Sampson press conference, 1:30

Sampson began today’s press conference by talking about the team and revealing that he’s still trying to figure out who is going to play in the post with D.J. White. He said Eli Holman has been playing well and is improving quickly.

Sampson thinks all of his freshmen need to play a game. “They need to get out and figure out what this is all about,” he said.

Eventually, talk turned to the violations, sanctions, the report to the NCAA and Rob Senderoff’s resignation.

He said that he’s upset by Rob Senderoff leaving, but believes that he’s a good young coach who will get good opportunities moving forward.

Sampson answered a few questions — saying that what he said in the report to the NCAA, that he didn’t know he was on three way calls, is the truth — before saying he wouldn’t discuss those issues again. When pressed, he said that he did not want to interfere with the NCAA’s process.

Sampson said he wasn’t sure what effect the prohibitions placed on his and new assistant Dan Dakich’s ability to recruit will have.

Dakich, by the way, had his first practice with the team yesterday. He’ll assume Rob Senderoff’s duties working with the post.


We’re waiting for Kelvin Sampson to show up. Any minute now.


  1. Let’s get real-how credible is it for one to say that he only knew he participated in one 3 way conference call out of 10. To say he did not know Senderoff was on the call is absurd.

  2. The most troubling part is KS’s comment about RS being young and getting more opportunities. That’s hard to believe. As I noted yesterday there are a lot of former assistant coaches that have fallen on the sword for the head coach. Is it noble? Yes. Is it a career builder? Absolutely not. So RS gets about $66,000 and the tag of cheater, which all but guarantees he will never hear the words “Head Coach Rob Senderoff” at any decent D1 program. And really, that’s probably what he was working for more than anything else.

  3. “The most troubling part is KS’s comment about RS being young and getting more opportunities. That’s hard to believe.”

    People get second chances, and RS will get his second chance. Believe it or not, Kelvin Sampson has a lot of great friends in basketball, and he can help RS get a job. If RS stays loyal to Sampson, it will pay dividends.

  4. Rick Pitino made some mistakes as a young assistant regarding recruiting. He seemed to get a few opportunities.

  5. This isn’t the 70’s. Ricky Pitino didn’t go up against the NCAA as it sits today with a guy like Myles Brand running it. The crackdown we have seen over the past 20 years was not at the level it was back then. It’s much higher now. Public Relations and image wasn’t at the same level it is today because the money involved was not at the level it is today. Time will tell but the career ambitions of Rob Senderoff where blown up this week while IU and KS, if they can follow the rules, wil go on. For Senderoff the idea of the punishment fitting the crime does not apply.

  6. I disagree with Sam, although I agree with the concern about Senderoff’s future and I don’t wish bad things on anybody.

    But Sam, if Senderoff made all these phone calls from his house and didn’t log them, why does he get a free pass from you?

    The only way I can give Senderoff any real sympathy is if Sampson (or Greenspan) said to him “Rob, make calls from home and don’t log them. Nobody will ever find out.”

    If Sampson or Greenspan did that, Senderoff should be in some newspaper front office reporting the truth. In that case, Sampson’s and Greenspan’s heads would roll. Then, Senderoff would be able to say “I didn’t do the easy thing, but I did the right thing, the honest thing. If it hurts my career, so be it.But I’m a man of integrity and I’ll live with my choices.”

    But I have a hard time believing that is what happened. Sampson and Greenspan didn’t tell Senderoff to do what he did. I hope they told him the exact opposite!

    Even if the punishment of Senderoff is a bit disproportionate to what others have gotten for similar acts, Indiana was on probation and he knew that and what he did was stupid, it was wrong.

    In addition to that, what he did Indiana University a ton of money, Sampson a half a mill, and all of us who love IU basketball a possible national championship if recruiting is hurt.

    The point is that without Senderoff’s calls, is this thing a big deal or is it a one-pager in the paper that is gone the next day?

    So if he deserves what he got, my best case scenario for Senderoff is that he truly learns his lesson, reforms himself, gets another chance and meets the standard and is successful. I hope that is what happens.

    West Coast Hoosier

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