Sampson on Ebanks

This is from an IU press release, which includes quotes from Indiana head coach Kelvin Sampson on Devin Ebanks.


On Devin Ebanks:
“Devin is the epitome of a guy that doesn’t have a position. He is just a
6’8″ basketball player. He can really score, make three’s and make plays off
the dribble. He just has knack for scoring. He has a demeanor on the court,
where he just plays with unbelievable confidence. When he has the ball in
his hands, you can tell that he thinks he can go score. He is a kid that
needs to continue to develop. He is going to get bigger and stronger. He can
play three positions, so if you have a point guard and a center, he can play
anything in between because he can shoot so well. He can also get to the
free throw line and he is still getting better. I saw him in October and I
thought he was better then than when I saw him in July.”

On him taking over D.J. White’s role next year:
“I don’t really envision him taking anybody’s role, because he is not an
inside guy like D.J. Devin can play behind the three-point line, so if you
have him with Jamarcus Ellis, Jordan Crawford, Armon Bassett and (2009
signee) Terrell Holloway, you have guys that can space the floor. We see him
more of a guy that can play in space and create off the drive and catch and
make three’s as well as run and score in transition. His length helps too;
he is 6’8″ but has about a 7’1″ wingspan, so he can guard bigger guys. But
he can also guard smaller guys.”


  1. A good friend of mine from Brooklyn has been singing his praises for a while now and I saw a High School All Star game at Rucker Park in NYC and Devin was incredible. His game is very versatile with shooting and slashing abilities, granted it was definitely some “All Star” defense, but regardless for a NY big man, his shooting darn near equaled his ball handling! Lance Stephens, Jr also played and his game is really crazy. If the Hoosiers land Lance in the aftermath of cellgate, then all competitors should really be frightened.

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