Senderoff will hold clinic

Rob Senderoff teaches basketball.

Former Indiana assistant basketball coach Rob Senderoff will hold a clinic at the Bloomington SportsPlex on Saturday, Dec. 8 from 12:30 to 3 p.m. The Hoosiers play Kentucky at 4 p.m. in Assembly Hall that day.

Senderoff, who was forced to resign for his part in making impermissible calls to recruits, coached at four schools prior to joining Kelvin Sampson’s staff when he arrived in Bloomington.

The clinic will cover basic basketball skills and is open to kids age 9-14. The cost is $25. More information, as well as registration forms, can be found by clicking right here.


  1. Eric,

    Stop being mean-spirited. Doesn’t the man have a right-to-work? Are you suggesting that he never be allowed to teach basketball again? If you have a child 9 -14 (or if you are a child 9 – 14) don’t attend his seminar.

    Instead of utilizing his teaching abilities, would you prefer that he, his wife, and their child go on welfare?

    Would you say it is ok for him to have clinics, but only if he moves out-of-state? Or would you still disapprove?

    Again, stop being mean-spirited. The man has suffered enough.

  2. I am disappointed that Indiana fans get so steamed up about phone calls. I guess they think cheating can be measured by how many people are on the line or where the call came from. Give me a break, there are real cheaters out there who do things that can clearly make a difference in recruiting. You wouldn’t want to know what they offer these kids. I guarantee that a phone call does not make a difference to a recruit. I have players on my teams that need a secretary just to screen the hundreds of calls they get daily. If they truly wanted to cheat they would get a cheap phone at Wal-Mart and throw it away when they are done using it like most of the coaches do. The rules are so complex and difficult to understand that most coaches don’t even know they are in violation. Indiana needs a practice facility to compete for players. I have visited the ones in Kentucky, Texas, Illinois, Michigan State, Ohio State and Oklahoma. Indiana is second class when it comes to facilities and we should be happy that Kelvin Sampson didn’t look us over to closely when he hired on. We have lots of fans, but our program is living in the past and the up and coming players know it. Kelvin will right the ship if we are patient and quit trying to undermine him. He can flat out coach and they are in the face of all of the good players. We have not been in that position for a while, lets try to take advantage of it not blow our chance to take our program to the next level.

  3. Wow…where’s everybodies sense of humor?!?

    I’ve been a diehard fan for many a year, living in the southern part of the state I have a lot of Louisville and Kentucky fans around me. The one thing I’ve been able to hang my hat on is the fact that Indian fans don’t act like they do, until of course, I see what others have written. Lighten up boys, sometimes simple sarcasm isn’t all that bad.

    With that being said, I do like Coach Sampson, I think he is a good/great coach, it is a refreshing to see Indiana actually play defense unlike what was played under the old staff.


    If I ruined your day, I would hate to see what your day consisted of…Hate is such a strong word.

  4. Interesting Tom Spiece. Thanks for the view. Eric, you are forgiven. I think this issue is too fresh for sarcasm. Senderoff got the raw end of the deal and it is a shame.

  5. I disagree about adfditional phone calls don’t give a recruiting advantage. I know a ball player in my area that chose his school because he was very comfortable talking to the coach. If it didn’t help with recruiting them there wouldn’t be laws to limit them and coaches wouldn’t waist their time doing it. I also don’y agree that Sampson can coach. He has been to the final four one time in twenty-five years of coaching. I think we could have done better, much better. He also has had very talented team in several of those years, beacsue he will do nearly anything to get a recruit. He has proved that already. How do we know he doesn’t give extra gift when recruiting. He may not have been caught yet but we can’t really know for sure. I would like us to cut him now and get a respectable coach that can win. If we have to keep him, will someone send him a red shirt?

  6. I’m still deciding whether coach sampson is a great coach! I do think he is a good coach, but I don’t know if he belongs in the great category. I don’t think we could have done much better on a coach because we do have second rate facilities and it is hard to replace a legand. Bob Knight has downfalls, but the man didn’t cheat and could teach the game of basketball. I was impressed with our team chemistry and defense last year, but this year’s team has a lot of growing up to do. I see too much standing around, not enough screens on offense, and the help defense is terrible.

    As for the phone calls, I DOESN”T MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Phone calls are the least of NCAA problems. There are a lot of frenids of programs that can pull strings and make it hard to trace where it came from and I’m not talking about phone calls.

  7. Hey Tom, flat out coach ? I see a lot of “standing behind” the three point line as the main point of offense. That’s not what I would call cutting edge……

  8. I love when people say “all they do is stand behind the 3 pt line” etc etc. First of all, you either don’t know much about basketball or don’t watch closely enough. It’s not the MAIN POINT of the offense. Sometimes the main point is to pound the ball into DJ, but what happens when he gets double teamed and the defense sags off the guards. The ball doesnt magically find an open man ready for a mid range jumper. The open players are spotting up for 3’s and with the shooters on this team…more times than not, that is a good thing. Also, just face it that the 3 pointer can be an important part of a well executing offense. Go watch Princeton or Northwestern (god forbid) if you want to see some backdoor cuts and low scoring. This team has many good one on one players and that will also be a part of the offense.

  9. Interesting viewpoints. I think the jury is still out on how great KS will or won’t be at IU. He hasn’t proven or disproven anything to me yet. If he can keep his nose and the program clean, he might get a chance to.

    The real surprise to me is that we have all heard how great the new recruits were, and in the GT game, a relatively big game, we only played 7 players and that included DT with 2 whole minutes….

    What’s up with that? Can they not contribute? In KS doghouse? What’s up here with Eli and Brandon? Crawford suspended..what for? Couldn’t have been anything real serious… I’m confused.

  10. Bob,
    Don’t you think the princeton offense could be an awesome thing to see with this level of athlete??? I really do like to watch 5 offensive players playing together instead of watching each other.

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