Indiana 111, Pembroke 62

2:46 second half: INDIANA 110, PEMBROKE 59

Adam Ahlfeld, Brett Finkelmeier and Kyle Taber are all in the game. And Indiana is playing zone. Many of the fans have left, headed out into the chilly night and whatever adventure awaits. I’ll be back with reaction from Sampson and a players in a few.

6:14 second half: INDIANA 97, PEMBROKE 51

There’s Ellis getting a lob into Holman, who scores his second bucket of the game. The IU coaching staff got excited about that play; they’d been wanting to see it all day. The Hoosiers worked the ball around the perimeter until a seam opened, and Ellis made a good pass into Holman, who was in good position to score.

7:02 second half: INDIANA 93, PEMBROKE 49

McGee has a quick 15 points, and also four rebounds. That’s the second most on the team.

10:10 second half: INDIANA 82, PEMBROKE 47

Jamarcus Ellis is showing some range. He’s hit two 3-pointers and also made a block.

Brandon McGee has also hit a couple of 3s.

Eli Holman into the game for the first time.

14:45 second half: INDIANA 63, PEMBROKE 43

D.J. White has taken just three shots this game. Indiana just hasn’t been able to get it to him underneath.

Right now, he’s in the game with four guards, although one of them is Brandon McGee, a 6-7 tweener that has been working mostly with the guards but could eventually play forward. He’s floating on the perimeter right now.

17:21 second half: INDIANA 61, PEMBROKE 39

Wild start to the second half, as the Hoosiers made about three blocks in rapid succession. A possession later Jordan Crawford got ahead and was able to throw down a dunk. This crowd is into this game, for sure. It’s booing and taunting and complaining at the refs like it was already February.


Armon Bassett joined the team late. He left just before half time with an apparent knee injury. He’s not playing as the half begins.

Gordon has hit all six of the 3s he’s taken.

But Indiana has just a 13-12 lead in rebounds.


Gordon knocks down a 3-pointer for the final basket of the half. He’s scored 24 points. But on the same play, Armon Bassett falls to the ground and needs to be helped up. He seems to be favoring his left knee, which is already wrapped in a brace. He went straight to the locker room.

2:27 first half: INDIANA 41, PEMBROKE 30

The Braves get two quick baskets because DeAndre Thomas is on the floor for Indiana. Thomas is a fine player and all, but there’s no one for him to guard on Pembroke’s team. Jonathan Hart, who is 6-6 and quick, simply went around Thomas.

So Sampson called a time out, yelled at Dre for a few seconds and put D.J. White back in the game.

3:32 first half: INDIANA 41, PEMBROKE 26

Gordon’s got 18. Bassett has 12.

5:08, first half: INDIANA 36, PEMBROKE 24

Eric Gordon comes in and hits a long 3 after a break on the bench. That was after he had caused Pembroke to turn it over on the inbounds play by pressuring the receiver.

Seconds later, Jordan Crawford made a swipe and went in alone for a lay in. That brought the crowd to its feet. During an exhibition game.

7:00 first half: INDIANA 31, PEMBROKE 20

The Hoosiers are having trouble getting through the Pembroke zone. There’s far too much standing around for Kelvin Sampson’s liking. Bassett just shot a 3 from the corner with a hand in his face. Maybe that will open things up, but it can’t be Indiana’s only method.

9:09 first half: INDIANA 28, PEMBROKE 18

Eric Gordon takes that alley-oop pass from Bassett and tips it in, over his head. That’s the second time a player has sent a long pass like that toward Gordon as he cuts toward the basket. Wonder if that’s a designed part of the offense?

12:24 first half: INDIANA 21, PEMBROKE 12

Indiana forces a shot-clock violation, largely because of the ball hawking of Jamarcus Ellis. Earlier this week Gordon said that he’d often defend the best player on the other team. He is the best on ball defender, according to Sampson. But to expect him to be handling such heavy responsibility on the defensive end for every minute is unrealistic. That’s where Ellis could come in. He’s got more length anyway and could excel in that area.

For the second-straight game, one of Gordon’s most impressive plays resulted in no points. Last game it was that missed behind-the-head dunk of the alley oop. In this game, he gathered a bouncing ball, drove the lane and sent a short, no-look pass to DeAndre Thomas in the paint. His lay in attempt rolled out of the rim.

14:27, first half: INDIANA 18, PEMBROKE 7

Besides Indiana seeing zone, the other illustrative match up today could be D.J. White against his man. There’s no one on Pembroke remotely close to being a center. Or even a power forward. So D.J.’s basically guarding a small forward out on the perimeter, which is something Sampson would like to see him be able to do on a consistent basis this year. If White can do that, then Eli Holman and DeAndre Thomas can have better defensive match ups to deal with.

And, oh, by the way: Eric Gordon’s got 11 points.

17:29, first half: INDIANA 8, PEMBROKE 5

As expected, Pembroke comes out in a 2-3 zone. Indiana has some trouble on the first possession, as Bassett eventually resorted to shooting the 3. It missed, but D.J. White got the rebound and hit the put back.

Next two times down the court?

Eric Gordon pulled up for 3. And hit. Both times.


Eric Gordon’s the first player introduced for the Hoosiers. Joining him in the starting lineup are Jamarcus Ellis, Armon Bassett, Lance Stemler and D.J. White.


Pembroke’s small. One 6-7 player, one 6-6 player, one 6-5 players, two 6-4 players.


Since the Marching Hundred made the trip to Northwestern, there’s a jazz band here in place of the pep band. So the pre-game has taken on a totally different feel, as right now I’m wearing a beret and writing beat poetry.

Wait, the jazz band knows the fight song. And it’s not even swinging the eighths or anything like that.


  1. Zak,

    Melissa knows as much as I do. Unless she’s in the balcony and can’t see. Bassett’s on the bench, wearing his red warm-up jacket. I don’t think he’ll play this half, but I also think that’s just precautionary. We’ll ask Sampson about it after the game.


  2. Noooo! I can get over our mediocre football team losing yet another disappointing game, but pllllleease dont let this be a significant injury to Armon. I hope you’re right Chris.

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