1. Any chance that you can help with publicizing the BTN channel numbers on DISH. In order to see the games, I need to set the VCR in advance to tape them. However, the channel numbers for the games are not available until game time.

  2. IU fan – Dish has a main channel as 439, then they have what they call “overflow” channels, which is 440-443. But yes they are live.

  3. I’m going to go out on a limb here, IU Fan, and assume Bill’s not at home to catch the games.
    Hadn’t we been told previously that the kickoff would be noon? I’m fine with that- more time to tailgate, but it makes it a little chaotic! I have childcare to arrange!

  4. Megan – no the time had not been set for this game. If we would have beat Northwestern, the we probably would have had the noon slot on ESPN, instead we get the 3:30 on the crappy Big Ten Network.

  5. Does anyone know what time they open up the meadows for parking? I want to get parked as early as possible for the bucket game (and tailgating, of course) but can’t seem to find out how early they allow people in.

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