Signing day coverage

We’ll have coverage this afternoon of Kelvin Sampson’s 1:30 press conference during which he’ll discuss the recruits who have turned in their letters of intent at that point. We’ll also keep you posted throughout the day on other signing day news, including the Kevin Jones announcement on his choice between IU, West Virginia and Pittsburgh.

So for the latest on Holloway, Roth, Ebanks, Pritchard and Jones, check back throughout the day.


  1. Is Pritchard an invited walk-on or is he on scholarship? I always thought he was on scholarship, but an article in this morning’s Indianapolis Star lists him as an invited walk-on.


  2. The time of Jones annoucement is not good, because its after Sampsons press conference. If Jones was signed on to IU, then sampson would know by now and would talk about it at the press conference. The time doesnt bode well for IU

  3. I agree Mikie. Doesn’t look good. It sucks we missed out on Zeller and most likely, Jones. It’s pretty obvious that the negative press circling the basketball program had some affect on the players’ decisions, no matter how minor the infractions.

    Hopefully we can put it all behind us as a program and get a couple of the 5 star studs we are going after for 2009.


  4. When was the times for the pressers announced?

    Jones supossedly didn’t make up his mind until today.

    If Kelvin had this scheduled for 1:30 already yesterday, it shouldn’t matter.

  5. Laffy – I agree with you. These kids are built up as superstars in high school. He has a press conference scheduled for 2 o’clock to announce his decision. I am sure the coach who is getting him probably already knows, but has been asked not to discuss it. Sampson’s press conference is to early in the day, it should be held later like they do the football one to allow fans to come out and see highlight video of the future players and here the coaches talk about them.

  6. It’s very unfortunate… Gotta be excited about Ebanks though. He’s gonna be good! and having a pure shooter like Roth will be a big help as well.

  7. Steve O – I think your right about Ebanks. Personally I think he was the best player we had looking at us (since we yanked Bud’s offer), and his impact will be major.

    Have you seen Roth play? I have only seen film, but my lord that kid can shoot.

  8. Haven’t seen him play… But like you, I’ve seen some film, and yea I don’t understand how he wasn’t recruited harder by top programs. His body might not exactly be Big Ten ready, but his stroke is ridiculous…

    I’m also a Maryland fan (I rooted for IU in 2002 no doubt), being that I lived there for 15 years, and I remember JJ Redick’s freshman year… I hated his ass, but the guy was a lights out shooter from the start. The rest of his game came later in his career.

    From what I’ve seen there are some similarities between Roth’s game and JJ’s. I just hope he’s hitting the gym every day. He needs some muscle.

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