Purdue at Indiana, in-game analysis

INDIANA 17, PURDUE 3 (0:34 second half)

  • 52 yards, 8 plays, 1:30

Indiana gets the ball at its 48.

  • Lewis must roll right. His throw for Hardy is off.
  • There’s Thigpen leaking out of the backfield and making a catch in space. He gains nine and gets out of bounds.
  • Lewis finally throws to a tight end, and Nick Sexton drops the ball.
  • Indiana puts Blake Powers in to run the QB sneak.
  • Lewis finds Hardy underneath for a gain of six.
  • Now Hardy bolts out to the sideline for a gain of seven.
  • Ray Fisher has some room, but he’s stopped cold on a great tackle by Scott. Still a gain of five.
  • Two Purdue players converge on Means, and the flag comes out.
  • Hardy gets single coverage. And scores. Why do teams insist on doing that? Seriously. I want to know.


Purdue, after another squib kick, starts at its 32.

  • Painter finds Standeford for a gain of three.
  • A little too hot for Taylor on second down.
  • Crowd is actually approaching what you might call loud on 3rd and 7. Still, Painter stands in and finds Orton over the middle. But Orton fumbles very late and the ball is being ruled as Indiana’s. Apparently Porter forced the fumble and Joe Kleinsmith recovered it.
  • This is being reviewed but I think it will stand as called on the field.


INDIANA 10, PURDUE 3 (2:43 second half)

  • 47 yards, 7 plays, 1:58

Indiana will try to respond with a drive that starts at its 28.

  • Thigpen has no trouble getting up middle on this one, firing through a hole for a 17-yard gain.
  • Thigpen again up the middle. Indiana must have noticed a personnel change, as Purdue ran a new set of guys onto the field after after the play.
  • Now a swing pass to Bryan Payton for a gain of 13.
  • Thigpen tries to get through line again and can’t. That’s a gain of one.
  • Lewis is forced right, the forced to throw it away.
  • On 3rd and 9, Lewis throws a nice pass deep for Andrew Means. It is well-defended though and Means barely misses on a diving attempt.
  • Austin Starr in for a 41-yard field goal. It’s good. That’s his 18th of the year, which is a new school record.


They’ve credited Middleton with a half sack. And that is enough for him to tie the single season Indiana record with 14.


INDIANA 7, PURDUE 3 (4:49, second half)

  • 51 yards, 11 plays, 4:30

Purdue takes over at its own 30.

  • On first down, a quick screen sets up well and the Boilermakers gain 11.
  • Painter boots right, and has a tight end — a position Indiana fans might not be familiar with — running with him. He throws ahead for Kyle Adams and a first down.
  • Now Painter finds Lymon on the sideline, and Lymon is able to turn away from a tackle and gain five extra yards for a total of 13.
  • Another screen left, this one gains six.
  • Taylor is stacked and doesn’t gain a yard.
  • Painter drops quickly and throws into Indiana’s nickel defense. Dustin Keller makes the grab for a first down.
  • Greg Middleton gets to Painter for an 11 yard loss.
  • The quickness of Dorien Bryant makes up for it. He takes that screen and whirls through for 11 yards.
  • On 3rd and 10, Painter throws into the end zone for Bryant. Christopher Phillips knocks it away.


Indiana gets a shot, taking over from its 23.

  • Lewis throws incomplete after a bootleg right.
  • This time, Lewis keeps after the bootleg and gains eight.
  • Lewis keeps on 3rd and 2, but tries to dance for the two yards he needs. Doesn’t work. He loses one.
  • The punt is blocked, and Mitchell Evans of Indiana picks it up. He’s able to gain a first down. The Indiana fans have the audacity to do their first down celebration anyway. Really guys?
  • Lewis keeps again. He’s being spied on by at least two players. Purdue is containing on the edge very well.
  • Hardy can’t get enough separation and Lewis’ pass is knocked away.
  • Lewis is forced from the pocket and has to throw the ball away.
  • Another fourth down. Hines in for the punt again. Looks like he rushes to get this one away, and it is low and goes only 28 yards.


Purdue starts at its 42 after an Indiana squib kick.

  • On 2nd and 10, Dustin Keller makes a tough catch in traffic and gets down to the Indiana 38.
  • Painter’s chased on first down and throws the ball away.
  • Bryant sits down, makes a catch and gains seven.
  • Bryant crosses over the middle and makes a grab for seven yards.
  • Jaycen Taylor finds a hole up the middle — perfect example of the pass opening up space for the run — and gains nine yards.
  • Taylor slips down on second and 1, but is 2-yards into his run, enough for a first down.
  • This time Taylor’s stopped after no gain.
  • Painter’s pushed back by Joe Kremer — who is coming off a knee injury — and sacked for a loss of 10.
  • Painter is able to roll right and throw to Bryant, who has to get down to make an apparent catch. It will be reviewed.
  • And it is reversed. The replays we saw on the Big Ten Network were hard to decipher. The officials must have found indisputable evidence somewhere.
  • So that leaves Chris Summers with a 40-yard kick. Which he misses wide.


INDIANA 7, PURDUE 0 (0:37 first half)

  • Drive details: 95 yards, 9 plays, 4:20

Indiana starts at the five.

  • Josiah Sears bursts up middle for an 18-yard gain. There’s a senior making a play on senior day.
  • Sears again, and he’s stopped after two yards.
  • Probably the best catch and Indiana player has made all year. Means was actually running backwards and still created separation and made the catch, reaching up high to grab the ball. It will be reviewed, as Indiana couldn’t get the snap off in time to thwart an extra look.
  • Doesn’t matter. Play stands.
  • Lewis bootlegs against his body, finds Hardy for four yards. That puts him over 1,000 receiving yards for the year. He’s the fourth Indiana WR to accomplish that.
  • Thigpen on the carry, brought down two yards deep.
  • That brings up a 3rd and 8, Lewis keeps and rolls right, and rolls right into a 12-yard gain and first down at Purdue’s 21.
  • Lewis stands in and finds Hardy over the middle for another first down. That’s Hardy’s 67th of the year, which is a new single season Indiana record.
  • Quick toss to Ray Fisher, he loses a yard.
  • Lewis with a keep up the middle, and he runs right through the defense and into the end zone. Lewis is fast in the open field. But he’s also fast in traffic. When he doesn’t fumble. Which he didn’t there.


Purdue gets the ball at the 39 instead of the 31 after the review.

  • Painter keeps on an option and is brought down a yard behind the line by McClurg.
  • On 2nd down, Painter fires right for Orton and a gain of six. Very short drop on that play.
  • Now it’s Painter throwing way too high for a receiver. Is it something with the wind out there today?
  • Purdue opts to punt from the 34, and Armstrong actually kicks it away. It’s downed at the five.


Indiana will take over at its own 26 after the punt.

  • Thigpen up middle. Gains one yard.
  • Lewis misses badly, throwing the ball a good six feet over James Hardy, who is 6-7. Justin Scott picks it off and returns it to the 31. But that ruling will be reviewed, as Scott may have stepped out before then.


Purdue starts pinned at its own 3.

  • Run for one on first down.
  • Painter bootlegs right and finds Selwyn Lymon for a 19-yard gain.
  • Jaycen Taylor tries for a middle gap but is met by MLB Adam McClurg.
  • The Hoosiers get to Painter early, forcing him to throw it away on 2nd and 9.
  • Painter stands in and throws over a blitz to TE Dustin Keller. Safety Nick Polk tackles him immediately, holding him to a three-yard gain.


Indiana starts at its own 15.

  • Shock. Lewis hands to Thigpen on that play you’ve seen 100 times this year. And he gains three on first down.
  • And, they run the same play again, this time to the left. Thigpen fumbles and Charlie Emerson recovers.
  • On third and three, Lewis finds RB Bryan Payton out of the back field for a first down.
  • Lewis gets Hardy into the game early, finding him on the sideline for a 10-yard gain.
  • Thigpen on the inside run, gains three.
  • Lewis swings that swing pass over a defender and Thigpen has room to run. That’s how he’s best used. Turns out he stepped out of bounds, though, and didn’t get the first down.
  • On 3rd and 3, Lewis throws to Baily at the marker and picks up the first down.
  • Lewis keeps, gains two.
  • Quick thinking on a well-designed play there. But Thigpen can’t catch the dump pass from Lewis, putting Indiana in 3rd and long.
  • Needing eight yards, Lewis is able to float left and, with a man charging, loft a pass to Andrew Means 17-yards down the field, resting in the soft spot of the zone.
  • Indiana gets tricky and runs a reverse to Ray Fisher. He loses 10 yards.
  • Lewis misses Hardy on a long pass down the sideline.
  • Now Indiana is whistled for a delay of game. That brings up 3rd and 25.
  • The Hoosiers will play it safe. Josiah Sears runs forward for four yards.
  • Mike Hines in for the punt. Tracy Porter with an amazing play — admire them while you can — to get the ball down at the three.


Interesting move by Indiana, allowing senior Kevin Trulock to kick off to start the game. He kicks away from Dorien Bryant, and Purdue takes over at the 38.

  • Painter looks left, but misses his target.
  • Painter rolls right and throws a pass to Leslie Majors, who plays for Indiana. He can’t catch it.
  • Painter misses badly on third down, too.
  • Porter fields the punt and is tackled immediately. Not much help from his outside blockers.


Injury update: Ben Wyss, who has been out the past few weeks, will start at center for Indiana. That allows John Sandberg to move back to his natural right guard spot, and Charlie Emerson to move back to right tackle.