Rose Bowl team to participate in Walk

Members of the ’67 team will join the ’07 Hoosiers for the Walk to the Rock tomorrow at 1:15.

Here’s the entire schedule for 1967 Rose Bowl team Saturday.

12:15:Check-in at “I” Association tent.
1:00: Assemble for “The Walk” to Memorial Stadium.
1:30: Pre-game tailgate at “I” Association tent.
3:25: Coach John Pont and tackle Doug Crusan participate in coin toss.
3:30: Entire team honored on the field.
8:30: Private reception at IU Foundation.

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  1. I was very very fortunate to see IU defeat Purdue in Nov 1967 and seal the Rose Bowl bidj. It was truly and as I said to my Dad and twin sister attending that game……perhaps the most exciting game that we would ever see in our life time….As IU students at the time…..the campus was bonkers that whole weekend

    I t was a Hoosier moment…..I also went to the Rose Bowl… bad IU did not win…….

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