Final score: Indiana 27, Purdue 24


IU’s players are in the center of the field with fans from the student section circling around them. Lots of arms in the air. Indiana is bowl-bound for the first time in 14 years. We won’t find out what bowl it will be until Dec. 2, but it’s a virtual certainty that IU will receive a bid.

The Hoosiers also broke their five-game losing skid in the Old Oaken Bucket rivalry. They had some shaky moments in the fourth quarter, but junior kicker Austin Starr came through with a career-long 49-yarder to save the game.

It’s now several minutes after the game and the field is close to half full with celebrating fans and players. I have to head down to the post-game press conference, but we’ll be back with more reports later tonight. I imagine this will be a crazy night in Bloomington. This is probably the biggest IU sports celebration we’ve witnessed since the NCAA basketball Final Four run in 2002.


Purdue was set to start at its 30 with 23 seconds left, but a penalty flag is thrown after the kickoff. A personal foul is called on Purdue. That’ll move it back to the 15.

  • Purdue gains 13 yards on a first down pass and then throws an incompletion. 7 seconds left. 2nd and 10 at the 28.
  • It’s over. IU wins. 27-24.
  • Fans are all over the field.


Not surprisingly, the Boilermakers are really fired up now. They swarm James Bailey at the IU 24 on the kickoff and the bench explodes.

  • Ray Fisher pulls in a pass that could have been picked off on first down for a nine-yard gain.
  • On 3rd and 1 at the 33, Lewis scrambles for three yards.
  • Lewis hits Hardy over the middle for seven yards. Second and 3 from the 43.
  • Thigpen picks up a first down with a 7-yard run to midfield.
  • A 9-yard pass to Thigpen down the sideline gives IU a 2nd and 1 at the Purdue 41. But Thigpen loses four yards on the next play. 3rd and 5 at the 45 with 1:53 left.
  • Lewis finds Hardy over the middle for a crucial first down. 12 yard gain. 1st and 10 at the 33 with 1:32 left.
  • Thigpen loses a yard on first down. A 4-yard pass to Bailey. 3rd and 7 at the Purdue 30.
  • Lewis loses 1. Officials throw a flag, but pick it up. Starr wil attempt a long field goal, 47 or 48 yards, with 35 seconds left to try to put IU ahead.
  • Starr hits a 49-yard with 35 seconds left and Memorial Stadium is the loudest its been all year. IU ahead 27-24.


Purdue takes over at the IU 36 after the fumble.

  • Disaster continues to strike the Hoosiers. Leslie Majors is called for pass interference against Taylor, giving Purdue a first down at the IU 15 with 3:50 left.
  • Purdue ties with the game at 24 with 3:39 left, on a five-yard pass to Jake Standeford.


Indiana starts at its 27.

  • Burgess fumbles on first down. Lewis recovers. No game. Hoosiers looking shaky with 5:25 left. They call time out.
  • Lewis rifles the ball to Hardy and runs for a crucial first down to the IU 38. An 11-yard gain.
  • Thigpen fumbles. Purdue recovers. The Boilermakers have the ball at the IU 36, trailing 24-17 with 4:18 left.


Purdue takes over at its 25.

  • Sheets gains four yards on second down.
  • The fans rise for this 3rd down. Purdue needs five yards. Painter looks to his main target, Bryant, and is rewarded with a fantastic catch.
  • Sheets up the middle this time for a gain of two.
  • Painter finds Keller heading toward the sideline, and he breaks one tackle and keeps going. He gains 31 yards.
  • Purdue is down to Indiana’s 31. Painter uses the middle of the field, to Keller again. Nine-yard gain.
  • Sheets with a powerful run up the middle. Late flags. Probably a face mask. It is, and the personal foul 15-yard type.
  • Painter on a keeper, goes right. Stopped by Thomas a yard shy.
  • Sheets runs in from the one, making it 24-17 with 6:15 left. It’s a tight game again.


Porter fields a bouncing punt and returns it 23 yards to the Purdue 40.

  • Lewis has plenty of time. But no one open.
  • Thigpen finds a hole up the middle, again. Purdue’s linebackers are vacating quickly, in favor of the pass. Indiana is exploiting it.
  • Trae Burgess, the fifth-string running back, is now in the game. That means that Demetrius McCray, Josiah Sears and Bryan Payton are all hurt.
  • Lewis sacked on 3rd. Austin Starr in for a 42-yard field goal. He misses. For the first time in 16 tries.


Purdue starts at its 7.

  • Painter threads a pass to Standeford for a gain of eight.
  • Taylor up middle for three and a first down.
  • Painter keeps and lowers his helmet into Nick Polk. Gain of eight.
  • Taylor again cleans it up, gaining three and a new set of downs.
  • Majors arrives at the same time as the ball, preventing Keller from holding on.
  • Painter finds Keller streaking up the seam open this time. And misses him, badly.
  • On 3rd and 10, Painter apparently goes down. There’s some controversy as the Purdue coaches think his knee never went down. But the ruling stands.


Indiana starts at its 28.

  • Thigpen loses two on first down.
  • On second down, Lewis tries to step up in the pocket, but he’s got guys watching him. He loses two.
  • Hardy tries to make a play and looks very much like he’ll be able to, as he curves up into open space. But Josh McKinley came roaring in to make the tackle.
  • Hines gets off a punt that rolls 60 yards and pins Purdue.


INDIANA 24, PURDUE 10 (1:47 third quarter)

  • 79 yards, 10 plays, 3:40

Purdue will get another shot to score its first touchdown.

  • The Boilermakers gets rolling, and tries a shot down the field. Painter throws to far for Orton.
  • Sheets, on second down, gains 11 through the middle.
  • Let’s say it again: Appreciate Tracy Porter while you can. Few guys make that sort of play as consistently as he does. He fought through the block and made a sure tackle.
  • Well, this is awkward. Porter gets torched. And called for pass interference. So, umm, yeah.
  • Now to Bryant on a quick screen, gets it to the Indiana 3.
  • Sheets powers it outside, carries a tackler or two and gets it to the 1-yard line. And gains a first down.
  • Sheets up middle for the touchdown.


Indiana takes over at its 6.

  • Thigpen finds a hole, again, and gets out to the 29.
  • Thigpen again — Indiana needs to run the clock — this time bouncing outside for a gain of five.
  • Now Fisher on a quick screen.
  • Lewis keeps on an option wide left, gains four.
  • Lewis fumbles while faking the hand off. Thigpen jumps on it.
  • That makes it 3rd and 9. Lewis is pressured and has to dump the ball off toward Thigpen. No catch, no gain.


Purdue starts from its 33.

  • Looks like the Boilermakers are committed to running the ball on this drive.
  • Late hit on Patterson for the late hit. That’s the type of play that sometimes hurts this team, mentally.
  • But the Hoosiers are strong on the resulting first down, as they get through the Purdue line and force a two-yard loss.
  • Purdue falters now, failing to get the snap off before the play clock ticks down.
  • Quick screen is sniffed out by Indiana and Adam McClurg fills his hole, causing another loss of yardage.
  • Painter tries to squeeze a pass over the middle, and it’s tipped in the air twice before Phillips catches it for an interception.
  • Guess what? It’s going to be reviewed. But the call stands.



  • 72 yards, 3 plays, 47 seconds

Indiana begins this drive at the 28.

  • The reverse to Fisher works this time. He gains 19, punctuating the run with a hard hit along the sideline.
  • Marcus Thigpen with a burst up the middle. Then he changes direction a few times through the secondary and ends up with a 45-yard gain.
  • Now Lewis drops and, seeing nothing he likes, takes it himself. He weaves through the defense and into the end zone.


Hines punts it 47 yards, putting Purdue at its 15.

  • Haven’t seen that much, as Kory Sheets runs right and gains eight.
  • Pass by Painter gets to Lymon. Majors had a shot at picking it but was a second late.
  • Sheets tries the middle this time, gains only two yards.
  • Painter throws short for Keller but can’t get it to him.
  • Lymon runs a streak and probably should have made that catch. Leslie Majors bothers him enough to prevent that, though.


Indiana will receive with a chance to build a healthy lead. Thigpen helps the Hoosiers with a 17-yard return. They’ll start at the 37.

  • Then Thigpen gains a yard up middle on first down.
  • Lewis is pressured right away and has to throw the ball away. Purdue’s coaches were adamant about intentional grounding, but didn’t get the call.
  • Lewis lofts long for Means on a fly route, but he can’t catch up to it.

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