Ratliff still on the team

A.J. Ratliff has not been kicked off Indiana’s basketball team, according to IU basketball spokesman J.D. Campbell.

Ratliff is still part of Indiana’s basketball program, Campbell said, and will be on the bench for tonight’s season-opener against Chattanooga.

Campbell did not explain Ratliff’s absence from the bench for IU’s exhibition game Saturday against Pembroke, saying that is between coach Kelvin Sampson and the team.

Ratliff will be on the bench in street clothes. As previously reported, he is academically ineligible to play during the first semester.


  1. Good. I hope that’s the last we hear about it. Question: Where do these rumors keep coming from? This is the 2nd time in the last several weeks we’ve heard A.J. got in trouble and apparently he didnt. What’s the deal?

  2. I don’t know but I’m tired of hearing from those who
    dislike him how they told you so.
    I’m really glad he’s still with us!

  3. Alex not your fault. My first version of this post didn’t answer your question. I posted a more complete second version a couple of minutes later that did.

  4. I too am tired of All the negativity where IU is concerned. As if Aj isn’t struggling enough with the grade thing, but now this. I am glad this isn’t true. Down the road i am sure he would be disappointed with the opportunity he had been given and had not taken advantage of it. Good Luck Aj. It will be nice to see you back in uniform!

  5. I hope whatever it is AJ gets himself back to where he should be. For his own sake and not IU.

    I don’t think this is anything strange. You read a bunch of these kinda things every day with kids now. Not saying it is right at all, but, just read anywhere and you see kids bein hit with breaking team rules and they say no more.

    IU has a close eye on it now, so, people jump on anything. Also, most really want AJ back and see him as a key for a deep run.

    Time will sort all of this out.

  6. As for right now there is no truth to the situation that was being circulated last night, but before everyone starts damning the people who were curious or circulating the rumor, you might want to wait until everything is disclosed. I am a little hesitant to think that nothing happened, as it still has not been explained why he was not on the bench Saturday.

  7. I am glad to hear that he is still on the team. I feel sort of sorry for the kid. With all the new faces on the team, he probably feels like he has been booted to the curb!

  8. Karl Malone be pullin for AJ. Hope he get his act together. Karl Malone no a thing a two about grades. Karl Malone graduate from Lousiana Tech where I now coach as a strength conditionar for them. Karl be rootin for AJ.

    Karl Malone

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