Sellout expected for Purdue game

A fired up Bill Lynch told his team after practice Wednesday that a sellout crowd is expected for the Purdue game.

“We’re going to fight our asses off and we’re going to win that frickin’ Bucket,” Lynch told the Hoosiers, who were circled around him.

According to the IU media relations department, the game isn’t yet sold out, but is getting close so a sellout is expected.

Other quotes from practice:

Kellen Lewis – “I think everyone knows what’s at stake as far as bowl games go. It’s going to be a battle out there.”

Lewis called the game “a definite must-win” to go to a bowl game.

“We’ve got sold-out status on the tickets and we haven’t had that in a long time,” Lewis said. “It’s a big game. Hopefully it’s going to be one of the loudest environments I’ve ever been in.”

Lewis on whether IU’s coaching staff should be back next season: “I definitely think so. But you know it’s not up to me, it’s up to some committee over in Assembly, or something like that. We try to keep that at the back of our mind, try not to put as much pressure on us. Like I said, everyone knows what’s at stake.”

James Hardy on whether it will be the last time he plays in Memorial Stadium.: “I don’t know. I’m just concentrating on this week and trying to get this W against Purdue. I’ll deal with that after the season.”


  1. I’ve been to the last three Bucket games at the Rock, and I would guess that PU usually brings around 8-9000 fans. Unlike OSU/IU games, the crowd on Saturday should be very pro-IIU. We need to be loud though, because I’m sure those crazy Boiler fans will make some noise. 🙂

  2. As long as Purdue leaves their band at home! I don’t know who’s idea it is to allow opposing bands there, but who ever it is should be fired and banned from EVER working for ANY athletic program again!

  3. Um…about the bands…they will be coming here, but our band also travels to W. Laf. when the game is there. Personally, I like that bands are allowed to travel. I had some great band experiences, and other bands coming here have been interesting to watch and fun to mingle with. It just heightens the gameday experience.

    If I have one complaint about visiting bands and the athletic department, it’s that they let them sit in the visiting fans’ section in a big concrete chunk of stands that aid in sound projection, while the Marching Hundred is relegated to rickety wooden bleachers where their sound rolls out across the field and doesn’t really project to the stands adequately. There is a reason for the Hundred’s placement, of course (Big Ten bylaws require that bands sit outside the twenty yard lines, which is why they were moved out of the student section and into the endzone), but I wish at least that they would put visiting bands either next to us or in the other end zone where they won’t have as much impact on their own fans. Just one band geek’s opinion.

  4. Also, consider this regarding visiting bands: most bands only get maybe one or two trips a year unless their athletic dept. is loaded and can afford to send several hundred people on the road and feed and put them up for three days. Trips are special and reserved either for huge rivalries or for games at schools that promise to have meaning or are located in towns that offer more before and after the game than just football (the past Hundred away trips have included Northwestern, Ohio State, Iowa, and Michigan).

    I was in Hundred for the last four years and have come to all the home games this year, and I can say that I have never seen so many bands come to IU: Indiana State, Illinois, a Penn State pep band, and Ball State, and Purdue this Saturday. Why so many this year? It tells me two things: the IU game on other team’s schedules actually matters and they think their band will help team spirit, and that Bloomington itself is a fun destination worthy of a weekend trip involving several hundred people. Consider that Michigan and Ohio State have visiting bands nearly every Saturday, which, at least to me, suggests that Ann Arbor and Columbus are considered to be meaningful trips.

    So, whenever you see a visiting band, consider it a complement to our team, our school, and Bloomington.

  5. Cat – while I understand what you are saying, and it may be considered a compliment, my seats are one section over from where they put the visiting band. I pay my money to watch the IU Football team, to see and hear the IU Marching Hundred perform, and when the visiting band is here, I don’t get to hear our band because it is drowned out by the visiting band. It will only get worse when they get the other bleachers done and I am on the opposite end of the field from the IU band, hopefully by then I can increase my donations enough and get moved away from the visitor section.

    If they want to allow them, put them in the upper section of the stadium where their impact on IU fans will be minimal!

  6. In my experience, putting them anywhere in the concrete stands only amplifies their sound. They should put them next to us in the bleachers. Also, they should knock off the canned music at anytime while the ball is in play, and especially when we have other bands in the house. That garbage is obnoxiously loud and does nothing for the atmosphere. Even visiting bands add more than that noise.

    I will grant you this, though…Penn State should never have sent a pep band for our Homecoming game. I have heard that it is an unwritten rule among the Big Ten schools that you don’t send a band to the other team’s homecoming. I had heard that we wanted to take the Hundred to MSU this year, but didn’t because their homecoming was going to be that game. I wish PSU would have respected that rule.

  7. Bands? Wow! Try worrying about the football game… And please don’t respond with three paragraphs telling me how great it is to play the flute…
    Go Hoosiers!!! (Football team)
    Visiting band a compliment.. Joke! Just brings more opposing fans to The Rock…. F the Boilers and their band!!!!

  8. Looks like Juan had a bad night. Is he the new Swampy with the foul fingers? I do find the facts about the bands interesting, if not strange. Any bucket veteran knows that records are out the door and anything can happen. I only hope that it is NOT untimely turnovers for the Hoosiers and DOES include some heads up coaching in crucial situations. Go Hoosiers. Stay focused and beat the Boilers. I was born in Lafayette and would love to keep the bucket in Bloomtown for a year.

  9. Juan – The band is part of the whole experience of game day. I get there for the walk, listen to the band play on the drive outside the East stands before the game, then I head into the stadium, I watch both our team and the opposite teams warm up, their drills, and look at who may be off rader that might make an impact. The band situation is as important as the game play, the band rocking out in the stadium excites the crowd, when it is the opposite team’s band, it hurts the home team fan’s moral.

  10. I said F the boilers band…. I love the Marching 100…
    And yes, I had a bad night last night… Found out that the girl I’m interested in is a Buckeye…. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! F them too!!!

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