The mood at Assembly Hall

As I walked into Assembly Hall about an hour ago, I heard a group of fans discussing Indiana’s 28-24 loss to Northwestern.

“It was a punch-in-the-gut game,” said one gentleman. To which the other gentleman could only nod forlornly.

And that sums up the feeling from pretty much everybody currently wandering around the Hall, awaiting Indiana’s 8 p.m. exhibition game with UNC-Pembroke. You can sense that they’re waiting to be reassured, which they probably will be. Can’t imagine the Hoosiers will be anything but dazzling tonight.

I haven’t read a lot of coverage of the early-season upsets that are the talk of college basketball. The early season is no different for me than the Indiana basketball team: I’ve got a lot of work to do to prepare for the season ahead. My process just  involves far fewer wind sprints.

Anyway, my head’s be buried trying to figure this team out. So I don’t know what happened to Michigan State or Kentucky or Ohio State.

But Eric Gordon, bless his honesty, was fairly blunt in his assessment. He said what we all thought: those teams shouldn’t lose those games.

Anybody think Indiana, a team trying to break in six new players, will have a game it loses month that it probably shouldn’t?


  1. Barring a catastrophe, no, I do not believe that this
    team will lose to any team with less talent this season.
    I think we have too many weapons and, even with
    all of the new players getting used to the system, more
    talent than I’ve seen in a very long time.

  2. I’m kind of inclined to agree with you Chris. Youth, many new to Sampson and to each other, etc, etc.

    But, partly because of a weaker than normal schedule, partly because almost all the games are in the Hall and partly because I think we are just THAT good—- I don’t know if we will or not. I regret saying this already (and am looking for some wood to knock on), but I think 12-0 seems likely. We shall see.

    As long as we don’t lose to UK, I’ll get over a “growing pain” sort of early loss.

  3. I could see us losing one early, but like others have pointed out, I feel like our really weak schedule will not let us drop one early with all the weapons we have on this team.

    At Southern Illinois will be the first test, and a big test at that.

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