Stemler, who hits a short jumper to get his first two points of the year.

INDIANA 30, LONGWOOD 17 (7:21, first half)

  • Bassett hits another contested 3-pointer.
  • Then Thomas tips a pass away and sends the Hoosiers down the floor. But his pass to Ellis, through traffic, isn’t handled and results in a turnover.

INDIANA 27, LONGWOOD 17 (8:10, first half)

  • Stemler into the game now. Makes a terrific pass into Thomas in the paint, but Thomas can’t get the layin to fall. Stemler comes flying in for a tip — great hustle — but it rolls out.
  • Crawford with a nice lob into Thomas, then Thomas with a brilliant feed to Brandon McGee, cutting in weak side for a lay in. Thomas does that so well.
  • No Gordon or White on the floor right now. Interesting look. Longwood’s able to set a nice high screen to get Ryan Bogan open for a 3-pointer.


Gordon leads the Hoosiers with eight points. Impressive, sure. But he also leads them in assists with three and rebounds with three.


INDIANA 23, LONGWOOD 13 (11:00, first half)

  • More interesting substitution choices by the Hoosiers: Brandon McGee is third off the bench, replacing Jamarcus Ellis.
  • Crawford uses a high Holman screen to get some space, then hits a pull-up jumper.

INDIANA 21, LONGWOOD 11 (12:44, first half)

  • Oh, Eric Gordon. There he is with the steal and dunk.
  • Holman does a good job getting to a loose ball rebound, but then rushes a pass to Bassett. It’s intercepted.
  • But Holman is everywhere on defense. In a good way. He’s getting his hands on passes and filling passing lanes.

INDIANA 17, LONGWOOD 8 (15:05, first half)

  • Another interesting development. Eli Holman is the first player off the bench, replacing Thomas.
  • He fails to box out on his first defensive possession, and Longwood scores on a tip-in.

INDIANA 14, LONGWOOD 6 (16:20, first half)

  • Again Indiana has a missed assignment on defense that leads to an easy basket.
  • But Bassett mitigates the damage by hitting a 3-pointer with a man in his face.
  • Then D.J. White hits that 10-foot baseline jumper he’s used so successfully.

INDIANA 7, LONGWOOD 4 (17:58, first half)

  • Thomas makes his presence felt right away, barreling over a guy on his way to the first basket.
  • But Lamar Barrett, the Lancers’ senior captain, answers with a nice jumper of his own.
  • Eric Gordon hits his first 3-pointer of the day, in transition.
  • But the Hoosiers lose a man on defense to allow Longwood to make it 5-4.
  • Thomas again, making room for himself in the paint. He’s fouled, and hits both.


Introduction time. Chuck Crabb’s opening line?

“Welcome to Indiana University, the home of the Old Oaken Bucket.”

One semi-surprise in the starting line-up: DeAndre Thomas has replaced Lance Stemler at forward.

The other four are the same: Armon Bassett, Eric Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis, D.J. White.


About seven minutes until tip-off, and the Assembly Hall is s l o w l y filling up.

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