North Alabama at Indiana, in-game analysis (second half)


  • Yes, it’s a blowout. And we’re just waiting for the final buzzer. But there is some significance in the fact that Kyle Taber, who broke a bone in his hand two weeks ago but is able to play, is actually in the game. On Thursday, Sampson said he didn’t think he’d get to work the walk on forward into the lineup much this year. But here he is playing minutes that Sampson clearly believes are important and meaningful. He’ll use the tape of this to help the team make improvements in areas that it is weak, so having Taber out there means he wants to get a look at him. Who hasn’t played? That’d be senior Mike White, the 6-6 forward who started a few games last year.



  • So, how long has this flag-waving ritual acted out to the William Tell Overture been the highlighted on-court tradition here at Indiana? Does anyone know the background?
  • Oh, yeah. The basketball game. Heavy rotation for the newcomers in the second half. Gordon’s got 20 points, and Crawford leads the team with 22.



  • Freshman guard Jordan Crawford is now 6-for-6 from 3-point. No one has shot the 3-pointer with so much unabashed confidence in these parts since, well, Rod Wilmont. Last year. Still, Crawford is almost unstoppable. His quickness to the hole gives him the real option of faking that way and sending the defense into the hole. That allows him to pull up for the 3-pointer, which he does frequently and with fluidity.
  • Eric Gordon has checked back in. We’ll get an injury update after the game. Obviously nothing serious.


  • Gordon is heading to the locker room after apparently losing a tooth. He came off the floor slowly, raising his hand to his mouth. When he finally reached Tim Garl, the long-time trainer, he took something out of his mouth and gave it to Garl.
  • Indiana has come out with more intensity on defense. Which it had to do, or Kelvin Sampson would have allowed them to do nothing but work on that for the next week. There wasn’t much organization in the first half and , more offensive to Sampson, I’m sure, the effort was lacking.


  1. The Flag ritual won a Tostitos sponsored ESPN contest in 2004 (bracket style elimination) as the best College hoops tradition.

    The first time I remember seeing it was during a Kentucky-Indiana game over a decade ago. I’m pretty sure it’s been around longer than that.

  2. I remember them doing it in 1989 at a game… except it was just the “GO BIG RED” flag. Allegedly it’s been done since at least the 70s.

  3. Wow, sounds like IU has a lot to look forward to. I must say that Memphis is the team that scares me most. They look good, real good. However, with ben, jordan, DJ, and the rest of the boys….who know? Anyone hear anything about Eli Holman, did he play well? I didn’t see the game, and thanks for the great blog.

  4. KevinK,

    Sorry to get to this so late. Been working on the Zeller stuff.

    Mike White, it was revealed after the game, is a candidate to redshirt.

    Turns out that if he had played Sunday, he would have blown his chance to take the redshirt.

    However, all of the freshman newcomers who did play could still redshirt if need be (although that seems highly unlikely.)

    Don’t know why the NCAA has that rule in place. And I’d tell you that it surprises me because it doesn’t seem to make much sense, but then I’d be lying to you. Sense is something I seek when I’m browsing the NCAA bylaws.

    — Chris

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