Lynch to make $600,000 per year

Per Rick Greenspan, Bill Lynch will have a base salary of $250,000 and an additional $350,000 in compensation for promotional and public relations activities, for a total of $600,000 per year, plus incentives for activities such as making a bowl game.

Lynch will also receive $50,000 in deferred compensation at the end of the four-year contract.

“It’s effectively Hep’s contract with some minor changes,” Greenspan said.

We’ll have further updates from today’s press conference this afternoon.


  1. Does this guy have a doctorate degree, or is he being paid this much because sports is this important. I think there are TOO many over paid people as well as under paid. Like teachers, they are VERY underpaid, and many of them have more educations than this guy. Yet he’s being paid this much because everyone hold so much regards for sports, but not for education.

  2. He got about 200,000 more per year than what I expected him to get, but the $600,000 a year still puts IU in the bottom of the Big Ten pay to football coaches.

  3. Everyone wants better education and good teachers, but they don’t pay them or give them incentives and bonus’s for joining a school system. But they do if they are coach of a team, shows us where our priorities are.

  4. Mike P. He may not last long then, if he nows he can get more somewhere else. Indiana seems to be the last at getting/recognizing their problem, always being the last or next to last in getting things like the Lottery, daylight savings time, and many other things. Indiana is so behind and in the dark about things.

  5. I don’t see Lynch going outside of Indiana for a job, he is very heavy rooted in this state, and I am sure, like it was for Hep, this is his dream job, to lead the Hoosiers program.

  6. I agree these are problems in our society, cc. However, people dont buy tickets to watch an English professor lecture or give donations (for the most part) because our psych department is going to a conference around New Year’s.

    Right or wrong, it’s a business.

  7. Yes it’s wrong, but it’s all about MONEY! The root of all EVIL. Money is the only thing that matters. Money, power, position.

  8. I am totally confused on this decision. We have been hearing all season how no one is coming to games and that we as fans need to start supporting the Football team. You must win before people start forking out hard earn money to come and watch. Why I am confussed, is that we have heard from the administration that they are trying to build a respectable football team that we can all be proud of and that would make us a two sport powerhouse nationally (like Florida, Ohio State, Wisconsin) to mention a few. Yet, they hire Bill Lynch (who I am sure is a great guy) who has barely a winning record as a head coach. If we wanted to win we should have spent some more money and hired a more proven coach. Their were plenty out there to choose from. If we would quit making bad decisions in hiring we would have the money to pay a good coach. Again, I like Bill Lynch and think he did a great job with a difficult transition this year, but as far a coaching I felt he did a sub-par job. There were to many things that didn’t get fixed too early that carried throughout the season. Turnovers and missed assignments kept us from being at least 10-3 and that is the coaches responsibility to fix. Rick Greenspan said part of his decision was because of how Lynch prepared the team for Purdue after a big loss to Northwestern, come on Rick you could have coach the team to a win in the biggest game we play every year. You would have probably even kept the lead instead of squandering it and relying on a last minute field goal to win. With better leadership we would have killed Purdue. My perdiction is we will stay average and below average for the next 4yrs or until Lynch is let go which one ever comes first, but don’t complain Rick Greenspan and the “Powers to be at Indiana University” when I.U.’s football team is not making bowls and fans are not showing up to Memorial Stadium because you helped make the decision. Well at least we still have Basketball to look forward to because it seems to me that is all that matters to the Athletic department.

  9. Uhhhhh….Rob, we only play 12 regular season games, so 10-3 is impossible. Second, if your expectations this year for a program that hasn’t been to a bowl in 14 years was at least 10 wins, you’re insane. And for the love of God, stop trying to discredit everything the team accomplished! Despite the fact that we hadn’t beat Purdue since 2001, you expected to kill PU? We aren’t Florida. Enjoy the wins! This is this the third year of the Hep/Lynch era. Enjoy getting to a bowl and let the program develop. Look where KU and Mizzou are at. Their coaches are in their FIFTH and SIXTH year respectively.

  10. IU Jimmy – When you start the 3rd quarter with a scoring drive to go up 24-3, yes we SHOULD HAVE killed Purdue. We were rolling, and should have never let up.

  11. How would any of you “sports fans” (woooo!) like to make the equivalent of $14,000/week plus perks until 2012? Some of you have jobs (like police, fire, emergency, grammar school teachers, even sanitation workers) that are 400 times more important to society than a football coach’s job. Yes, a football coach. Lynch will make in THREE WEEKS what most of you will struggle for a year or more to earn. THINK of that the next time your job really gets tough. THINK about that the next time you are agonzing over how you will meet your mortgage payments, overhead, and your kids’ tuitions. HAH!!

    Intermural college sports represent a colossal misallocation of resources by our society. No coach is worth $14,000 a week plus a ton of perks.

    Yeah, go out buy more tickets. More for them is less for you.

  12. Not that I completely disagree, but since when has this blog become a forum for how sports are overvalued in our society?

    Such is capitalism. No one is forced to be a sports fan. But, many do. And they buy tickets and hot dogs and t-shirts and souvenirs. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s a fact. If you dont like it, dont participate. Tuition money doesnt pay for our coaches.

  13. No, but that’s the value we put on them (or they put on them) I don’t put that kind of value on them. I wonder how much people spend on their tail gate parties getting drunk and traveling back and forth for hours. Sports in high school and kiddie sports competetion is what its come down to.
    Parents fighting on the baseball ,basketball, soccer, etc fields of their kids games. Kids hurting other kids because they are not as good as them.
    Remember the mother who wanted to kill the cheerleader because she won over her daughter? Parents who encourage their children to win and be competetive. If you don’t win, you aren’t anything, they tell their kids. It’s all supposed to be a game for fun, but it’s not fun, it’s deadly. Again it’s all about money, power and position. Kids can’t be kids anymore, they are trained to be the best, if they aren’t the best then it lets the parents down.
    I think grades are more important. being honest, helping others and doing your best. What ever happened to good old fashion values? Well there are no more.
    It’s okay to be competitive, but not when it hurts someone.

  14. jimmy, I had the 10-3 record because I was counting on winning a bowl game. As far as my expectations I predicted that they would finish 8-4 before the season even started, but once I saw them play and saw their potential it wasn’t out of the realm of possiblity. Take away the turnovers in the Illinois, Penn State and Wisconsin and Northwerstern games and I think we could have won them all. Sorry I don’t settle for mediocrity. I didn’t expect for IU to kill PU, but when you are playing at home against an in state rival with the implications that the game had I would have thought that they would have kept putting it to them and not let PU come back and damn near beat them. I am grateful for them finishing 7-5 and possibly making a bowl game, but it’s people with the mentality like yours that has gotten the football program in the shape it’s in. “Let’s just settle for a winning season”. Thank God for TH, who didn’t want to settle anymore because Bill Lynch didn’t have anything to do with the recent success of the season we had this year than you did. They played soley on the memory of Terry and almost didn’t make even though they had one of the easiest schedule in the Big Ten this year. All I can say is Thanks to whoever made up the schedule this year because with Michigan and Ohio State on there we are waiting for next year again

  15. In life we choose what we want to do for a living. So if you don’t like what you make choose another profession. I teach and have a small business. Coach Lynch is making what people in his profession command. Now whether it is right or wrong is not the point. The fact we have freewill is the point. Stop complaining and do something about your own situation. GO IU AND GO COACH LYNCH!!!

  16. Charlie, I couldn’t agree with you more. Although I disagree with the selection of coach I will support Bill Lynch and IU 120% and continue you to route for them like I have for over 25yrs. I have no problem with the money he is making. The job of a college football coach is an extremely hectic one as well as a competive one. They spend many many hours watching film ande working on ways to win, not to mention all the traveling they do recruiting players. They miss out on a lot of family time. In order to do their job and be successful they must do these things. Whoever is complaining about his pay, when is the last time you slept on a couch at your office and missed family functions. If you have, then maybe you need to ask your boss for a raise. The real fact is Lynch is getting less than a lot of his collegues do for the same job. I say get it while you can Bill because in coaching carousel of college football it may not be there tomorrow.

  17. RE “since when has this blog become a forum for how sports are overvalued in our society?”

    Well, a blog title of “Lynch to make $600,000 a year” would seem an open invitation for comment on the aspects and implications of the high priority placed on sports by IU. Wouldn’t it?

    As others have insinuated, the enormous sums dealt to sundry athletic franchises in the USA reflect grossly misplaced priorities. Some shallow minds think this may be a verboten subject. Why should it be? It’s about time that the consuming emphasis of sports at IU became an important topic of public discussion. It is the public, after all, which supports this institution and suffers directly from failure of its chartered mission .

    The chartered mission of the college is to educate students academically and morally. IU does neither very well, as evidenced by comparative rankings. Indeed, there are better ways to educate students in those two senses than by immersing them in four (becoming five) years of alcohol-laden sports obsessionalism.

    I well know that many of the biggest boosters of IU sports also profit immensely from the sports racket (in all its guises) and the booze racket and have muzzled sober discussions of the proper role of sports in the academy and in civilized society, or at least, a society concerned about preserving civilization. Nevertheless, a highly visible discussion should take place.

  18. Fred Dasseurer – If the money a coach makes per year is such a big deal to you, go look at the salary that Texas A&M is dishing out to Mike Sherman. It is to the tune of 1.8 million per year, that is 3 years of pay for Lynch. Look around the Big Ten, the top programs, pay 1.2 million and up. I am sure you can bitch about the 10+ million in salaries Ohio State pays to all of their coaches, but I am sure that 10 million is perfectly fine when you see the 107+ million dollars those sports teams pull in every year. Sports is a business, it is a popular business, and long after we are dead and gone, it will continue to be a popular business. Get used to it!

  19. I have one IU degree and am working on my 2nd and 3rd. I feel I’ve received/am receiving an excellent education. I dont think it’s the university’s job to teach morals nor do I see that in the mission statement, but thats beside the point. I have a job, I support myself and am a voting, law-abiding citizen. I drink alcohol at football games, I’m sorry if the snobbery of the academy dont approve of that. If I want to spend some of my money on IU tickets, memorbilia, and other crap, that’s my choice. It may be misguided, wasteful or stupid. But, it’s my choice.

    Outside of being more visible, I’d also say that our school’s ahtletic department in no way detreiments from the academic mission and helps in the fact that it keeps alums interested in the school.

    I agree that our society is over the top on sports. But, sports figures get paid so much because people spend the money on sports. Take the English Dept. or a charity or government or whatever else that certainly IS more important….figure out a way to make those things more popular than sports and then our English Dept. Chair will make $600K or more (he currently makes $127K, not too shabby) and lecture in Memorial Stadium on Saturdays.

    Anyway, touche Fred for calling my question out by pointing out the title. I should have been more direct. Usually this board is reserved for fans of IU athletics to discuss games and other goings-on; it is usually not used as a sounding board for a societal problem in which IU is a very small player. No problem with it. Just (a) found it odd and (b) dont know how much ground you’re making talking here to many who are the “base” of IU athletics. But, with the headlines getting your ire up, I’m sure you just wanted to vent and that’s fine too.

    I appreciate your idealism. Just don’t participate. Actually, you’re probably helping the college sports machine by merely being on this site, eh?

  20. Sports and coaches salaries are, in our country, a market driven thing. IU is really lucky to find a coach that can promise some success at the price they got Lynch for. As reported earlier there are a lot of big name coaches making a lot more.

    I too have my graduate degree from IU and feel that I am makeing a very good living from it. I also feel that I am a high contributor to our society which is a market driven society and one that I strongly believe in. I also choose to waste some of my good fortune on supporting IU athletics. I am very pleased with the hire and will continue to support my school all the way! Go Hoosiers!

  21. If you put it in perspective of entertainment, which it certainly is, the dollars don’t seem nearly as outrageous. So a hard working football coach, who we also hope is developing young men, may be making $600K. Hopefully, that money will come back to IU in one form or another.
    What does a gawd awful actor like Arnold or Sly get paid? $15 mil per movie? Now, that is obscene. That is also why I go to ballgames but I NEVER go to movies.
    You do get a choice on where the money goes. You choose with your wallet. We draw crowds and TV money to pay for a $600K coach.

  22. Sports popularity is not a product of todays society, it is a product of human nature going back thousands of years. The Roman Colosseum which was built just over 1900 years ago was designed to house 50,000 people to watch Gladiator and Olympic sporting events.

    If you are in a sales job, you are a competitior against other sales people. Business is based on the human desire to compete against another, if it wasn’t, there would not be multiple companies to provide everything we need. Competition is good, sports is good, it is a natural part of life.

  23. Is that a bad thing Stephen? I am a huge sports fan, but education is far more important than athletics. I learned that later in life than I should have, but it is still true.

  24. I also sense the snobbery of academia, but as Mike P says…that is OK. A good chat back and forth. The annoying part is when one typer attacks anothers mentality or choice. We are all different in our lifestyles and choices. It takes all kinds to make it go. What would be good … would be mutual respect and courtesy. Not only here but in the grocery stores and traffic lanes. What concerns me is the overall rudeness of our society.

  25. WW – I agree with you. Everytime I come out of the grocery store, I have the thought in my head that if you took a jury there for 10 miniutes to deal with these people, you would never get convicted of homicide. They would see it as justified.

    I think it is funny the looks I get because I say sir, or maam, and actually ask the person how there day is instead of just telling them what I need. Common respect I was raised with, that people no longer seem to recognize.

  26. I only understand the athletics/education dichotomy to a certain extent, because as far as I am concerned athletics can be a very important part of education. It is different from classroom learning, but very beneficial in and of itself. The revenue generated by a football program helps small university athletic teams exist, also a positive in my book, not just for the university but for the athletes who participate.

    Do some universities treat athletes like disposable assets and short-change them on education? Yes, but I am not a fan of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    I don’t make a 6-figure salary but I don’t begrudge Bill Lynch for making 600k–he is directly shaping the lives of the players on his team, and helping an athletic system that I believe has value in educating our youth. I believe people who see it as “athletics vs education/academics” are taking too narrow of a view.

  27. Mike P – It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Education is very important, but it is far from being the end-all to having a successful and rewarding life. I would argue that while a minimum level of eduation is extremely important, any level above that is often achieved in an attempt to accumulate (what cc speaks to as the root of all evil) money, power, and position. I have two degrees, for which I paid a good chunk of money for, and it irks me a bit when the 45+ members of the English Department faculty feel they should be compensated more than the 1 football coach, because they contribute SOOO much more to our society.

  28. grossly misplaced priorities

    Most sports fanatics (and their disinterested significant others) will freely admit that the time they spend following their favorite teams could be spent in more productive ways. What some of the above posters seemingly fail to realize, though, is that it’s a far bigger waste of time to sit and interminably argue the merits of college athletics spending to a bunch of people on A COLLEGE SPORTS BLOG.
    I can’t decide it’s pointlessly ironic or ironically pointless. Cervantes was apparently on to something with that whole Quixote thing.

  29. This argument in a scene in the movie “The Program”:

    Teacher: “This is not a football vocational school. It’s an institute for higher learning.”

    Coach: “Yeah, but when was the last time 80,000 people showed up to watch a kid do a damn chemistry experiment? Why don’t you stick the bow-tie up your ass?”

    This is where the coaches earn their salary, by building a program that will pack the stands!

  30. Whether you agree or disagree with Fred, you’ve got to admire his spunk for “bearding the lion in his den.” That’s the kind of spirit that IU teams (and coaches) could use more of!

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