UNC-Wilmington at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

INDIANA 95, UNCW 68 (1:45)

  • Ahlfeld has three points on free throws.
  • Many of the fans who showed up are heading out.

INDIANA 91, UNCW 66 (3:38)

  • Right now Sampson’s mostly interested in seeing these young guys make mistakes. The offense stalled with Gordon and Crawford trying to make it work, and that provides good fodder for a future film segment. Eli Holman will learn a lot from watching this sequence. Same for Brandon McGee.

INDIANA 91, UNCW 62 (5:05)

  • Holman shows why he’s a guy with considerable offensive upside, getting that shot up and over Kulijanin. But then he backs into teammate Lance Stemler and almost knocks him out. Stemler will head ot the locker room.
  • Holman now shows how raw he is, allowing Kulijanin to scoot around him for a basket.
  • McGee’s got to try to guard Hundley, who has two inches on him. First time down the court, Hundley goes to the rim and draws a foul.
  • Holman gets beat again, this time leaping out to stop a lob. His miss left Kulijanin alone.
  • Crawford to Gordon in transition, Gordon hits a 3. He’s got 30, putting him six away from the freshman record.

INDIANA 82, UNCW 54 (8:13)

  • Jordan Crawford just wanted to remind you that he can dunk, and dunk well.

INDIANA 80, UNCW 51 (9:00)

  • Brandon McGee checks into the game, meaning the Hoosiers have their four freshman and Lance Stemler on the court right now.
  • Gordon with another dunk bound for a SportsCenter near you.
  • You know what Sampson will talk about though? The way Gordon just lost his man on that cut. It didn’t even lead to a basket, but Sampson will harp on it for days in practice.
  • Well, the freshmen turn it into a little bit of a track meet but it’s entertaining. Lance Stemler makes a nice hustle play to keep the ball alive and get it ahead to Crawford, who scores his second straight lay in and causes UNCW to call time out.

INDIANA 72, UNCW 44 (11:41)

  • Samspon’s not pleased with the way his team walks off the court for this time out. Sure, that’s a hustle thing: he wants to see the players running to get anywhere and everywhere. But it’s also practical. Sampson has some of the longest on-court meetings of any coach in the conference, and possibly the country. There were at least a dozen times last year when the Hoosiers were still in huddle formation when the refs wanted to get the game going again.

INDIANA 70, UNCW 42 (13:09)

  • D.J. White with one of the better passes I’ve ever seen him throw. It gives Jordan Crawford a chance to show off his ups.
  • Gordon drives the lane, pulling the defense to him. Then he dishes off to White for a dunk. Sampson is the most excited person in the gym right now, hoping around and screaming as the teams head to their benches.

INDIANA 61, UNCW 42 (15:31)

  • Thomas works in and hits a bucket.
  • Then he grabs a rebound and throws a Kellen Lewis-esque pass over the shoulder of Eric Gordon, who races in and is fouled. He’ll shoot two.

INDIANA 59, UNCW 42 (16:00)

  • Somebody loses Tomko, and he hits an open 3.
  • Now Carter finds himself wide open for a shot. But he misses.
  • UNCW back to full-court pressure. Gordon weaves through it and finds White for a short jumper.
  • Gordon again takes it on his own, this time cutting through the lane and hitting the basket, +1.


Gordon and Bassett lead Indiana with 16 each.

The Hoosiers are being out-rebounded 16-10, so watch for that to be a second-half point of emphasis. But they’ve also forced 17 turnovers, most of them coming in the last 10 minutes of the first half when the Seahawks lost all momentum.

Hendley leads the Seahawks with 10 points but also has four turnovers.